The Steubenville Rape Case Goes To Trial - GUILTY!!!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by System, Mar 12, 2013.

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    Rape culture. Prosecution works.
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    This is also my understanding. Let's hope the investigators actually investigate.
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    Great stuff I didn't know of.
    Much more at link-
    McKee, who lives in Washington state, is friends with Alexandria Goddard, an Ohio blogger whose reporting on the case drew a defamation lawsuit by the family of Steubenville High School football player Cody Saltsman. (The case was ultimately dismissed.)
    By then, police had arrested and charged two of Saltsman's teammates with raping a passed-out girl at a drunken house party. Social media was awash with evidence that other team members had not simply failed to stop the assault, they had callously belittled the victim. Saltsman, for one, allegedly posted the Instagram photo at right showing the accused rapists lugging the unconscious girl by her hands and feet. He tweeted:
    Michael Nodianos, another reveler who'd heard about the incident, chimed in:
    Disgusted by the rape and the lack of outcry in its aftermath, McKee spent weeks calling and emailing national journalists, urging them to write about the assault and the lawsuit against her blogger friend, who had hammered away at the football team and the community for their silence.

    "Once it became an Anonymous op, it was no longer in my control. It was kind of like being a baton runner."
    After striking out, McKee eventually stumbled upon #OpAntiBully, an Anonymous subgroup that goes after cyberbullies. Members of the operation had recently orchestrated a dramatic takedown of a clan of high school Twitter trolls who'd urged a suicidal 15-year-old to cut herself and drink bleach. McKee was deeply impressed. "People from Anonymous came and kicked their ass," she recalls, speaking out about her involvement for the first time. "And I'm thinking, this is what [the rape victim] needs."
    So McKee nervously reached out to the Anons on Twitter. "I thought they would either get involved or get pissed, and my online life is over," she told me. But where she expected a bunch of impetuous hackers, she instead encountered people who were willing to listen and to trust her—especially after she shared her own stories of being bullied and abused.

    On December 10, she became the first second person to blast out the now-famous Twitter hashtag #OpRollRedRoll, a reference to Steubenville High's beloved Big Red football team and its fansite, (Update: McKee says the first tweet of the hashtag was from @KYAnonymous but isn't visible because his account is suspended):
    "Once it became an Anonymous op," McKee says, "it was no longer in my control. It was kind of like being a baton runner and handing it off to the next person."

    About two weeks later, the Anonymous subgroup KnightSec hacked The hackers posted the incriminating tweets, Saltsman’s Instagram photo, and the names of 11 bystanders. "This is a warning shot," said a video communiqué featuring a computer-generated voice and the group's trademark Guy Fawkes figure. The video (watch below) warned that KnightSec would release the phone numbers and Social Security numbers of the entire football team unless "all accused parties come forward by New Year's Day and issue a public apology to the girl and her family.
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    Sheriff: Boys in Steubenville Rape Case Could Be Moved

    By WKBN Staff Updated: Wednesday, June 5, 2013, 5:08 pm Published: Wednesday, June 5, 2013, 2:15 pm

    The judge in the Steubenville rape case in which two teenage football players were convicted of brutally raping a 16-year-old girl will likely allow the boys to be transferred from the a state-run detention center to a private facility with lesser restrictions on inmates, according to the county sheriff.

    Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, who were convicted of raping the West Virginia girl in separate incidents after an alcohol-fueled party in August, will likely serve the rest of their juvenile prison sentence at New Life for Youth Paint Creek facility in Bainbridge.

    Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said in a news release on Wednesday the judge will likely approve the move at a June 14 hearing in Jefferson County Juvenile Court. The judge will also decide the boys’ sex offender classification at the hearing, a requirement before they can be moved to Paint Creek.

    Tier 1 juvenile sex offenders are required to register every year for 10 years, Tier II offenders every six months for 20 years and Tier III offenders every 90 days for the rest of their life.

