The Stop Scientology Disconnection Project

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  1. Is it possible to reset his GoFundMe goal to the new amount?

    It would probably help him raise money faster.
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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    Outfront Media rescinds contract for Scientology ‘disconnection’ billboard in Hollywood

    By Tony Ortega, March 5, 2016

    After he signed a three-month, $8,200 contract for a billboard about Scientology with the Los Angeles office of Outfront Media, former Scientologist Phil Jones has learned that the New York head office of Outfront — formerly CBS Outdoor — canceled the contract without explanation.

    “The head office in New York decided to cancel the contract and they said they won’t be giving us any space,” Phil tells us. “I asked, but they wouldn’t say if there was any outside influence. Might have just been the Scientology thing. It does worry people.”

    The billboard would have called attention to the Church of Scientology’s policy of disconnection, which requires members to cut off all contact from former members who have been declared “suppressive” — Scientology’s version of excommunication. Phil and his wife Willie are former members who no longer hear from their grown children, Mike and Emily, who both work for the church. Like other families, they are struggling against disconnection by trying to raise awareness about it.

    We called Outfront’s Los Angeles billboard manager at the end of the business day there yesterday and left a message, asking for some explanation of why the billboard had been rejected. So far, we haven’t received a reply.

    Phil told us that he’s disappointed, but he plans to contact other billboard companies and isn’t giving up. In the meantime, he told us that because our readers and others have backed him with more than $12,000 at last count, he feels obliged to keep everyone updated on what’s happening with the project.

    Continued here:
  3. DeathHamster Member

    Could someone do an Anonymous video? (My video skills suck.) Not threatening anything, just expressing deep disappointment with Outfront Media chickening out on a signed contract.

    CoS probably hit the head office of Outfront Media with a Wall of Crazy, and they took the quickest route to make the scary problem go away. We need to make them understand that they just stepped on a flaming bag of fecal matter.
  4. The 'poons.

    Man them.

  6. From Mimsey Borogrove of ESMB -

    *****BEGIN QUOTATION*****

    Billboard company Outfront Media has conflict of interest! If you look at Tony O's page today - you see the bill board co. bailed. I knew Scientology would stop it somehow - and the Bunkerites have spotted the answer - the billboard co puts up bill boards for Scientology



    *****END QUOTATION*****

    Tony's article today leads off with this:

    "...former Scientologist Phil Jones has learned that the New York head office of Outfront — formerly CBS Outdoor — canceled the contract without explanation."
  7. [IMG]

    Billboard, lower right - "OUTFRON-"
  8. DeathHamster Member

    If Outfront plays favorites with its customers, where would that end?
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  9. Outfront Media


    Twitter: Outfront Media
  10. That will do nothing. Outfront Media is after money and the cult is one of their clients. They have several billboards year around. They don’t care about a crappy 12K
  11. DeathHamster Member

    CoS's account is penis peanuts compared to the Big Boys. What happens when it becomes generally known that larger Outfront clients can demand that smaller competitors are arbitrarily squeezed out?
  12. If only the First Independent Church of Scientology (FICS) would contract with Outfront for a billboard decrying disconnection. If Outfront rescinded the FICS contract, then FICS could sue Outfront for religious discrimination. (FWIW, in the thread on the FICS it is noted that the Religious Liberty League has represented that the FICS has adopted the 1968 Reform Code and has forever banned disconnection.)
  13. 456

    Legal wizard, Marty Rathbun is already on the case.
  14. Alas, Marty is not an Indie anymore. In his last interviews on the subject he called it a "failed experiment."
  15. It appears this is not the first time Outfront Media has censored billboards on behalf of a church or religion.

    World Religion News: Why are American Atheist Convention Billboards being censored? The Controversy Explained

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *




    American Atheists makes the case that the more common religious persecution happening in this country is at the hands of the religious. Perhaps taking advantage of the holiday lull in hotel occupancy rates, the American Atheists are holding their National Convention at the Peabody Hotel the first weekend of April—otherwise known to the Christian majority as Easter weekend. To promote this event, to be held in Memphis, Tennessee, the group rented billboards in Memphis and Nashville. Along with a picture of a happy child wearing bunny ears at an Easter egg hunt, the billboards read: “An atheist convention on Easter weekend? Looks like we’re skipping church again!

    Controversy arose when Outfront Media—the agency contracted to place the ads—permitted them to run in Memphis, but requested a revision for the Nashville market. The reason given was that it seemed “too aggressive against Christians,” and included directions to take the words “church” and “Easter” out of the ad. The copy that eventually cleared says, “Hop over to Memphis for the biggest gathering of atheists in the country!

