The Search for Excalibur

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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Exactly! :flowers:
  2. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Insanity re LIBERTINE...woah.

    Admissions said LRON had GONE ER REE AHHHHH.

    His insanity had other causes:(
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I take back everything negative I've ever said about him. The man had it RIGHT!
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Still an interesting theory, though, because many times STDs are caught/exist en masse, not exclusive of one another. Also, schizophrenia most likely (not always, I know) shows up during late adolescence/early adulthood. Spirochete bacterium go into a feeding frenzy on individuals who are post-puberty (hormones) but whose CNS is not yet fully developed, which happens around age 24. I don't know the diagnostic protocols during his era, but these days they check for spirochete activity in the brain prior to making a schizophrenia diagnosis. Syphilis was known as the "great imitator" in the early 1900s as it mirrored many different physical and mental disorders.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    But it can harbor and exhibit no symptoms. I think that's where we're getting to, here. He seemed to have many other medical problems....AND was self-medicating.

    EDIT: ^^^^^^^What Siren said above. We posted @ the same time. I reiterated what she, intelligently, said. ;)
  7. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    "In 1942 - December 17th or thereabouts - while training in Miami,
    Florida, I met a girl named Ginger who excited me. She was a very
    loose person but pretended a great love for me. From her I received an
    infection of gonnohorea (sp?). I was terrified by it, the consequences
    of being discovered by my wife, the navy, my friends. I went to a
    private doctor who treated me with sulfa-thiazole and so forth. I
    thought I was cured but on a plane headed to Portland, Ore. I found I
    was not. I took to dosing myself with sulfa in such quantities that I
    was afraid I had affected my brain. My wife came to Portland. I took
    what precautions I could. I think actually that the disease was
    utterly cured very early. This fear further depressed my libido. My
    wife disliked the act anyway, I believe, even after she had a
    hysterectomy in 1938. (She was always terrified of childbirth but
    conceived despite all precautions seven times in five years resulting
    in five abortions and two children. I am quite fond of my children but
    my wife always tried to convince me that I hated them.)"

    As for syphilis, I think the lesions are different???

    PS is degenerative over time. If I recall my ed tech it normally manifests in early to mid 20s. They had no treatment then and differential diagnosis. It is clear from his writing that he knew something was wrong in his head...but didn't know what. I would liken it to someone in early stage Alzheimer's when they know their memory is failing...

    what I do not know is if people with early stage PS are aware of it or not...
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Some asshole fondling unwantedly gets a swift chop in the windpipe and knee in testicles. Lord help *them*.
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    Of note in the bit of copypasta above is VERY clear personality disorder/mental illness. Witness the way he is NOT responsible...she is a slut but he is not...blah blah..abrogating personal responsibility blaming others...and at the same time HE KNOWS he's not right in the head. If he were not aware, he would not have written affirmations...IMHO he knew but didn't know what.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Well, this gives "V" against "venereal disease" a whole new meaning, now. LOL!

  12. momISanon Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur


    YouTube - Stuart Saves His Family Theatrical Trailer
  13. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Is there any credible evidence of the legitimacy of this document in any other form? We only have one source for it. It would point to LRH's aparent spin into insanity to be caused by advanced untreated sexually transmitted diseases. And still no evidence of "The Book" being or a part of Excalibur.
  14. Fear Not Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Supposedly Warrior has seen the book.
    The Mark Plummer Archives- "Warrior" and "Miss X"

    "I made a brief post about this in 1997. In 1977 I worked for
    a Scientologist named Bob Mills, who owned Optimum Press.
    Bob kept his copy of "Excalibur" in his printing press room on
    a shelf not far from his huge paper cutter. One evening while
    working there I pulled the book down from the shelf and began
    to browse through it. I hadn't been reading it for very long when
    Bob came along and took it away, saying that I shouldn't have
    been reading it. I don't recall very much about the book except
    that it said L. Ron Hubbard was the author."

    Search ars
    Discussions - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups
    There is much talk about Excalibur from some of the older ones.

