[Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by NamelessEnvoy, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. NamelessEnvoy Member

    [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    This is just a discussion topic. This is not to impact protests, proposed protests, plans, operative-groups, etc. I sincerely hope it contains no epic fail.

    Just how far will they go?

    So far we've seen apparently

    • fake threats against themselves,
    • DVDs,
    • counter-protests,
    • obvious surveillance,
    • not-so-obvious surveillance,
    • fake leaks to inspire fear,
    • libel,
    • threats of litigation,
    • attempts to uncover IP addresses via BitTorrent,
    • sites designed to attract traffic away from legit anti-$ci sites to pro-$ci sites
    • identification of protesters at protests
    • counter-postering
    • apparent break and enters
    • efforts to infiltrate commenting sites
    • apparent infiltration of sites such as enturb, the chans, etc
    • attempts to link anon to actions online in court
    • attacks on anon/anon's pets

    This does not include the trolls, the digg effect on all our servers, and the hacking of (711? 411? Chan by a pro-sci group)

    Where can they go from here?

    Some have suggested attempting to frame anon for various crimes, attempting to arrest the "leaders" (lulz), charging various members of anon for being part of anon, etc.

    So, what will do they actually do?

    • Will they continue to attempt to "name" the members of anon and charge them?
    • Will they frame anon?
    • Will they pursue litigation against every anon they identify?
    • Will they try to buy out domain names?
    • Will they ddos?
    • Will they continue sending out their DVDs?
    • Will we be all declared SPs?
    • Will anon start getting fair-gamed at every protest?
    Or has $ci learned from us and will they change their tactics? Can they change their tactics?

    Will they start charging anons around the world? Do they have the money to do that? Will they charge anons identified in Brazil, in Alert (The closest Canadian settlement to the North Pole btw), in Britain, in Germany, in France, in Japan, and in the US? Or are they too weak outside of the US? Do they have enough people on their side to handle that many court cases?

    Will they try to disrupt anon's activities? Will we let them? Will they stoop to the level of our DDOS?

    Will they keep making the foot-bullet DVD? (In fact, all of their videos so far have been massive foot-bullets.)

    I have a bad feeling that we might be backing the $cis into a corner. And it'd be nice if we could discuss what could be coming down the pipeline in the future.

    And if someone predicts the contents of the pre-April 12th press release, one internets for you.

    TL;DR: ITT: what will sci do now. It seems like they've used all of their old tactics (and failed) and if someone has any inkling of what will be next it'd be nice if they could share.
  2. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    Im confident the crux of scientologies attack against anonymous will me to get it recognised somehow as a organisation with leadership structure that can be litigated against.

    Every legal threat shows this, every piece of pr they put out shows this. If they can get anon recognised as a group, they can get a ban on protests.

    Remember, they said in a leaked mail, if the initial attempt to ban as a group failed, they would go after percieved leaders. As well as obviously being for intimidation, it plays a key roll in their arguments, pushing that those who get protest permits are 'leaders'.
  3. lermanet_com Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    TRY to instill FEAR by disinformation, so folks will be be more AFRAID to show up
  4. NamelessEnvoy Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    Didn't they try to do that on March 15th though? (And fail). And there seem to be more stories of why THEY have to be afraid (bomb threats), not why we have to be afraid (zomg sci kids will get you in trouble), coming up on our next protest.

    Admittedly there was the Ath/Rorsarch fair-game bit, but I don't see that as disinformation and I think it's polarized anons even more. And it'll probably garner more allies for us in the long run.

    There really are "leaders", just not leaders with leadership positions. (IE:There are some people that are more active posting than others, for instance. But no one is telling us what to do.)
    I don't see how they can claim a group of anonymous people is actually lead by one anonymous person, because that would imply that we know who the leader is (but they're also anonymous.)

    Again, I hope I'm not epic fail here. The thunderdome scares me D:
  5. Hostile Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    it's obvious that they're willing to go the extra mile to try...

    I'm actually scared for the day that they decide "we simply can't beat them... our religion's losing members rapidly, we're finding it hard to pay services and bills... we've only got one choice... we must use the rest of our funds to destroy anonymous"

    and I actually believe that they will do this. Out of spite, they'll attempt to destroy us in every way...
    God forbid that they murder, but I wouldn't put it past them to actually bomb one of their buildings to try and defame us.

    so, worst case scenerio time... what happens when they decide to blow everything they have left to remove us?
  6. downstat Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    They will continue to "leak" info from trusted insiders to OG and try to spread fear about upcoming protests. It could be crap about $100k for security or using kids as human shields or other disinfo that people inherently trust because it comes from "trusted" insiders.
  7. indeedindeed Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    whats next?
    more of the old tactics that failed.
  8. Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    If they do anything stupid like a false flag operation against themselves, it will bring highly skilled forensic investigators and a huge amount of attention on to themselves. And they will probably get found out, and that would finish the whole criminal organization.

    A lot of anons already consider the CoS as capable of murder. This doesn't scare us into inaction, in fact the frightening nature of the cult is exactly why we decided it cannot be tolerated.

