The Smoking Gun: Trump, The Least Charitable Billionaire

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Apr 12, 2011.

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    ^^ his hands are too large.
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  2. His campaign jet isn't registered to fly. Sloppy. SAD.
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    Donald Drunk -

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    APRIL 22, 2016
    "words out of proportion,” Trump said on the Fox News Channel. “Just because I happen to think transgender people deserve our understanding in no way means that I feel that way about women who were born women.”
    "y attempt to twist his words to apply to “women in general” was deeply offensive to him. “I have made my views about women very clear and to suggest that I have somehow changed those views is really, really hurtful,” he said."

    Can he have said this??
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    Donald Trump demands a change in the spelling of someone's name.
    "The GOP front-runner also took aim at his other Republican rival, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, pointing out the “millions of votes” he has more than Kasich and said the governor should change the spelling of his name so it’s easier to pronounce."
    He's soft on Rubio , he's saying Rubio has a bright future.
    Dot dot dot
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    Trump won't change a diaper or walk his kid to Central Park.
    "“I mean, I won’t do anything to take care of them. I’ll supply funds and she’ll take care of the kids. It’s not like I’m gonna be walking the kids down Central Park,” Trump said in the interview.
    "In 2006, Trump said men who change diapers and care for the child are acting “like the wife,” saying he wouldn’t have kids with a woman who wanted him to do this."
    With a lot of money, the diaper changing thing isn't a problem because his wife isn't changing diapers either, but not taking your kid to the park is kinda cold. Especially if he thinks it's girlie.
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    Presidential Trump starts to roll back his crazy promises.
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    I like that sign and its creators attitude to a number of things very much.
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    And really really scary. Cruz was too conservative and now Trump s too god. They are saying his numbers are better than Romney forgetting that Romney lost by a landslide. I hope to God the rest of the country snaps out of it. Maybe these numbers are just the conservative wing of the Republicans. There's been a struggle in the party between the no abortion, anti immigration (except for using them as cheap farm workers and maids-) and the smarter younger group who know that Hispanic votes are socially conservative and obvious choices for Republican recruitment. But I digress.
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    I dunno...
    To me it sounds like Chuck is warming up to Trump. A big part of National Socialism is crony capitalism, which is a plus for the Kochs. Plus if I recall correctly, Fred Koch was as rabidly anti-labor and anti-communist as Hitler. And those John Birchers are hella racist. They thought black people were being run by the commies.

    Chuck is trying to sound more moderate with his "prison reform" stuff. However he harshes on the EPA, FBI, CIA, FDA, Welfare, Obamacare, etc., so harshing on the Justice Dept fits his general anti-government ideology. Reminds me of Hubbard, another guy who did not like people making rules other than himself.
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    One correction- the Birchers thought black people, especially Martin Luther King were car thieves. They proved it by showing the numbers of car thefts in each city King spoke at. Trufax
  24. For Republicans, this year is a Double-Whammy of back-to-back Stone-Parker dilemmas.

    In the primaries, they're down to the Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich choice of Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.

    Whichever unpalatable choice they select for their nomination will still be unappealing in the General, when they are forced to choose between that and Hillary Clinton.
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    "In September, desperate to reverse the slide, the state party changed its platform to omit wording that said allowing such immigrants to stay in the country "undermines respect for the law," and to add that Republicans "hold diverse views" on the subject. That move came six months after the party's first formal embrace of the California chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group of gay GOP voters.

    The intent was to remake the party's image before it lost all political heft, if in steps small enough to keep it in tune with the views of the GOP base. But the campaigns being waged by Trump and the second-place Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, have sent illegal immigration roaring back into view."
    There isn't anything funny that I can post about Trump, this is at least insightful. When can we go back to Funny Trump? This is disheartening.

    Ioffe, who is Jewish, has been tweeting some of the harassment she's received, like a cartoon of a man on his knees being shot execution-style.
    Much of the online harassment has referenced the Holocaust. Doctored photos of Ioffe with a Jewish star emblazoned on her breast; a twisted "Back to the Future" movie poster, changed to read "Back to the Oven."
    Ioffe, who is originally from Russia, tweeted that she's received phone calls from blocked numbers. When she picks up, she hears Hitler speeches.
    She also received a call from someone claiming to be from a company called "Overnight Caskets." "We got an email with your phone number saying you'd need our services," Ioffe detailed in a post on her Facebook page.
  27. With the win in Indiana, it is all but inevitable now that Trump will get to 1237 pledged delegates and win the Republican nomination on the first ballot in Cleveland.
  28. Breaking - Cruz has suspended his campaign as of just minutes ago.
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    The fact he chooses Trump over ANYONE shows his rotten core. I can't believe people who appeared to be rational just one month ago have lost their minds.

    Funny Trump News of the Day
    The best we can hope for if Trump is elected -lies by a President lead to indictment. The "Trump Steaks!" "Trump Schools!" and the hired fans in his meetings will be exposed. The Department of Justice doesn't have a sense of humor.
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    (CNN)Ted Cruz on Tuesday unloaded on Donald Trump, accusing him during a news conference of being a "pathological liar," "utterly amoral," "a narcissist at a level I don't think this country's ever seen" and "a serial philanderer."
    "He is proud of being a serial philanderer ... he describes his own battles with venereal diseases as his own personal Vietnam," Cruz said, citing a decades-old Trump appearance on "The Howard Stern Show."
    The Texas senator's dramatic and deeply personal attack on Trump comes as polls indicate Trump is poised to claim victory in Cruz's must-win state of Indiana and follow accusations the front-runner made about Cruz's father.

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