    You can also page Gerry over there. Just ask him to pick up the white courtesy phone (create post).
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  16. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Can someone on better terms with the OG post a request? I'm not exactly in their good graces of late. *rolls eyes*
  17. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    ^ perhaps some fence mending is in order...????

    {scary, ducking for cover....}
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Having an interesting exchange with a Fzer. Their Excalibur is named in honour of the original manuscript - not the same thing regrettably.

    According to my contact it is Scientology without the 'tech' element - a kind of raw Scientology I suppose, which is why it never got used/charged for etc, and allegedly drove people nutty.

    Whilst it would probably be very interesting for historical types, I don't think it's anything especially life-altering.

    +1 confirmed for back on target.
  19. Fear Not Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

  20. goldenrodanon Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    It's an interesting read. Most scilons or Freezoners would never read it because the author, Geoffrey Filbert spends a good amount of time chewing hubbard a "new one". It's got the whole tech in 500 pages, instead of 25,000,000 words.

    But it's not Captain Bills Excalibur, the OT level in Rons Org.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Erg. All Hubbard stories should be examined carefully.
    Apparently he wrote it in 1938
    Bare-Faced Messiah: Chapter 5 (from p.79)
    And apparently he wrote in during the war after dying on the operating table. (Except that he was never injured or even saw action.)
    Bare-Faced Messiah: Chapter 8 (from p.136)
    Bare-Faced Messiah: Chapter 12 (from p.212)
  22. number 6 Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I PMed both Arnie and Gerry, let's see if they respond.
  23. DeathHamster Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Could have been the whiskey...
    Might have been the pills...
    Could have been the three-four clap-attacks, but look at the mess he's in...
    Me oh me oh my! Wasn't he a loony?
  24. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I've read the thread. And I've read Excalibur, or at least 2 1/2 versions of it, when I had possession of Hubbard's personal documents in 1980-81.

    I'm glad to see the connection was made to Hubbard's "Admissions."

    I have no time right now to respond to the many posts on this thread that deserve a response from me. But I will later, and I wish everyone a good weekend.

    For now, I don't know the whereabouts or existence of any version of Excalibur outside the cult.

    Miscavige has the originals and any copies I've seen, and he has an ethical duty to make these available to every Scientologist he governs, and to every wog he and his cultists might lure into Scientology.

    Suffice it to say that Hubbard lied about anyone going insane or committing suicide upon reading his Excalibur or One Command manuscripts, just as he lied about people "freewheeling," getting pneumonia and dying upon exposure to the OT III materials.

    The Excalibur versions I read were unremarkable and unscary.

    If it hasn't been posted, the cult's page on Excalibur, containing what is claimed to be the preface to one of the versions, is a good place to start for the hype of it: The One Word by L. Ron Hubbard - Ron The Philosopher: The Quest For Truth
  25. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Thanks fro the response Gerry, we await your full feedback. Can anyone identify WHO has access to this book? Even if they're still in?

    What about his biography, the info I've read so far says in one of the biographies written on LRH has parts of Excalibur leaked in it. Does anyone know where this biography is?
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    i wouldn't necessarily assume that was true... that sounds like a typical scam artist come-on.
  27. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Already posted. Here's the online version of Excalibur revisited ""
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    prepare for me to fag up this thread with my unwarranted self importance. and self indulgent nonesense.
    [very possibly tl;dr]

    Admissions is a very interesting read. very. i mostly stopped reading LRH and the associated TL;DR's other than a quick scan because quite frankly most of it bored me. I have gone down much more interesting rabbitholes, and the process doesn't interest me as much anymore, which is a shame rly.


    Anyways re: Admissions.

    a great read, very much like a very personal letter/mediation to himself.
    Seems very much intended as self-hynotic suggestion in my opinion, and when i read it i wondered if it was a transcript that LRH recorded and meditated to. One of the most interesting LRH things i have read, stark and honest - and you really get an incite into the man.

