The Search for Excalibur

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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    From Yes, There Was a Book Called "Excalibur" by L. Ron HUBBARD by Arthur J. Burks, ca. 1961:

    Akashic Record my ass.
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    Arthur J. Burks. Nice, ok, so that's where it came from. I still don't see why it's all mental masturbation. It's research. it helps when you're attempting to talk scilons out of the org if you have... you know... facts behind what you're saying to them. Kind counters the whole, "go read a book." when you know more about their belief system then they do.

    Akashic record IS bullshit. But it does prove from their bullshit perspective that whatever happened. (If they're a neo gnostic belief system) The system didn't work, what "secret knowledge" LRH didn't have any applied mechanics, if he spoke to the Deus Ex Mechanica (The hand of god / Gabriel) he failed to understand WTF it was telling him. Meaning: He invented / stole the rest of it. hence - the tech, tone scale, etc. is all just bullshit he ripped from other authors.

    EDIT: Another hint to Excalbur and LRH's relation to the story of King Aurthur. I believe the differences between the books may related to the renaming of the manuscript from "The Book" to "Excalibur".

    Akashic Record = Deus Ex Mechanica = Hand of God = Gabriel.

    Gabriel's Sword = Excalibur.

    LRH relating his near death experience where he was given the one command to Gabriel's sword being given to Aurthur by the lady of the lake. More likely then you think.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    You've never actually tried talking a Scientologist out of Scientology, have you? The cult has a built-in protection mechanism against your approach, using a thought-stopping technique it calls Verbal Tech. Everything you're saying is going to be simply dismissed by a trained cultist as "alter-is," "natter" or "squirreling." Cultists do not believe in any kind of Akashic Record, they're certainly not going to believe that what you have is an authentic copy of Excalibur and you're going to find yourself making your arguments to ears so deaf you might as well be arguing with a brick wall.
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    I said out of the org. not out of Scientology. Whatever makes them sleep at night is really not my concern. And yes, I do talk to them. The human mind isn't a machine. I don't care how trained they are in the tech. The human mind is a curious one. That is something the tech can't fix. ever.

    The one thing about training, and the tech that is flawed. (as much as this thread has proven that) It's written, defined. That means it can be broken and subjugated.

    Intelligent members will question, always, they're still human. That's why they joined in the first place, to find a "why" they exist. New members will question. Truth is stronger then any brick wall. I believe in humanities ability to critically think.

    I believe that humanity, intelligence and the willingness to explore, learn and educate yourself will prevail. No matter WHAT situation you're in.

    The one thing LRH (and those like him) could never do is truly break you from your humanity. THAT is his ultimate failure and what makes being alive that much sweeter.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Scientology employs a vast array of techniques to suppress critical thinking. Rather than trusting in your ability to overcome those techniques by simply wishing it to be so and relying on the cleverness of your arguments to win the day, I'd like to suggest that your time would be more fruitfully spent in understanding what those techniques are and finding ways to work within the byzantine restrictions of them and maybe, if you're very good at it, eventually learning how to turn them against the cultists. I appreciate your enthusiasm but I think you're trying to find a "silver bullet" that just isn't there.
  6. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I've read all of basic and as much of the communications courses / course materials as possible.

    This isn't a silver bullet. This is just adding to a number of routing methods / ARC breaks / handling methods / restimulation, etc. I've already done what you're describing.

    This thread isn't about silver bullets. it's about finding a book I want.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Knock yourself out. Just don't set your hopes too high about what you'll get from it.
  8. pooks Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Agreed. It would be an interesting piece of Hubbard/Scn history but not much more.
  9. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    And what would be a better reason for tracking it down? :)

    Any help you might be able to give would be useful.
  10. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Because this is a more important thread than the bs about the Freezone.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    self indulgent nonsense and epic legendary quests ITT
  13. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Interesting thread. I'm sorry to have happened upon it late.
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    Ah Gustav Le Bon............ Crowd behavior...... My favorite social psychologist. Very interesting indeed... I crowded my behavior once upon a time (in mexico).
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    The theory from the pulp guy is that it was probably so poorly written or incoherent that publishers would not pick it up.
  18. anonyleaks Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    If he's well enough and interested in talking about it, Folly Ackerman could provide a great account of the book since I believe he read both copies of it.
  19. finnonanon Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Not at all. Your explanation makes sense to me. I had no idea what the comet drawing had to do with anything until you told me this. Hubbard undoubtedly knew the story and was fascinated by it. To wit, he named one of his sons Arthur and one of his Sea Org vessels Excalibur. Probably many more clues if I knew the Sword in the Stone story better.

    I'd like to propose another reason for the name "Excalibur." Although I'm not intimately familiar with the King Arthur story, wasn't it that the first man who could pull the sword (Excalibur) out of the stone would be the ruler of the world? The sword was also a direct metaphor for (knowledge of) the "One Word" (Survive), that would give the one who knew and understood it all power in the world.

    Any progress on finding anyone with the manuscript?

