They Say Things To Your Neighbors

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Robert S, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Robert S Member

    They Say Things To Your Neighbors

    When you are Fair Game, Scientology thinks nothing of sending letters to your neighbors about the terrible things you've done. They make up anything. Doesn't matter if it's true. Sometimes even phone calls.

    Does he still have a porn addiction?
    Is she still drinking?
    Do you know you have a child molester in your block?

    It is part of a long history of harassment that everybody who reads here already knows about, and is exceptionally well documented.

    I'm looking at a little Scientology mission near me, inside an office building with ten or fourteen other businesses sharing the same space but in different suites. You look around at the major orgs and they are surrounded by little bookstores, restaurants, cleaners, etc. and the thought occurred to me... do these people sharing retail space with Scientology know what their neighbor is about?

    What would be so wrong with simply writing a short note to surrounding businesses telling - not fabrications - but the truth about their neighbor Scientology.

    Sort of like a reverse Fair Game, only with a true story and with no other purpose than to be informative. I'm not suggesting any Anonymous logos or meme-oriented things; just letters with references and links and a small blurb about "Did you know...?" or something.

    Why shouldn't local businesses just get a flier? And what they make of it is up to them.

    I know of a place by me where there are a dozen other businesses in the same building as the local Scientology mission. Is turnabout "fair play"? Instead of Fair Game.
  2. Anonygnome Member

    Re: They Say Things To Your Neighbors


    It's for stuff like this that I bake some cookies for new neighbors and send along treats at Christmastime.

    A little too late in your case, though. It would seem like damage control and bribes. An over-the-fence chat would probably diffuse things, though-- but I'm sure you're already up on that since you know that it's happening.

    I send good lucky gnome juju to you, my friend. :cake:
  3. Robert S Member

    Re: They Say Things To Your Neighbors

    What? No, not me. Wait... what??
  4. WMAnon Member

    Re: They Say Things To Your Neighbors

    Nothing wrong with talking to their neighbors, although it is also a good idea to get in good with your own neighbors before you do as a precaution. The quiet guy that no one ever sees seems much more likely to be capable of all those terrible things than the one who organized a barbecue last week.
  5. unidentified Member

    Re: They Say Things To Your Neighbors

    Just make sure you delivery them anonomously and/or make sure every single word is VERIFIABLY correct so they can't possibly try to sue your for libel.
  6. anon1957 Member

    Re: They Say Things To Your Neighbors

    Also make it VERY CLEAR that there is a huge difference between investigating and criticizing a religious organization and smearing the name and reputation of an individual amongst his/her family/friends/neighbors/employer/business associates.

    In a free society, it is any person's right/responsibility to pay attention to possible abuses within any governmental and non-governmental organization, religious or otherwise.

    Similarly, individuals in said free society are understood to have a right to privacy.

    tl: dr Individuals have a right to privacy. Corporations (whether for or not for profit) do not.
  7. Robert S Member

    Re: They Say Things To Your Neighbors

    Yes! It's going to be in letter form unless I can find a good flier amongst all the many being created. I intend to send it to neighbors of their facilities locally (if you see a good info sheet/ flier please point out to me, but I'm thinking just a letter).

    My intention is not to scam anyone, frighten anyone, lie about, or misrepresent any of the true history of the cult, but will mention it's a neighbor of theirs. Turnabout is fair play, as I've said.

    I went back and forth about it because it is a kind of little bitty reverse fair-game and "do we do that?" and blah blah blah. But then, I'm not part of Anonymous and I'm not saying anybody should join in. This is my contribution for the next theme. There's no threats, no spooky graphics, no memes. Just a kind of "you should know..."

    Since their warped moral compass allows them to justify the nasty things they do to people they perceive as threats - including riling up the neighborhood around where somebody lives - let's see how the fuckers like their own game.
  8. Re: They Say Things To Your Neighbors

    I always thought it was the opposite, ala Ted Bundy.

    OP - exercise great caution and be safe please. The last thing you want is to knock on the door of a $cilon neighbor and get Fair Gamed right back.

    Although, now that I wrote that, I guess that would prove your initial point to the neighborhood.

    Shame shame way to get the message out though, were that to happen. Safety first.
  9. 2Ke Member

    Re: They Say Things To Your Neighbors

    If you are going to be doing fliers delivered by hand, I'd recommend keeping your face covered, at least as you walk past the mission. If you'd be recognized as a regular in any of the businesses surrounding the mission be sure to tell them not to disclose your identity should the members of said mission come questioning. Otherwise, a personal flier and a quick chat with a manager of a business would be an excellent way to spread the word. However, the flip side is the fact that those stores may be on good terms with the mission, and might turn over information about you after you've left.

    If you want to mail something to those businesses, you've got to take into consideration the fact that your name and return address is going to be on that envelope. This could easily be turned over to the Scientologists if, again, the businesses are on good terms with the mission.

    I'd say your best bet is to go in personally, chat with the owners of the store or at least whoever works there, and if they seem interested in what you're saying stay and chat for a little longer, give them a flier or two, and be on your way. But, if they say they're on good terms with the mission or they seem uninterested or irritated with you, get out of there as quickly as possible. The last thing you want to have happen is for some guy you rubbed the wrong way by badmouthing his nice neighbors the Scientologists to hand over a security tape with your face on it. However, don't expect to have a -huge- impact. Having worked in a retail shop in a strip mall for three years I know from personal experience that interactions between the shops are very few and far between. A passing "hello" was about as interesting as it ever got.
  10. Honoraboveall Member

    Re: They Say Things To Your Neighbors

    just have a Jehovah's witness deliver..Lol or leave them in hotels like those one people,,, :alien::colbert:

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