    The boys had been held at facility run by the state Department of Youth Services since their March conviction, a more traditional juvenile prison facility with cells and jail security.

    Adballa said in his release the Paint Creek facility has no bars or fences outside on their 33-acre property. Abdalla noted there is still “restraint of liberty and institutional living.”

    “The living circumstances are more pleasant at Paint Creek especially as compared to dormitory institutions,” Abdalla said.
    More at:
    Sheriff Abdella really doesn't get how offensive he is. So disgusting.
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    So they rape a young woman and get put in minimum security. Yeah, I'm sure that's going to send a real strong message of deterrence... Lock them up in big boy prison as an example to the rest of the town, county, and state.
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    Wonderful News!
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    In other Stupidville news:

    Emphasis for sarcastic effect.
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    oooh boy! So we can thank Taquanda for opening her stupid mouth about Rape.
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  20. Serena Williams should stick to hitting balls over a net and making those porcine grunty noises.

    Why the Rolling Stone thought she might have anything of value to say regarding Stupidville is beyond belief.

    It's like asking Justin Beiber about Syria.
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    In her own words:

    ...but we are suppose to believe you that you weren't insinuating anything, even though you admitted to having multiple personalities or trying to bullshit us with such a flimsy excuse?
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    AG spokesman: Steubenville teen rape case grand jury meeting postponed

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    That just pisses me off^ Rrrrrr
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    To coin a phrase from the CoS, This is why!
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    Just thought I'd share this with everyone here

    Steubenville representing #OpInnocnece

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  34. Wow... was away for some time and totally missed the point where wwp was overtaken by moralfags...


    Where are the good old "we rape the same girl twice"-times?
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    The people like you got bored after 3 days and left the building. The people who stayed are the reason this site is still here and will remain until the cult is no more than an unpleasant memory.
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    One year ago tonight, August 11, 2011 a teenager was raped, mocked, and degraded in Steubenville, OH at some back-to-school parties where adults knowingly let minors indulge in underage drinking and other irresponsible parenting and coaching decisions were made.
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    Wow. They've met a total of 7 days SINCE APRIL?!
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    They meet and adjourn until further investigation, meet and adjourn again. One of the problems it appears that the defense lawyers contracted with a media company that may have tampered with evidence. The fact they adjourn frequently sounds good to me, it sounds like they are being careful. KYAnonymous and others succeeded in bringing media attention to Steubenville and we keep attention on it.
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    Young: Ohio teen rape case in clearer focus as dust settles

    August 12, 2013 6:20 PM By CATHY YOUNG

    But what also drew attention to the case was the claim that the accused perpetrators -- both star players on the Steubenville High School football team -- and other boys possibly involved in the assault were being protected by local authorities and by a culture that condones male abuse of women and girls.

    Levy confirms that the "cover-up" was a fiction. Despite the widespread impression that local authorities ignored the case until intrepid bloggers and activists intervened, the investigation actually started as soon as the girl and her parents contacted police; the two boys were arrested days later. While three other teens who witnessed the assaults were granted immunity for testifying, this decision did not come from Jefferson County prosecutor Jane Hanlin (who was accused of trying to shield the culprits because her son plays on their football team) but from Ohio State Attorney General Mike DeWine.

    The Internet vigilantes from the hacker activist group Anonymous, who championed the victim, have been treated as heroes by mainstream media, including CNN. But Levy's account leaves little doubt that the "hacktivists" did far more harm than good -- to the case, to the victim whose name they inadvertently leaked and to many other innocent people.
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    I will never stop being proud of what KnightSec did for that girl.
    Fuck the haters. <3
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    It looks as if that little opinion piece ^^ might not be quite accurate.