    The link in the post by Anonyleaks (three posts before this) to the CoS site with the first chapter of the book does indeed give you the real first chapter.

    I hate the way some people are making less of this. I am quite certain there would not be a subject called Scientology in existence today if Hubbard had not had his dental operation and written this book. It is THAT central and important. So bugger off.
  20. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Further confirmation on my theory behind the roots of Scientology and LRH's fascination with the mythos of King Arthur.

    No, the mythos of King Arthur and the sword are much more complex then that. The sword in the stone references from Merlin jamming the sword into a rock after he took it from Uther. In his prophecy he tells Uther that whoever pulls the sword from the stone will ring in the end of his reign as king.

    EDIT: (Might possible be a inside joke LRH was playing on himself and the world, find the book, end my reign if he was playing Uther in his tale of "Excalibur".)

    It really comes down to what version of the Arthurian legend he was reading or applying to his life and experience. (and which character he assumes he was playing) There's many different version... and my different stories to account for.

    We have the first two chapters, but the trail has run dry. If you could call this thread to attention of anyone out there who can take it seriously that might know where to find the document I'd be thankful.

    I've resorted to hunting for it in RL.

    Agreed, it doesn't matter what the contents of the document say. It's the premise, it's what's between the lines that count.
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    I found this and posted it earlier in the thread. It is apart of two chapters that... I don't think I've fit together correctly, but it's something.
  22. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Did anyone ask Gerry Armstrong about this when he did the radio interview with Glosslip? Hasn't he read it?
  23. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Heh, read earlier in this thread. He's already contributed.
  24. finnonanon Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Yes, that's the same thing I just mentioned. What this is, since it is not exactly clear, is a piece of a CoS LRH Personal PR Office publication series called "Ron Magazines." There is only one chapter of the book itself there. The first thing linked to is Danny Sherman's (Official LRH Biographer) description of Excalibur, the second part is LRH letter or note regarding how the book came about (not part of the book) and the third thing is the first actual chapter of the book, all of 2 pages worth. So there are some 300 pages yet to be found.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

  26. Kharnon Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Administration Briefing No. 1.
    25th January 1987, Teegeeack Time, at Ron's Org

    Capt. W. B. Robertson
  27. An Omnibus Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Te he, shouldn't it be "we got trained on cooking people?"
  28. GALDOS Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    You are referencing Excalibur Revised.... the freezone document. Not LRH's work. (we are looking for LRH's version)
  29. Vir Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I'm afraid the search for Excalibur will turn out something like this:
  30. Anon556 Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    but i did like the vid.
  31. GALDOS Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    The search is impossible:

    Recap -

    End result, we got the preface and the first 2 chapters of the original Excalibur, sometimes also entitled "The Book" or "Dark Sword".

    There are three versions of the document, the original and two unfinished revisions, all on carbon paper.

    All originals have been collected or destroyed by the Church of Scientology. There was believed to be a copy hidden in Manchester, which ended up being a lead that went nowhere.

    FactNet was contacted in help with tracking down a copy, this eventually fell through due to political / social differences between factnet and Anonymous.

    Most OG believe the book to be a bunch of nonsense, or deny the book ever existed. It has been confirmed that the book is real and there may still be copies out there floating around.

    Based on what little info we have the book mainly comprised mantras that LRH would say to himself to cheer himself up / thought gave him special powers, and a relation between his near death experience and king Arthur finding excalibur, meeting with some "being" that imparted to him secret powerful knowledge, and the admission that he cheated on his wife in the early 30's and contracted a VD that he couldn't seem to cure. (which may have been syphilis, which untreated can cause insanity, dementia and eventual death)

    The only known copies of the book known to exist currently are 1. A copy in his historical log cabin. 2. Laser transcribed on titanium plates and hidden in Scientology vaults.

    Contrary to popular belief within the OG, Anonymous theorizes that Excalibur, the original book is the source of Scientology belief and if properly examined could explain much about the study of Dianetics and what motivated LRH initially to pursue his "messiah" complex.

    It is the key to solving the why. If it wasn't important, why is every lead a dead end?
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    Well, while you're searching for that:
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Already have it. How about you read the thread before posting.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    <stupid question>

    was admissions written before the gas/near death experience?

    </stupid question>
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    This is supposedly the wholy grail, or the equivalent of Mein Kampf in terms to how did Hubbard tick.

    The problem it is so coveted its like looking for the holly grail itself. Can we try some contacts that failed us before but rekindle the partnerships? And is the library of congress already accounted for or is that one spot we have not searched for?

    Maybe the manuscript is not in the US? Maybe someplace overseas?

    I doubt a hard copy would exist in the plates in the Vault, but a hard copy someway off the middle of now wear in a safety deposit box would be more likely
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    wow.. havent seen this thread since before the falling of enturb...
  37. GALDOS Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    after, it's apart of the book if I'm correct.
  38. Sometimes you learn things by reading the old threads.

    For example this Hubbardian pseudonym:
    The image of Hubbard as a Demon Clown will haunt my dreams.

    Merry Christmas! Are you happy now?

    oh, and *bump*.
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