    Now, *purely speculation,* if they had something to do with what happened to Shawn, surely they would have noticed the effect - far from being scared, more Anonymous became determined, and more became convinced that we had to do something.

    So the question really is, how many more footbullets before they crumple to the ground?
  9. Bakebehe Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    I don't know how many of their old tactics have failed. They've just begun the identification process. They have several anons named. They have these guys in court. No matter how flimsy the cases may seem to everyone they still haven't been won yet.
    They will continue to try and identify, and as protests go on it becomes easier for them, people slip, and if they're prominent enough protestors, they will be named and fairgamed.
    Also with the false info about kids turning up at protests, I can assure you some people didn't go, I know at least one who didn't because of that.

    As to what they're capable of? Well you only have to look to their past and see.
  10. stuwyatt Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    The cult is like a cornered rat, and who knows how it will react. For the first time in their history, they cannot lawyer or fair-game their way out of the current situation. Davey is a madman - remember that, and he has a huge war chest to play with.

    However, the scientologists having to do Davey's dirty work must be starting to collapse under the pressure. I am sure that many scientologists are secretly doing their own research, and coming to their own conclusions... We are already seeing some big-names jumping ship. For the first time, Scientoloy is being exposed in a huge way online... Any attempts at fair gaming are being reported very loudly...

    I am hoping that one day, Flag will wake up to see the leadership gone... hopefully locked up in jail, but I suspect that with the money available, DM and his cronies could quite easily escape to a foreign country with no extradition treaties.
  11. LRonAnon Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    I'd bet that DM is willing to go all the way, everything and everyone will become expendable to him.

    In the end, there's only final result for DM and several others; he'll be needing his running shoes.
  12. PimpXenu Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    I think at it's core, scientology is an extremely nasty, vengful, and childish organization. I really dont think there's any limit to what they would do, if they wanted to.

    From what i've read, i really wouldnt put it past DM to start up some kind of doomsday scenerio where all the scifags have to hunker down in their heavily armed compound and drink punch. I really do think if the shit hits the fan for them, thats what it's going to come down to....i mean it's a pretty standard thing among cults.

    As of right now, i think they're publically trying to make an example of certain anons. They cant go as far as killing them, as that would just enraged us even more, and bring a lot of heat down upon themselves, but they sure are trying just about everything else in the book. My personal feeling is that they will loose their cool at some point, and try it just out of anger and frustration. And maybe they'll succeed, and that will be the end of it for them. They have enough heat on them as it is now for snooping on people, and breaking into houses, if they cross that line into all out murder, i think the wrath of god will pretty much rain down.
  13. jeannie36832 Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    We have already seen some serious information leaks from inside. I can't see the informants keeping it to themselves, if the word comes down to bomb a mission. I believe they won't allow that kind of death and destruction to go on. At THAT point, they may have to decide that it is time to leave and make a big stink with the FBI, bringing any proof that they have collected to light.
  14. Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    I'm glad it isn't the session
    I don't want to pick up the cans.
    Unless cold and full of beer, and them one at a time as I choose.

    Van Allen Radiation Belt
    or maybe Venus
    It is what Ron would want.

    They are already starting to do those things (Gregg, Rorschach... )

    For the next list in the OP I predict:
    Yes, and possibly an ever prettier one later
    only a few
    A few more every month

    WORLDWIDE: Will depend on local laws (how much trouble will they get in, how likely do they think they can win) How much money and manpower it will take is probably not a consideration as much as what they think they can get away with.
    yes, even moar than their feeble attempts thus far

    Speak for yourself! that was not MY DDoS.

    I don't think they meant it in this context, but I'll let 311 answer that:
    YouTube - 311 all mixed up
  15. indeedindeed Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    i think their tactics clearly fail with regards to the group. the only way that <10 people being named can have a meaningful negative effect on a group of several thousand people would be through fear. fear may be at play, but so are anger and increased determination. as to the point of "they have these guys in court"- not all of those identified, e.g. ive not heard of any charges against gareth cales. besides, from a recent thread, looks like two can play that game (scientology sued because of identity-exposing video) and id be surprised if they would win any of the current cases. of course that doesnt mean its meaningless or not intimidating. support is necessary for those targeted as well as spreading the word about it.
    but i think all in all it is fail. if they start naming and harassing a percentage of the protestors say 1% -that would still be >70 people- and if only half of them document it in a halfway decent and accessible manner there would be a large base of documentation for recent fairgame. which could be used in court in defense and attack, maybe there could even be a class action because of that. it could also be used as something to present to the media or to other people on and off the internet to further educate people about the cult.
    i dont believe scientologists outside of gold would accept any "kool aid" program were it to happen which i doubt somehow. if there is some sort of downfall it would rather be going to international waters or silently vanishing. scientology is not the peoples temple and miscavige not jim jones. its more stable in a way.
  16. lmafo Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    Wasn't this discussed before?