    Hard to review new charges that don't exist...
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    The "inadvertent leak" was from the football fans, the blogger is the one that brought attention to the rape case that was being swept under the rug. What a load of crap.
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    Here is another brilliant editorial. This chick is seriously stupid.
    Young: Beware of extreme critics of government surveillance

    Like OMG and WTF and DIAF
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    Steubenville: A year after rape case reported student athletes, coaches learning lessons

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    Steubenville rape case prompts student athlete social media program

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    What a load of crap.
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    Revisionism in full force.
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    Douchebag. Bet he has a kid who plays football.
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    Of course he is...
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    Right to work state, they sure can.
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    ikr? they make it sound like someone did something terrible when it was a simple broken light bulb. Uncool, but hardly worth a mention. Douchebags will be douchebags.
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    Comments open.
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    48 extra days in rape case probation violation

    A volunteer football coach whose Ohio house was the scene of a party that preceded the rape of a girl by two high school football players received a two-month sentence Monday for violating his probation in that case.

    Matt Belardine was one of six people charged last year by a grand jury investigating whether other laws were broken in the case of a 16-year-old West Virginia girl raped after an alcohol-fueled August 2012 house party attended by Steubenville High School football players.

    In that case, Belardine, 27, pleaded no contest to one count of making a false statement and one count of enabling underage drinking. He received a suspended six-month sentence and was ordered to serve 10 days in jail and one year of supervision.

    Last week, Belardine admitted leaving the state without permission and going to a bar, consuming alcohol, and being arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct in Arizona, in violation of his probation.

    On Monday, Special Judge Patricia Ann Cosgrove gave Belardine credit for 12 days already served, meaning he will spend the next 48 days in jail, said Dan Tierney, a spokesman for the Ohio Attorney General's Office. A message was left for Belardine's attorney.

    Cosgrove also ordered Belardine to undergo a drug and alcohol assessment and said he will be subject to random substance abuse tests until his new probation period of six months ends, according to Tierney.

    Belardine was arrested last month in Arizona at a protest over the grand jury decision in the Ferguson, Missouri, police shooting, according to media reports. Scottsdale authorities said Belardine was fighting with protesters.

    Belardine "did not conduct himself as a 'responsible law abiding citizen' while in Scottsdale, Arizona," contrary to conditions of his probation, according to a filing in Jefferson County court this month by the attorney general's office.

    Continued here:
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  61. YSU football player wants off sex offender list

    By: The Associated Press
    Updated: Apr 16, 2018 07:29 PM EDT

    COLUMBUS (AP) - A judge will decide whether a man convicted as a juvenile of raping a 16-year-old girl during an alcohol-fueled party should be removed from Ohio's sex offender listings, as allowed by law.
    Judge Thomas Lipps scheduled a hearing Thursday in juvenile court in Steubenville in the case of Youngstown State University football player Ma'Lik Richmond.

    Richmond, now 21, was convicted in 2013 of raping the West Virginia girl at a party that followed a football scrimmage the previous year. He served a one-year sentence and later rejoined the Steubenville football team. He went on to play at YSU.

    After his conviction, Richmond was ordered to register
    his address every six months for the next 20 years. In 2014, Lipps agreed to reclassify him so that he has to register only once a year for the next decade.
    Ohio law allows juveniles to request removal altogether. Richmond's public defender declined to comment ahead of the hearing. The state opposes the request.
    A second juvenile convicted in the crime served a two-year sentence. His attorneys plan a similar request in the future.


    Richmond was released from prison in January 2014 and attended colleges in West Virginia and Pennsylvania before transferring to Youngstown State in the fall of 2016 as a sophomore.
    Last year, Youngstown State sidelined Richmond after getting backlash about him playing football. After Richmond sued, a settlement with the university allowed him to stay on the active roster. Richmond is currently a student and a football player, Youngstown State spokesman Ron Cole said Monday.
    As that controversy played out, Richmond's father, Nathaniel Richmond, was killed in August 2017 in an unrelated confrontation when he shot a judge in a courthouse parking lot and a probation officer returned fire. The judge had been overseeing a wrongful death lawsuit the father filed against a housing authority.
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    lol spamming 4 pages on a 2013 thread classic

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