The Women's March on Washington

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Internet, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. The Internet Member

    This protest event got a mention in the Trump thread. Because so many people around the world participated, and because some want to create momentum for future mass action, I think this topic deserves its own thread.

    Issues on display at the protest I saw included:

    - don't defund Planned Parenthood
    - don't cut off ObamaCare unless you've got something better
    - take Climate Change seriously
    - get big money out of politics
    - respect science and facts generally
    - keep public education high quality and affordable
    - behave respectfully toward women
    - equality for everyone, including gays and ethnic minorities

    That's a lot of issues for any movement to handle. Any top priorities? I checked a website the organizers put up:
    Seems there's no organized plan. Some focus will probably emerge as Trump's policies get rolled out.

  2. White Tara Global Moderator

    I tend to agree in this case, we are a protest site. So be you for or against the protest focus, It is a relevant to wwp.
    I will say though I tend to agree that Madonna should go hang her head in shame for her stupidity and flagrant attempts to stay relevant. People such as the SNL writer who suggested that Barron Trump will become the first home schooled shooter should go join Madonna in obscurity.
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  4. The Internet Member

    Hey I was part of history! People are saying the Women's March was the biggest protest in US history.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Oh, you're talking about this protest where the participants made idiots of themselves by clamoring down any opposing opinions like fucking animals they are, one of the protesters set the hair of a woman who had a different opinion on fire and one based guy called Big Joe told those fuckers some hard cold truth, called for the unity of your nation and survived only because he was black?

    Yeah, it's surely a good protest and a good social group to associate with.
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  6. White Tara Global Moderator

    As with most protests, the bulk of people will behave according to peaceful reasonable guidelines. There are assholes among every protest group, unavoidable I'm afraid.
    Madonna is the biggest one JS.
  7. Jeff Jacobsen Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, sure. Too bad that barbaric or retarded behavior has become a norm in liberal movements like feminists, blm and lgbtxyz tho. Constant clamoring opponents down, physical violence towards white people and Trump supporters, forcing censorship in academia and campuses, riots, looting, destroying property, spreading hatred towards white people, men and critics on social media, promoting genocide, calling for martial law to stop Trump, planting statues aiming to humiliate Trump during the campaign, cult behavior like dancing the zombie dance while mumbling "he will not divide us" in front of a wall with Shia LeBeouf, celebrities making promises they didn't keep (emigrating), constant anti-Trump and anti-conservative propaganda in media, people acting retarded in general (cry circles and screaming towards Heavens like a fucking banshee when Trump won), going into public naked, provocative behavior etc. I could literally list them for the next two hours and not finish.
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  9. White Tara Global Moderator

    Sorry to disappoint you but Libtards dont have a corner on bad behaviour in protest, Some Trumptards behave like assholes too, their bad acts could be listed but what would be the point. Neither side should be condemned by the behavior of the few. Yeah I get ya, I wish extremists on both sides they would stfu and recognize the extremist behavior is going to play everyone right into losing their right to be heard.
    The censorship of academia is topical right now, having read this I am shitting myself:
  10. White Tara Global Moderator

    Right now nobody, including the august bodies that have been told to stay schtum know what it all means, that is why its important to bring to light what is being done, and discuss it in places like here. No matter which side of the political fence you stand on, what is being done is being done to everyone, and it could have immediate and long lasting effects.
  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, what would be the point, I mean, like confronting the list of crimes that you might think up that Trump supporters (tho I was rather trying to talk about the conservative community as a whole and used his name only when the whole context of my example was about him) could have done and decide how horrible crimes are they in comparison with what liberals are doing?
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  13. White Tara Global Moderator

    Sorry, do you really want me to list incidents of redneckery, violence, etc. among conservative supporters before during and after the election? As I said that's counter productive.
    Your argument sounds awfully like 'waaaaah they did it more than us'
    Nope I dont sympathize with anyone who is extreme in their behavior, be they liberal or conservative, I loathe retarded behavior at protests across the board equally, and I believe I articulated that above. BLM is perhaps the worst of them, in that they started with a peaceful call to action and maintained it, but then allowed themselves to be hijacked by extremists within.
  14. White Tara Global Moderator

    My point was, that I will not castigate an entire movement for the fucktarded actions of the minority, and that includes feeling protective of movements conservative or liberal. I believe that both sides right to be heard should be protected. If laws are put in place to silence protestors, it will effect everyone! That's a terrifying prospect.
  15. Anonymous Member

    *enough said
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  16. The Internet Member

    10 million world wide or 10 million in the US? I skimmed the link but didn't see a count for US protests.
  17. The Internet Member

    I did not hear about a woman's hair getting set on fire.

    In my state the organizers recommended the same protest rules we rely upon at WWP: if some jerk is doing something illegal, let the cops know and keep away from him.

    I am all for unity. I wish we could unite upon the issues I mentioned in the OP. But I didn't hear about "Big Joe" and what he said so I can't comment on that.

    Nigger White, I think it is a mistake to divide humanity into liberal and conservative like we are two different species. That way of thinking makes it hard to talk about real issues, like what happens to people when the ACA is repealed.