    The "Guardian" part reminds me a lot of the "Great Mother" autonomous complex in Jung's model of the unconscious. As a contemporary of Crowley it would make sense that LRH was well versed in Jung. Manifestations of aspects of the unconscious are fairly common in people that experiment with/in such matters to great depths - which are few, so i guess that makes them rare :|

    As MFB noted the third part of Admissions darker, with narcassitic control fantasies - it would seem that perhaps this is a resulting hubris following the recall, itemizing and confronting of the troubling aspects of his psyche, which would be expected.

    It reads a little like a LRH personal journal entry, documenting an experiment in depth psychology. It also does indeed give a great clue into what Dianetic "Clearing" and Auditing in a pure form is, hypnotic suggestion and a resulting hubris.

    Regarding Black Dianetics [where this discussion thread, i believe came from] ... i assume it is as useful in doing "evil" as Diantices is in doing "good" - that the tool of inducing trance and forcing perspective/control of the subject can have pleasant or unpleasant effects [extreme?]

    I really am trying not to be over indulgent, depth psychology was at one point the most interesting of topics to learn about for me [see rabbithole]

    I am looking forward to Gerry's next post on the topic. I dont care too much about the content of Excaliber but it is certainly very interesting, i assume it was mostly hype [the "dangers" of reading it] ... and will probably be disappointing. From what i can gather it seems to have been LRH's Magus Opus .. and from what i can gather in this thread - re the book's content - the part about it involving a King / Great Knowledge makes me think it is an allegory of the autonomous complex[es] King = The Wise Old Man ... just my opinion but most great works of fiction are [deliberately or by chance] based around these psychological/unconsicious elements because to a certain extent it can be said that they are an artistic representation of "universal truth". [quotations marks intended].

    i will end this indulgent nonsense now before i embarrass myself further.

    I could, very possibly, have just talked a lot of shit in this post :woot:

    /me an heros

    Great thread MFB.
    I haven't had any interest in reading any LRH for some time.
  29. Arachne Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Anonymouse, if you're interested in Jungian archtypes, I'd recommend experimenting with/playing with a Tarot deck. Not for the predictive powers, of course, but because the modern Tarot that is generally used and accepted comes from the Hermetic orders from Crowley's time, and they were -very- into archtypes and the like, and put a lot of that into the Tarot.

    I'm a big, stinking Jung/Campbell fangirl, so I've played with a lot of this, as well.

    (I think it's interesting, BTW, that while Hubbard talks about the King in his function of the Wise Old Man, in many ways, he -- and Scientology -- have become the King in his aspect as Holdfast, the dragon or draconic tyrant who doesn't give way beyond the time when he ought to step aside, forcing the younger generation to make war against him as they come of age.)
  30. AnonymousNow Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    @ MPB:

    "Reading through all this it seems the source of Scientology has a disturbing resemblance to the idea that is Anonymous."

    In making an assertion like that, specificity is obviously called for.

    Please provide 1) what your alleged vision of anonymous is under this position, and 2) your explanation of how Scientology correlates to that.

    Your post follows a distributing pattern and practice for you were you make profound accusations, and support those accusations with vague references to outside material. You then fail to argue your position with the alleged data-- you merely assume the truth of your assertion after the vague citation. Why are you following this pattern and practice? Why do your posts tend to concern things other than exposing the COS?
  31. goldenrodanon Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Dan Sherman (I believe that's his name) was given the job of working up a bio for LRH. That was many years ago. They just sort of stopped talking about it's lack of arriving, also years ago.

    I think that when they realized that it could never be published without being an obvious fraud, they just sort of shelved the project.

    That's my theory on it, anyway. :sneak:
  32. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I presented my thoughts based on research. Many of the original ideas LRH used as a basis for Scientology (EG: Crowd mechanics, see the second link i my OP) are almost identical to the mechanics that drive us. I was simply making an observation.

