Thinking of Doing A Documentary

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by anonymous-weirdo, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Hi, i don't know what to expect but in september i got in to level 2 in creative media production and i thought that i might do this as an outside college project since i only will be posting it to youtube and i don't want people i know to see it but i think you get the idea.

    Obviously people keep thinking we're some sort of evil cult and some anonymous members are getting arrested which is rediculous so i thought i'd do this so people know we're doing it for a good cause and reason.

    I haven't been on for months but if anything has changed let me know and if you guys could give me some ideas for this then that'll be great. don't be afraid to post down below because i want all your opinions!
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    Go for it. Most folks have little issue being interviewed (provided you protect their anonymity) which would be a decent start.
  7. also i do have a website called but i might change it to something else to stand out i was going to use it for resources for everyone in anonymous but i might change it to (not my real name just an alias to hide my identity for now) Don't go on second link because i haven't changed it into a proper and full website domain yet.
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    Everyone thinks about doing a documentary, but no-one around here really has the skills/effort to do it properly.
  9. How do you know if i don't have skill or class to do it eh? anyone can pull a documentary off it takes allot to think about and people just rush them because they want to get it done as fast as they can but they haven't learned that the turtle always wins the race.

    I also haven't seen one post about a documentary if i'm mistaken then please post a link
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    search is your friend
  11. Search isn't a friend
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  12. Been done, also done one myself and will be done again

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