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Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Dec 16, 2012.

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    All of it reeks of desperation.
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    NEW DATE: Celebration details of Los Angeles Scientology facilities leaked | The Underground Bunker

    Just yesterday, we told you about information that was leaked about Scientology’s plans for its Los Angeles headquarters. Now, we’ve received another leaked e-mail which suggests that the dates of the grand re-openings have been moved back a week. And we have some additional details.
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    Sunday Funnies: There’s a new contract for Scientology staff workers, and we have a copy

    On Sundays we enjoy showing you the Scientology mailers and fliers that our tipsters have forwarded to us. And this week, we have a real treat.

    Besides a nice collection of fundraising come-ons from around the world, we also received an e-mail from a tipster who tells us that he was a member of org staff. Not Sea Org, but staff, the folks who work at your local Scientology church.

    Although Scientology staff aren’t required to sign billion-year contracts like Sea Org workers, they do make serious commitments and usually work long hours for modest pay.

    And now, there’s a new pair of contracts to sign, our tipster tells us.

    If you look around online, you can find past staff contracts. But we think this is the first leak online of a new set of documents that org staff are required to sign.
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  4. RightOn Member

    more copyright infringement on COS's part of using "Back to the Future" graphics and Michael Fox's pic.
    Wonder how he would feel about that?
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    once , a nice blog to read (with LOTS OF GOOD helping comments), now - just 5min to see is there something new.... a sad story. Only thing is that he still do a FACT checking, but comment section is luulz....a sad story about good reporter,great investigator, eaten by comment section....
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    Barely worth sharing:

    General Hospital Spoilers: Destroying Luke Spencer's Character Because Of Salary Dispute - Tony Geary Leaving GH? | Celeb Dirty Laundry

    Is General Hospital destroying Luke Spencer’s character in retaliation for actor Anthony Geary‘s ridiculous salary demands? Fans are starting to call out Spencer’s behavior on the show, with some even stating that he’s crossed the line into being too creepy. Since Spencer’s stay at the Miscavige Sanitarium (love the Scientology smackdown!) his character has changed and it seems he has lost his filter – expressing all sorts of sexual crudeness.

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    Now, on to our weekly feature, Sunday Funnies!

    We suspected that Michelle Stafford’s decision to quit The Young And The Restless might have had something to do with the fact that another longtime actor on the series, Michael Fairman, has become a vocal critic after leaving Scientology (and has frequently been featured here at the Bunker).

    So what’s Michelle up to after giving up that sweet gig? Well, she’s got this going for her…


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    didn't know where to put this...
    But today is Chaka Khans birthday. Real name is Yvette Marie Stevens. She turns 61.
    She just lost 60 pounds and said she was diagnosed with Type 2Diabetes and high Blood pressure and has been on meds for over a year.

    Anyone know if she is even Clear? Or on the Bridge?
    I guess the COS couldn't help her audit her health issues away?
    Hey Chaka! "Tell Me Something Good" and say you are stepping away from the COS
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    We asked David Miscavige’s tailor for his exact height — and here’s what he told us!

    Last year, we were fortunate enough to find ourselves in northern Italy at a lovely time of year. We made a jaunt to Venice. We strolled through Milan. We even happened to catch the final day of professional cycling’s Tour of Italy — Giro d’Italia — in the city of Brescia.

    And while we were in that town, we made a pilgrimage.

    We stopped by to meet Claudio and Renata Lugli, parents to Tiziano Lugli, the well-known Los Angeles ex-Scientologist who tends to get mistaken for Tom Cruise by tabloid media.

    Claudio and Renata are fascinating people who have been active as “Independent Scientologists” in Europe. Like so many others, they were longtime members of the church who were embittered by decisions made by Scientology leader David Miscavige.

    But the Luglis were especially interesting, because for many years, they had been personal tailors to Miscavige, his wife Shelly, and other members of Scientology’s top circles. We enjoyed hearing stories about what it was like to make uniforms for Scientology’s leaders, and we brought back amazing photographs of Shelly that we have made public here at the Bunker.

