The Smoking Gun: Trump, The Least Charitable Billionaire

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  1. Sen. Whitehouse Questions Judge Amy Coney Barrett on the 3rd Day of Confirmation Hearings

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    Instead, Iran is signaling that U.S.-Iranian relations will remain unchanged regardless of who wins. Khamenei has already ruled outnuclear negotiations with the U.S. altogether. More recently, Iranian state media reported that Iran sees "no difference" with regard to the candidates, and on Telegram, a popular social media app in Iran, a channel affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps claimed that pressure against Iran would continue regardless of whether Trump or Biden wins.”

    cross post from Iraniam.
  3. REVEALED: Trump’s hidden video deposition in Trump University fraud case

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    As we drink our way they the vote count this is a blessing

    “ Dear America:

    Emotional Support Canadians are on standby. If you have not yet received your Emotional Support Canadian, one will be assigned to you shortly.
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  6. Gnome Chomsky Member

    Humiliations indeed, pass the popcorn it's gonna be so entertaining.
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    It's a horrible feeling," one Trump campaign aide told ABC News after the major networks called the race for Biden. Some staffers said they'd come to grips with losing in recent days, others said it didn't feel real until Fox News made the final call on Saturday, according to sources.”” ince Election Day, many Trump campaign staffers have been huddled on a noisy floor in the campaign's Arlington, Virginia, headquarters fielding hundreds of calls a day on a hotline the campaign set up as they try to find instances of voter fraud, multiple sources told ABC News.
    But the hotline has turned into a nightmare for some, as staffers, some of whom have contracts that expire in the coming days, have been bombarded with prank calls from people laughing or mocking them over Biden's win before hanging up, sources tell ABC News. Prank calling the Trump campaign's hotline has already become a trend on TikTok, the social media network that was used earlier in the year in an attempt to tank the president's rally in Tulsa by mass-requesting tickets.”
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  9. With Victory In Hand Our Fight Is Not Over

  10. Aardwolf Member

    Yep, still a long way to go, but a step in the right direction.
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    I gotta say, he's been an asshole for a very long time. Good riddance!
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  12. President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks on the economy

  13. Sorry to post in an Orange Shit Stain Thread :

  14. Dido - End of Night

  15. Michigan Certifies 2020 Election Results, Joe Biden Declared Winner

  16. Former Apprentice Staffer Noel Casler Reveals All

  17. Diaper Don (Parody of "Big Bad John" by Jimmy Dean)

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