    American Atheists President David Silverman called this a “double standard” and characterized it as censorship, not to mention ridiculous. In another conversation, Danielle Muscato, a representative of the American Atheists, called the refusal “absurd” and claimed it “discriminatory.” Muscato cited a billboard in Nashville, calling gay sex an “abomination,” as evidence of the double standard allowing conservative Christian culture to be aggressive against those of other beliefs.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  16. 456

    What is your point? Marty doesn't need them.
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  17. DeathHamster Member

    And "someone" buys up three more domains February 29th.

    (And no, it's wasn't Phil.)
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  18. fishypants Moderator

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  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    BACK ON: Scientology ‘disconnection’ billboard OK’d by competitor after Outfront Media bails

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, March 8, 2016

    Last paragraph:

    As for the name of that company, location of the billboard, and the date of its unveiling, Phil has asked us to hold that information back to prevent any outside interference. As soon as we can share more of those details, you’ll be hearing about them here at the Underground Bunker.
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology ‘disconnection’ billboard to be a block from David Miscavige’s office and residence

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, March 9, 2016


    We told you yesterday that it took Phil only half a day to find a competitor who was willing to take Phil’s money, even after he explained that he’d been turned down by Outfront. But Phil asked us to hold back specific information about the new deal.

    Now, just a day later, Phil has changed his mind about that, and gave us permission to spill the beans. It just happened to correspond with our own trip to Los Angeles, and so we took a stroll by Scientology’s Author Services, Inc. at Hollywood and Sycamore, and then walked a block west where this billboard stands.

    Author Services, Inc. (ASI) operates as L. Ron Hubbard’s literary agency, putting out Hubbard’s pulp fiction under the Galaxy Press imprint, and promoting Hubbard’s books wherever they can. Scientology leader David Miscavige has an office at ASI, as well as an apartment in a building that’s attached to ASI with a private passageway.

    Phil told us he couldn’t believe his luck. Not only was the billboard going to be bigger than what he’d signed up for with Outfront, but he felt so good about how he was treated by its competitor, Regency, he wanted us to tell you all about it. Here’s what he sent us:


    Phil Jones reveals Scientology 'disconnection' billboard location
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  21. Ha ha ha

    Will they have thetan routers to prevent them seeing the billboard?
    Or giant-umbrella-tech?
  22. failboat Member

    I think my favorite part of today's post was Phil's description of how the meeting with Regency went:

    Arriving at their address I went into the office and introduced myself. The first person I saw was our sales rep. I asked a few questions about scheduling and we went over the Scientology thing again to make sure all was OK. It was. She actually said “this is a very good cause.” I also warned them that Scientology might try to contact them to shut us down. Their immediate reaction was that there was no way they would allow that. They were very adamant about it.

    While there in the office I spoke to several others on the staff. They were all so supportive and kind. One had seen Going Clear. Another knew an ex-Sea Org person of 24 years. I think at one point most of the office was involved in the conversation. All extremely nice and so supportive of what we were doing.

    I also explained our personal situation in this with our own kids. And when I gave them the check I told them there were about 250 people who chipped in to make this happen.
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  23. This billboard is really going to piss off Scientologists

    Page Six now has the story.

    This billboard is really going to piss off Scientologists

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *


    A new Hollywood billboard is about to be a major eye sore for the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige.

    Former members of the church Phil and Willie Jones, who are husband and wife, have raised enough money to hang a billboard critical of Scientology one block away Miscavige’s office and residence on Hollywood Blvd in L.A.

    The couple – who say they have lost their two kids to Scientology – wants to spread awareness about the church’s policy that separates families once a person leaves the church.

    “My wife and I are in our 60’s. We have two kids and we’ve been cut off from them for almost two years. We’ve been trying to contact them,” Phil said.

    The sign will read: “to my loved one in scientology… call me. .”

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  24. Parents of children lost to Scientology to put up giant billboard over Church HQ

    Telegraph: Parents of children 'lost' to Scientology to put up giant billboard over Church HQ

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Parents of children 'lost' to Scientology to put up giant billboard over Church HQ

    Phil and Willie Jones have raise $12,500 to pay for the billboard which they hope will encourage their children - and others in a similar situation - to get in touch


    Married former Scientologists who claim they have “lost” their children to the organisation have crowdfunded a giant billboard near the Scientologist headquarters in Los Angeles to try and win them back, in a move which will infuriate followers of the controversial faith.

    Phil and Willie Jones have raised $12,500 (£8,750) to pay for the sign which reads: “To my loved one in scientology … Call me. .”

