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Discussion in 'Resources' started by phloflo, Jul 1, 2009.

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    Some young people in Holland came up with the idea to distribute "Where is my vote?" signs to people all around the city where they live, for people to put up in their windows. I think this kind of stuff might even be better than just protesting, because it gets the greater community involved and brings a lot of attention to the cause.

    Here's their website: Where is my vote? Support the people of Iran!

    So now my question is, how do we implement this in the US and other countries outside of Iran?

    Beside the idea that these people came up with, I was thinking of obtaining stickers that say "Where is my vote?" that people could put on things, but I don't know the cheapest way of doing this.

    Another option (and this is my personal favorite) is bracelets like the Livestrong bracelets, which became very widespread and still are. People love free things, they can wear it so more people see it, and as far as I can tell, they're relatively cheap. But again, I come up with the question of how to obtain bracelets that are more inexpensive, but not shoddy. I've seen online stores that have "Where is my vote?" bracelets, but I don't know which ones are of good quality. I'd like to figure that out before I order a couple hundred.

    Does anybody else have ideas for things to give out at protests? Because let's be honest, flyers are nice and can convey a lot of information, but people like getting free stuff even more. And if they get stuff they like, it's extra advertising.
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    Free Iran ...Neda Bumper Sticker Check it out

    Here is a bumper magnet I am ordering...what do you think?

    BuildASign.comâ„¢ -- Shopping Cart

    They cost $1.35 each if I order 1000 of them.
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    Car Magnets/Stickers or Maybe Even Ribbons?

    @thetrishlet, your link doesn't work. It goes to the shopping cart which for me is empty, so I'm not sure what your design was. It's a good idea for someone with a lot of cash to burn in order to get it down to $1.35 per sticker/magnet, but I wonder if there is anything else that's premade, cheap(er), and easier for the general public to buy, or for us to hand out at protests.

    Another idea I came up with this morning was maybe handing out green ribbons to tie onto car antennae. This would work even better if there were a website publicizing it, so we could make it a nationwide or worldwide thing. Remember how widespread yellow ribbons were on car antennae. Although they also made those horrendous looking magnet ribbon things....
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