    And then, recently, it dawned on us. Claudio could clear up, with authority, one of those questions that tends to come up again and again in discussions about Scientology and its controversial leader. What, exactly, is his height?

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    I disagree! Subtle lulz at it's best!
  16. RightOn Member

    The Sunday Funnies, shows yet another copyright infringement by the COS using the Pirates of the Caribbean Poster graphics.
    Go get 'em Disney'!
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    Sunday Funnies: The Writers of the Future and more success stories!

    Is it that time of year again already? Tonight, Scientology puts on its annual celebration of SF and Fantasy, the Writers of the Future gala, which will anoint this year’s winners in writing and illustration, who are also featured in another year’s anthology.

    Once again, leading lights of speculative fiction will pretend that this is not Scientology’s attempt to burnish its image through the imprimatur of the likes of Orson Scott Card and Larry Niven. Over the years, some writers have wondered about the veracity of assurances they got from the Sea Org executives running the event that it was separate and independent of the church itself. And since so many stories about the dystopic world of Scientology workers came to light in the last several years, those questions were getting more pointed.

    Then, two years ago, we proved a direct link between the contest and some of the most brutal behavior of Scientology. The Sea Org executive at Author Services Inc who oversaw the contest, Barbara Ruiz, was seen by eyewitnesses helping church leader David Miscavige run the hellish and strange office-prison for church executives, “The Hole,” early in 2004. Both Ruiz and Miscavige were seen at the Writers of the Future gala later that year. But some time after that, Ruiz vanished. She hasn’t been seen since.

    She’s just one of several top Scientology executives who were “vanished,” but that hasn’t stopped the gravy train of the WOTF gala. If you’re going to ignore that your annual party is tied to Scientology’s odd and troubling behavior, you’re probably also going to ignore that somehow, this minor anthology calls for a week-long party, with free airfare, custom-fitted tuxedos, and a lavish awards ceremony unaffected by the shaky fortunes of the rest of the publishing industry.

    Hey, it’s a great party, why ask questions about who’s paying for it? Just make sure you thank L. Ron Hubbard when you pick up your trophy, right?

    Oh, and a thank you to Skip Press for bringing to our attention that Publisher’s Weekly got into the act by allowing Scientology to buy the cover of its latest issue…


    Everyone loves Scientology’s money!

    We’ll be watching the ceremony tonight, which is always a hoot, and we may put up a live-blog entry later with an embed of the ceremony.

    Now, on to our weekly feature, Sunday Funnies!

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  20. BlooAnon Member

    "Everyone is welcome in Ron's home". Hear that, Anon? They're letting SPs in! Let's go for a tour!
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  22. BlooAnon Member

    I remember that. :) But they're letting people in now (supposedly). Then again, when could you ever trust a Sci to be truthful?
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    I'm gonna wait until after they take down Moscow. Putin might decide to redecorate the place, first.
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    Sunday Funnies: Scientology says, May the Fourth be with you

    On Sundays, we share with you the latest fundraising mailers Scientology has sent out to its beleaguered members, who have been subjected to constant appeals and are generally exhausted.

    How do you convince people to keep coming out for events where they’ll be under intense pressure to turn over thousands of dollars they can’t afford to give? In recent years, we’ve seen Scientology organizations get increasingly creative (and cheesy), hoping that a party with a pirate or superhero theme will somehow convince church members to come down for a another fleecing.

    And now, the folks at the Mountain View org — who are trying to raise millions for a new “Silicon Valley Ideal Org” — have really outdone themselves. Last night, they held a very special party for fundraising, and we think you’re going to enjoy the teaser video they put together to encourage attendance.
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  25. th?id=HN.608035174447058475&pid=15.1.jpg
    Miracle Wrinkle Cream Hoax: OT86 - Gone
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    Sunday Funnies: What part of ‘rebel’ doesn’t Scientology understand?

    Our tipsters really came through this week with an amazing collection of the latest mailers and fliers that the Church of Scientology has been sending to its members from various divisions around the world.

    We love to show them to you in our weekly feature we call Sunday Funnies, and this week the line between comedy and tragedy is especially tenuous.