    “My wife and I are in our 60s,” said Mr Jones. “We have two kids and we’ve been cut off from them for almost two years. We’ve been trying to contact them.”

    His daughter Emily is reported to be a member of the devout Sea Org group of Scientologists, and work for Author Services Inc., Scientology’s literary agency for the founder, L. Ron Hubbard. The New York Post also said she has worked for Scientology leader David Miscavige and senior church member Tom Cruise.

    Mr Jones said he heard that she got married “and we weren’t even told. I don’t even know when they got married”.

    Mr and Mrs Jones posted missing posters of their son Mike around the Hollywood Celebrity Centre, where he works – which inspired their idea for the billboard.

    “We are going to put up a billboard on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles to make people more aware of Scientology Disconnection, as well as hopefully entice those in Scientology to take that step of calling their loved ones, family, friends or whoever they have disconnected from due to pressure from the Church of Scientology,” he wrote on their gofundme page.

    He said they were members of the church for over 40 years, but left “because there were a lot of demands for money and we could not get ahead. And some of the things we’ve seen over the years — the way people were handled and screamed at,” he said.

    “I had tears of joy when I saw how much support we’re getting on the billboard. We’ll make some noise. Maybe they’ll hear us.”

    Mr Jones said they hope to unveil the billboard on March 22, but that he feared the Scientologists would take legal action to stop it.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  25. Random guy Member

    I'm liking Remini moar and moar.
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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    Meet the guy Scientology is relying on to get the ‘disconnection’ billboard stopped | The Underground Bunker


    On Tuesday, Phil Jones signed the contract for his Scientology ‘disconnection’ billboard with Regency Media, and he then gave us the green light to tell our readers about its location and the date of its unveiling. On March 22, the billboard will be dedicated at a celebration held by Phil and his wife Willie at the sign’s amazing location — just a block west of the office where Scientology leader David Miscavige works when he’s in Los Angeles.

    The next day, Scientology got to work. Phil heard from Regency that on Wednesday, it received two phone calls from a man named Dennis Holt of US International Media, who explained that he is the media buyer for the church. It’s Holt who arranges for Scientology’s many billboards that go up around the country.

    In the photo above, he’s the gent in the center, receiving an award from his alma mater, USC.

    Phil told us that Holt had initially told Regency that Scientology wanted to buy up every billboard on Hollywood Boulevard and wanted to know what was available. Later, he called back and dropped the pretense, complaining about the specific artwork of Phil’s billboard.

    Phil tells us that a third call — he didn’t tell us if it came from Holt — tried to scare Regency that posting Phil’s billboard might get them into legal trouble.

    “She [the Regency sales rep] also had an email from [Holt’s] media company offering to buy up all their billboard properties for the church in the entire area and up through the end of July,” Phil tells us.

    Phil says that the intimidation attempt isn’t working, and that Regency is still in his corner. But we thought you might like to know about Mr. Dennis Holt, who is one of Scientology’s enablers.

    Continued here:
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  27. RightOn Member

    New theme song for Regency!!!
    Stay strong!!
    You are about to witness why it is called the cult of Scientology and just how much they are not a church at all but a mafia bully corporatin that will do anything to silence the truth.

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  28. DeathHamster Member

  29. ‘To My Loved One In Scientology’ Billboard Just Blocks From Los Angeles Headquarters Urges Church Members To Contact Estranged Family

    Inquistr: ‘To My Loved One In Scientology’ Billboard Just Blocks From Los Angeles Headquarters Urges Church Members To Contact Estranged Family
    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    March 12. 2016

    ‘To My Loved One In Scientology’ Billboard Just Blocks From Los Angeles Headquarters Urges Church Members To Contact Estranged Family

    Shaunee Flowers

    Former Scientology members Phil and Willie Jones reportedly miss their adult children and want to let them know. In order to send a message to their estranged children, the Jones family is erecting a huge billboard on Hollywood Boulevard that is visible from the Los Angeles Church of Scientology headquarters. The sign reads, “To my loved one in Scientology… Call me.”

    The billboard, marked with the web address for a group wanting to stop Scientology disconnection, is expected to upset Church of Scientology members and especially their leader, Dave Miscavige, according to Page Six. That doesn’t matter much to Phil and Willie, who really just want to talk to their loved ones. The couple raised $12,500 to pay for the billboard and hope that the message resonates with their own children, who reportedly attend the Scientology center closest to where the billboard was placed.

    * * * * * END EXCEPT * * * * *
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  30. Leah Remini replies to Mike Rinder on the subject.

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