    Definition of obsorvation:
    an act or instance of noticing or perceiving.
    2. an act or instance of regarding attentively or watching.
    3. the faculty or habit of observing or noticing.
    4. notice: to escape a person's observation.
    5. an act or instance of viewing or noting a fact or occurrence for some scientific or other special purpose: the observation of blood pressure under stress.
    6. the information or record secured by such an act.
    7. something that is learned in the course of observing things: My observation is that such clouds mean a storm.
    8. a remark, comment, or statement based on what one has noticed or observed.
    9. the condition of being observed.
    10. Navigation. a. the measurement of the altitude or azimuth of a heavenly body for navigational purposes.
    b. the information obtained by such a measurement.
    11. Obsolete. observance, as of the law.

    An observation is simply an observed statement based on what I know and understand. Not truth. It is others fault if they assume what I say is truth. Truth is subjective based on said persons observed reality. The use of the term "truth" can be manipulated, distorted. As you are doing now.

    What is "truth"? Us discussing the source of Dianetics and Scientology or exposing their members "crimes". In that sense.. are we still talking about truth? Or a difference of objectives? If so, you're truth is not my "truth".

    Because "exposing" the COS's crimes isn't what we're here for. I can count on both hands religions that have done atrocities far worst then a boat filled with asbestos, disconnection, worker camps and a couple of members dieing because of their belief system. "Exposing" the COS is the OG's directive based on their personal vendetta. I prescribe to the belief that this is an impossible goal. You can't KILL an idea. You can't KILL a set of beliefs. All we can do is dig deep and ensure if someone wants to be a Scientologist they don't have to be apart of the cult and prescribe to the organization to fully understand / obtain their doctorin. I follow this pattern, and others among us do, because we are emulating our enemy. It's effective.

    Plus, if you can't see how destructive the information we're uncovering is... you're blind.

    Now, if you don't have something useful to contribute, I recommend you stay the fuck out of this thread. Allegations that I'm somehow a plant... even though many many people can vouch I'm not... seeing as I go out and protest.. oh, I don't know.. 3 times a week? ARE WELCOME IN THE DOME.
  33. DeathHamster Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    We gots directive? I never got the memo or the t-shirt!

    (But vendetta sounds cool. Now if only Davey had six fingers on his left hand...)
  34. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Less of a directive... more like people being so pissed they want to destroy what they helped build. But, this thread isn’t about my viewpoint on some of the OG. It’s about Excalibur.

    I am only one man. Don't assume my viewpoint is the viewpoint of the hive.

    I respect you guys. I really do.

    EDIT: If you ever come up with a t-shirt, let me know. I'll buy one.
  35. Don Carlo Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    mpb, that's like saying Hubbard praised communication, and since we use communication, we must be following Hubbard, and Hubbard must be a genius. But with Hubbard, the old saying applies: "what is good is not original and what is original is not good." For example, anything good he said about observing, the ancient Greeks said a couple of thousand years ago.
  36. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I never said LRH was a genius. I think he was a crackpot despot of a man with little to lose and little to contribute other then ripping off other authors and getting people to give him money. If you even read my OP I would state that this isn't about LRH.

    And again, this isn't about my viewpoints on LRH, Anon or the OG. it’s about finding a copy of Excalibur.
  37. Don Carlo Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I agree you didn't say he was a genius and that you aren't a plant. But you did say "original ideas" and I disagree that they are that. Give me an "original" comment Hubbard said about crowd mechanics and I will find an earlier writer who said it.
  38. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I didn't say it was LRH's idea, LRH is the "origin" of nothing other then giving VD to his wife. In fact, in OP I stated he was ripping off an idea that Anonymous resembled. The crowd mechanic.

    EDIT: And by anonymous I mean protest fags and Chanology.

    The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind
  39. tazor Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    It's not a matter of the OG or exes or critics being pissed off at Co$ in most cases. It's a matter of stopping them from further crimes and abuses. And more then "a couple" of people have died because of the cult.

    I have never seen any OG saying NYPA. They want to help with anything that will stop the cult. And they aren't going to be petty and refuse to help because of some drama. This is too important to us all.

    So how bout we all just work together and not assume things about each other?
  40. momISanon Member

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