    As usual, Scientologists are being begged to attend fundraising parties where they’ll be put under intense pressure to donate thousands for building programs they’ve been asked to fund time and time again. The organizers of these fleecing events seem to be under the impression that if they can only come up with a clever theme for the evening, church members won’t be able to resist attending.

    And for us, that raises a question. Isn’t the very point of Scientology supposed to be that it gives these members the mental capacity to see through such ham-fisted attempts to separate them from their money? Food for thought.
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    Sunday Funnies: Scientology fundraising fliers try desperately to hide the truth

    It’s that time of the week again, when we reveal the fliers and mailers and other items that our great tipsters have forwarded to us during the week.

    Before we get into the glossy fundraising appeals that pour in each week, we have a stark reminder that as much as Scientology wants to give the impression that it’s expanding in leaps and bounds, the opposite is the truth. It’s dying. And week after week, there’s more evidence provided here and at Mike Rinder’s blog and at forums like WWP and ESMB that document the church’s inexorable slide.

    We’ve heard about missions drying up and disappearing, for example. Over at ESMB, there was a lengthy discussion about the long decline of the mission in Tucson. And now, a tipster has sent us some photographic evidence that the mission is now dead.
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    Scientology Sunday Funnies: Save the date for Maiden Voyage!

    It’s time for Sunday Funnies and another round of Scientology’s latest mailers and fliers sent in to us by our great tipsters.

    We love these weekly snapshots of Scientology’s fundraising fever. They give us a real sense of how leader David Miscavige is trying to get more and more money from fewer and fewer people. The desperation is palpable.

    Let’s start with another annual event for the church. Each summer, Scientology holds a celebration it calls ‘Maiden Voyage,’ when it invites its ‘whales’ — big donors — to fly to the Caribbean and celebrate the anniversary of the cruise ship Freewinds, and learn about upcoming church initiatives. In this flier for Australian and New Zealand Scientologists, however, the celebration is spread out over several Saturdays. Perhaps some oldtimers could explain that one to us.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    LRH Source Night Fiction.png


    1full small.jpg





    I'll spare you a display of the full collection.

    Can you imagine lugging a suitcase full of this shit around? Neither can I.
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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Sunday Funnies: Scientology’s latest attempts to get you amped up!

    Our thanks to the night crew for live-blogging our appearance last night on Above Top Secret radio. We appreciated the kind words, and had a blast doing the show. They tell us an archived streaming copy should be posted by mid-week.

    And now, it’s that time of the week when we reveal the Scientology mailers and fliers that our great tipsters have sent us during the week. This time, we’re going to start with a couple of fun videos that should get everyone amped to turn over their money to David Miscavige!

    In Sydney, Scientology recently opened its new $14 million Ideal Org, and now it needs to get you to come on down to spend some money!

    We don’t know how the masses will stay away after they get a look at this promotional piece about the Purification Rundown, Scientology’s sauna-and-vitamins routine.
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Sunday Funnies: The Tom Cruise history lesson edition!

    Tom Cruise has a new movie out, so maybe it just comes with the territory that some media types will do their best to burnish his reputation. We’ve always had a lot of respect for Tom’s acting skills, and we never root against his movie success. But some of his admirers in the media have been trying to rewrite history by downplaying how much Tom’s involvement in Scientology has hurt his public image.

    We’ve tried to push back at that notion, and now we’re glad to see that Jeffrey Augustine, in his latest podcast, talked to Marc Headley about his personal experiences with Tom Cruise in Scientology.

    If you’ve read Marc’s book, Blown for Good (or our 2009 review), you know that in 1990, Marc was used as a guinea pig for Tom’s first experiments as an auditor. He recounts that history here, and plenty of other highlights of Tom’s early Scientology involvement. But will the media revisionists pay any attention?

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  34. This exactly the series of books I keep seeing pop up at the annual book sale at a local U for one of the literary clubs ( FYI, Most of the titles are used and have nothing to do with Hubbard).

    Brand spanking new, but nobody wants them, even for a buck.
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  35. Random guy Member

    So, this is Maiden Voyage weekend? Is that why Freewinds have sat at still for so long?
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Sunday Funnies: The desperation in Scientology fliers is getting worse. Much worse.