    All that things you mentioned is called "Tech"...
    They think that the "Tech" always works...
    They implement "Tech" as a standard procedure without any thinking and strategy...
    They are like robots always do the "Tech" thing and don't know anything else...
  17. NamelessEnvoy Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    I'm pretty sure it was too, but I had my own questions, and thought this might be useful.

    Aye, but my question is, what's the next step in their tech? It doesn't seem to be working.
  18. Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    I agree, except I wouldn't rule out David Miscavige being that batshit insane/evil. He might take some of his most severely brainwashed Sea Org members to the CST bunker in the California mountains and make a last stand. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out DM believes there is nothing for him in a world without the CoS.
  19. Znew Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    Yeah, I can't help but think that the recent epileptic patient fiasco was caused by CoS as a way to scare us... :wbm:

    Their use of epileptic patients is very subarney the dinosaurbarney the dinosaurbarney the dinosaurbarney the dinosaurious, seeing the CoS doesn't believe in medical problems. :examine:

    WTF is this dinosaur stuff?
  20. AnonymIceland Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    yeah really...some mod needs to look at the wordfilter...
  21. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    Once the CoS sees that all else has failed, David Miscaviage plans to use his super secret super OT powers to appear in our bedrooms late at night and stare at us as we sleep with a stare that would put cockmongler to shame.
  22. Hostile Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    I think it has something to do with 7chan (they've got a dinosaur board for some stupid reason)

    *sigh... 7chan... why do you have to be the gay one?*

    anyway, yeah in the very end, they'll have only 3 real possibilities,
    deport/abandon the USA
    go insane against us

    I hope for option 2, where all of the normal scilons get to leave... but what happens to the people who are still head over heels in the cult? do they get absorbed by some other cult or do they try and reform scientology, or perhaps they actually try to go on with their lives...
  23. Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    only fear?
    what if those <10 are the LEADERS?
    Cut off the head, kill the snake.

    Fear is a factor too. Leadership is their biggest focus because top-down tyrannical leadership is all they understand
  24. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    Obvously then, the key to defeating anonymous is to ruin Eric Bauman and the Fetch
  25. anonhuff Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    the word starting with s and ending with pic (racist term for hispanic people) is what's being filtered fyi

    so anytime someone posts that something is supsicious (misspelled on purpose) it filters it to barney the dinosaur x4
  26. Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    Well my fear is that they will not only threaten themselves with bomb threats, but in an attempt to discredit us, actually bomb one of their own churches.

    Way I see it happening is OSA bombing one of the churches in the US and not actually telling the scifags who use that church - after all, if they don't know it was their own church it means they can truthfully deny involvment.

    However we view scientology - I don't think we want to see innocent, albeit brainwashed, people killed.

    And when they invariably blame us for it... Well, what court is going to believe us when we start screaming "They bombed and killed themselves I tell's ya!!"

    Of course, actually the court may well believe us when it is shown all the stuff from the past, like faked bomb threats, the Paulette Cooper business etc etc etc...

    I hope it doesn't come to that though
  27. PimpXenu Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    Well they threatened their own church with a bomb threat, and nobody cared. They blamed it on us, and we said "Well, if you know it was an anon who did it then hand all your evidence over to the authorities, and said anon should be punished". They didnt do that. I find it hard to believe that an organization with such impressive investigative skills couldnt find the insidious anon responsible.

    If they actually did bomb their own church, it would be sad, but our response would be the same, and once again they wouldnt be able to find the anon because he doesnt exist. Plus, they're rather well known for their sloppy skill when it comes to things like this, and in the past have bungled things like that and got their ass handed to them in court because of it.
  28. the_cloak Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    They are far too inflexible to change tactics very much. They will keep doing what they have been doing, fair game, legal tactics, harassment. On the upside, we have ways to combat all of the above and if we continue to show up once a month, and continue flyering and education on the side, they will eventually exhaust their resources. We just keep getting stronger, and they are losing a lot of people. They are having to push people up to fill voids left by high level people who have recently blown and these people will be inexperienced. We have them by the balls, we only need to keep tightening our grip.
  29. Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    They really don't seem to care about the money they are spilling on this, or their reputation. They don't seem to care about anything other than "Wins."

    Also, paranoia and fear are powerful weapons used to keep followers in line. Didn't Jim Jones used to do middle of the night "drills" to help induce fear of "outsiders?"
    To me it just seems like the CoS is playing on the fear of their followers when they make them feel that they need to be protected from the general public. Another tool to further isolate them from the real world.
  30. downstat Member

    Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    Ignore all this chan B.S. THe epilespy thing is classic Anonymous (in this case 420chan) looking for both lulz and piss off moralfags. It isn't 7chan, and who cares if it is. The current lulz mission is to pretend it was scilons and spread rumors to Moralfags that scilons are trying to "frame" anonymous.

    Chanology anonymous are just going to have to weather the coming chan wars and ignore moar and moar outrageous hijinx of "Anonymous". It's in the nature of anonymous and soon it will turn on itself just for the lulz.
  31. Re: [Thinking out loud] How far is $ci willing to go?

    How far are the Scilons willing to go?

    As far as necessary. Assume that, and when they do something, it won't come as at all a surprise.

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