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Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Julian Assange has completed filming twelve episodes of his forthcoming show, “The World Tomorrow”. The first episode will be aired on RT and released online on Tuesday 17 April 2012, with other networks to follow.

    Julian Assange, founder and Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks, has been under house arrest, without charge, for almost 500 days. Over the past two months, his temporary home in the English countryside has played host to a series of extraordinary conversations with some of the most interesting and controversial people alive in the world today.

    “The World Tomorrow” is a collection of twelve interviews featuring an eclectic range of guests, who are stamping their mark on the future: politicians, revolutionaries, intellectuals, artists and visionaries. The world's last five years have been marked by an unrelenting series of economic crises and political upheavals. But they have also given rise to the eruption of revolutionary ferment in the Middle East and to the emergence of new protest movements in the Euro-American world. In Julian's words, the aim of the show is “to capture and present some of this revolutionary spirit to a global audience. My own work with WikiLeaks hasn't exactly made my life easier”, says Assange, “but it has given us a platform to broadcast world-shifting ideas.”

    For Julian, part of the show's strength lies in its “frank and irreverent tone”. “My conviction is that power can only be transformed if it is taken seriously – but ordinary people must resist the temptation to defer to the powerful."
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  2. Ironic that its going to be shown on RT? Putin controlled tv channel, just google RT and criticism.
  3. Tourniquet Member

    Maybe you should see it before you knock it.
  4. Did i knock it? I was basically just suprised it would be shown on a channel which has come under criticism on several occasionsions for broadcasting russian government propaganda, as you know russia is not considered the most democratic country. Would this allow assange to express himself freely? Russia is still an important country in world politics.
  5. Herro Member

    Lol Putin TV
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Which country is the most democratic? Please, do enlighten us.
    Of "Dumb and Dumber", which are you?
  7. 00anon00 Member

  8. I could pick tons of countries considered to have more democracy than russia, but this is general knowledge.
  9. It would be pretty dumb to watch the Fox News of Russia ;)
  10. Anonymous Member

    What has RT got to do with “The World Tomorrow”?

    RT is the first broadcast licensee of the show, but has not been involved in the production process. All editorial decisions have been made by Julian Assange.
  11. PresidentShaw Member

    lol Assange
  12. Putin's all like embarrassing USA is good, so wikileaks is good.

    Putin is not so dependent on public opinion what with his pseudo-democracy.
  13. Emma Peel Member

    lol TV
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  14. Anonymous Member

    ITT: illiterate people.
  15. Anonymous Member

    As if democracy works... about as well as Scientology. Wake the fuck up.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Enlighten me about how democracy doesn't work in my part of the world, Scandinavia, master of hasty generalizations.
  17. Vote or involve yourself in politics instead of sitting on your ass complaining on the internets.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Said the asshole, sitting on its ass complaining about the internets.
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  19. Tara King Member

    Said the asshole, sitting on its ass complaining about assholes sitting on its ass complaining on the internets.
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  20. So russia = internet?
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  21. I knew it, assange was working with the russians all the time. He is probably being paid in gazprom shares as we speak. Fucking Putin puppet, no wonder he never focused on russia. They lost the cold war, but now it seems they are winning the new information war.
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  22. Tara King Member

    This guy knows what he's talking about. Just look at his nick; he's been around.
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  23. Good to see fellow open minded people around here. I remember the horrors of 1963 like it was yesterday, who would want that to happen again. I hope we will win this war like we did back then, so our kids wont have to learn the cryllic alphabet.
  24. WMAnon Member

    can't tell if troll or retarded :(
  25. Emma Peel Member

    The acrylic alphabet?
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  26. Well, you havent seen what communism can do to people. I was born in russia, but luckily my family managed to escape in the mid 50s and you do not know the relief i felt when Gorbatsjev and Reagan finally signed the peace agreement.
  27. Zak McKracken Member

    Я видел, что он сделал для VaD.
  28. Herro Member

    Wooden TVs

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