    It’s that time of the week again, when we share with you some of the great Scientology mailers and fliers that were forwarded to us by our great worldwide tipsters.

    You’ll find some of our comments a bit less cheery this week. We can’t help it. These Scientology fliers are getting so desperate, it’s really becoming embarrassing.
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    Scientology Sunday Funnies: The Nancy Cartwright freak-out edition

    Watch out! Nancy Cartwright is having some kind of naval restim and she’s reaching for your wallet!

    Yes, it’s time for another wacky collection of Scientology’s latest mailers and fliers as the church tries desperately to find a new strategy to get members to actually come to events and open up a few more credit cards for donations!

    Speaking of donations, a tipster pointed out that Scientologists are helping to raise money for Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi in her re-election effort.

    Super-rich church members Michael and Liz Baybak — huge donors to Scientology — are hosting a party for Bondi on Tuesday, and you can go too — as long as you fork over a minimum of $1,000.
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  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    Sunday Funnies: Scientology finally starts making its members superheroes!

    We hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend as we turn to our Sunday tradition of sharing with you some of the Scientology fliers and mailers our excellent tipsters have forwarded to us.

    If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that most of these church communications are focused on fundraising. And if anything, the desperation for money has only gotten ramped up higher and higher. Members are implored to come down to events that are made to look as fun as possible, when really attendees are “regged” intensely — pressured, in other words, to give large sums even if they’ve given plenty already.

    Former members have told us what kept them in the church so long, despite the intense fundraising, was the ultimate promise that someday they would attain superhuman powers. This is, after all, the goal of Scientology, to attain “OT” abilities and become able to manipulate the MEST universe (matter, energy, space, time) as just a spirit, a “Thetan” in L. Ron Hubbard’s parlance.

    For that reason, we’re surprised to see that, in recent months especially, the church has been going with the “superheroes” theme for its fundraising parties. Isn’t that a little too close to home? In the following fliers, you’ll even see some of the folks dressed up as “Dianetics Man” and other Scientology-flavored comic characters.

    We have two mailers for you in the superhero theme, one from Austin and the other from Kansas City. They not only parody Scientology’s quest for spiritual power, but also show how few people the church can get out to an event these days. The end days truly are upon us.
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  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    Sunday Funnies: Scientology lets slip the reason it still produces L. Ron Hubbard’s bad fiction

    We have a lot of fun looking through Scientology’s wacky fundraising mailers each Sunday. They give us a snapshot of just how hard the church works to convince its members to fork over more and more money in leader David Miscavige’s unquenchable thirst for more cash.

    But on occasion, these internal church fliers also let slip some pretty important admissions that aren’t intended for the larger public. And this week, we have a beauty.

    Along with so many other initiatives, we’ve seen in these fliers that Scientology’s imprint Galaxy Press constantly pushes newly printed editions of pulp fiction that Hubbard wrote in the decades before he shifted his focus to fleecing, er, helping his fellow man with Dianetics and Scientology.

    If you’ve seen Miscavige gush about the work of Galaxy Press at big church events, you probably have little doubt that the effort to push Hubbard’s fiction is just one more way Scientology tries to promote itself. But it’s another thing to see it spelled out so plainly.

    In this flier, note the second “testimonial” by a Scientologist who attended the “Maiden Voyage” celebration on board the church’s private cruise ship, Freewinds, and attended a presentation dedicated to the work of Author Services Inc (ASI), Hubbard’s literary agency, which runs Galaxy Press as well as the annual Writers of the Future contest that we’ve written about numerous times. The unnamed church member marvels at how the church uses Hubbard’s fiction in order to recruit people to Scientology itself.

    “I am so embarrassed to admit it, but I really got how the LRH stories from the Golden Age lead the public to the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology themselves. I have heard this many times but I did not get it until now.”

    We’re especially struck by the wording of this — it implies that at the church event, this was explained to members in a presentation by ASI. We’d love to get a leak of video from that night to see it for ourselves!

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