    Plenty of conservatives are worried about Trump. According to some poles about 17% of the people who voted for Trump feel he's not qualified for the job. Some say his economic plans which involve reducing corporate taxes from about 35% to 10-15% will balloon the national debt. Many conservatives are honest people who take offense at Trump's habit of spreading misinformation.
  18. White Tara Global Moderator

    See, now you just painted yourself a racist, for a cheap joke, Why would you invalidate yourself like that. We are having a reasonable discussion, that was beneath you.
    Minority of protestors (all colours) was what I was referring to and that you knew.
    Go to the threads started earlier that lead up to the election for examples of poor behavior from a minority of conservatives. They are pretty ugly, but do not mean that conservatives are wrong or should all be treated as such. Conservative values are not the enemy, nor are liberal values. What is the enemy, is anything that undermines peoples right to be heard, no matter their position.
  19. The Internet Member

    Here's what people looked like at the protest I attended:
    low high.jpg cthulu.jpg
  20. The Internet Member

    And liberals and conservatives value many of the same things. For example, both value not getting a sharp stick in the eye, am I right?

    We should be wary of the narcissism of small differences.

    Health care costs generally went down after the ACA was passed. This makes sense because hospitals pass on the cost of caring for uninsured people to everyone else. 20 million more people paying regular premiums creates a bigger risk coverage pool for the country. So without the ACA, what happens to health care costs? So far the Republicans have not offered any plan. Seems retarded.

    When young women have easy access to a full range of gynecological services they have fewer abortions. So getting rid of Planned Parenthood will likely increase the number of abortions done in the US. I would think conservatives would be against this.

    Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education, wants to create a voucher system so our tax dollars are diverted from public schools to private charter schools. Yet the evidence we have, particularly from Michigan where DeVos' own network of for-profit charter schools were founded, indicates that charter schools cut a lot of corners. And we know from watching Scientology charter schools that kids suffer when culty thinking drives the schools. There are a lot of culty schools out there. Should we be spending our tax revenues on this type of thing?
  21. The Internet Member

    I heard Trump was really upset about the protest until somebody told him that they were protesting a bunch of issues and not him personally. Then he was cool.

    .@seanspicer said the Women's March was about various issues, not necessarily "against anything."
    This was 1.5 blocks from the White House
    — George Zornick (@gzornick) January 23, 2017

    This strikes me as crazy compartmentalization. The issues are suddenly very important to many people because of Trump's stated plans. Trump is pushing an agenda people no wants. So yeah, issues. But because Trump.

    The dude is looking more unhinged than before he became president. I wonder if he's headed toward some kind of mental meltdown. If so, probably the sooner the better for everyone's sake.
  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. Hey now.
    No need to blame the Poles for everything.

    (Except, not knowing how to use bbcode properly, does make us look bad....)
  24. The Internet Member

    What?! That's a good thing in your opinion? What are you, a commie? Why would someone who earns their money through hard work want to pay for the treating of someone who fucked their health up with drugs? Why would anyone pay for someone who doesn't even try to make it on their own? If you are a lazy bitch who doesn't want to work, fuck you! People don't want to pay for your lazy ass, to them you may as well die. Why would they care? Why would anyone want to provide for parasites? Work, earn your living, or fucking die! It's not everyone else's business. You are responsible for your life, not some guy on the other end of your whole country! Why would he want to spend his money on you instead of his kids? Are you fucking retarded?

    Healthcare costs went down after the ACA was passed. That is a good thing.

    The Affordable Care Act created an on-line marketplace where private health insurance companies offer plans to people. It set basic rules so the plans are comparable. For example, no pre-existing conditions. Annual out-of-pocket limits of about $13,000. Plenty of working people need health insurance and take advantage of the ACA.

    I hope you now understand that the ACA aka "ObamaCare" is not communism.

    Lots of things in the former USSR sucked under communism. Like, no free press. Political dissidents getting locked up or just disappearing. A small, central party that enjoyed wealth while ordinary people struggled. Education that included a lot of indoctrination. The suppression of science when facts contradicted the party line. Closed borders that make travel to and from the country complicated.

    Hmm. Sounds a bit like Trump, eh?
  25. The Internet Member

    Like "whoah man they wear baggy clothes and smile, I mean, that's like hippies, and hippies were so peaceful too, right?" is an argument.

    No, it isn't. Hippies were trash too. They were lazy criminals, drug abusers, whores, they were spreading STDs and were useless cunts, but they sang love songs so the stupid people bought their "dude peace lmao" lie.

    That mother and daughter are on stilts. So "when they go low we go high" is kinda funny. They aren't hippies. They're upper middle class types. And their message is in response to Trump's "When you're a celebrity you can do anything... grab them by the pussy." I would think that a law abiding person like yourself would be critical of a person bragging about sexually assaulting women.

    Trump's approval ratings are below 50%. That means that many conservatives are unhappy with him. So it is a mistake to claim only liberals are opposed to Trump.
  26. White Tara Global Moderator

    My apologies if your intention was not to imply that liberal 'minorities' (as in minority ethnic groups) were the predominant problem, that is how it read to me. Given the thread topic this is not really the place to do a head count/comparison on which side has behaved worse, and quite frankly that seems a little pointless, how does one actually judge one bad act in protest against another?The judgement would be equivocal.
    What I will say of this protest is while most people behaved in a reasonable fashion, people like Madonna have no place using their so called positions of influence to encourage extremist positions and behavior whilst sitting in their ivory towers. Scarlett Johanson was sadly cut off during her speech while she appeared to be advocating a more moderate position, I would have been interested to see if the remainder of her speech had kept that more reasonable tone, alas we will never know.

    At the end of the day, I am all for peaceful protesting being an available outlet for all sides to make their case.
  27. White Tara Global Moderator

  28. White Tara Global Moderator

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