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    Last Saturday afternoon I saw a clam handing out TWTH pamphlets on the corner of Osborne and Roslyn. The clam was a tall man in his sixties. He didn't look like an all powerful make things go right Scientologist to me. More like an ordinary man was what he was. No magnetic personality, no supreme confront, nothing. He just looked like any other nutter pushing his religion down the throats of innocent people. It was his age that made me think that. Scientology looks like it is at the point of eating its own people. No new young converts to utilise, just the same old former hippies who have been in for decades. They will probably include Scientology in their wills if they haven't already.

    I found a booklet that someone threw on the ground and there is no mention of Scientology at all in the book but L. Ron Hubbard is mentioned in fine print twice on one of the front pages. These bastards are sneaky. They could at least be honest about this but let's face it, that was never Scientology's way and never will be.

    The back of the pamphlet says that more copies of this book can be obtained from:


    I went to their website but there was nobody I recognized. Still, someone paid some money for a bundle of those books and it is a safe bet that it is the owners of the hospital who were behind it.

    Yes, someone paid for those books. We all know the Church of Scientology if too fucking cheap to just give this shit away to be handed out. Someone always has to pay -- in more ways than one.

    Just keep all this information in mind if you live in Winnipeg and keep your eyes open. Scientology seems to be "fighting back" lately in Canada and elsewhere with promotions such as this and the recent "Industry of Death" exhibit that nobody visited. There will no doubt be more manifestations of this activity.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the report, and the vigilance, Anon! <3
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    obviously a vet paid to have these printed up
    They go after vets and dentists to pay to get these printed
    They leave them in their office waiting rooms for patients. Some patients think, well it it is good enough for him, it must be great! He or she is such a good Vet or of course dentist. Anyone who signs on with COS they get a kick back
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    How's that Winnipeg Ideal Org that they bought back in 2008 coming along?
  5. Anonymous Member

    I haven't been there since last year. I'm sure it is still being rented out to the sole tenant there and nothing else has been done. It is a ridiculously huge building for those guys. Trying to find out how many Scientologists are in Winnipeg is hard. I just can't see there being more than 200 people who consider themselves Scientologists. I used to think there were only 100 Scientologists in this city. I may still be right about that. If they ever get it up and opened it will just scream, "Scientology". White people walking by will notice and laugh. Ethnic minorities and the urban native population may not be aware too much about Scientology and perhaps that is who they may achieve some recruiting success with. That possibility is always on the horizon. It is clear that is exactly what happened in Toronto with all their front groups and L. Ron Hubbard Humanitarian Awards dinners. This shit can't go on.
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    Check out the "tour" as well to see pictures of Dr. Standish

    from the above page:

    The underlined sentence should sound like a golden oldie to all exScientologists. You see it often in Scilon literature and hear it too many times and Xenu forbid, start saying it yourself.

    The cheapskate only gave the IAS 50 grand when fellow canucks The Felske Family gave a 100 grand. Ron sees and knows when you are sleeping and knows when you're awake, Jimmy.
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    Found a pamphlet called The Truth About Drugs on the ground in the same area as before with TWTH books. I asked around about it and they said some tall clam guy was handing them out.

    The guy who handed out TWTH was a tall lone clam. I just get the feeling it is James Standish. He is a well known vet in this city. I do not know if he is a great vet but if he was; then he might be the type who also strives to be a great Scientologist. This adds up to one thing and that is -- fanatic.

    It wouldn't surprise me if he works at the org as well.
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