The Search for Excalibur

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by megaphonebitch, Jul 1, 2008.

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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    It sure does.
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    Apparently that effect wears off after a bit. :p At least the GM made it not last long last night when our necromancer was randomly summoning things to fall in the ocean and wound up summoning Cthulhu. We all went mad for a bit. My character has a portal gun and had created a portal on the ceiling and the floor and was happily reaching terminal velocity by the time the affects wore off. A reverse polarity spell later and I was flying through the air. One of the team came after me and caught me like a foot ball. All was well until he took off through the forest still holding me, then came to a sudden stop and forgot to keep his grip on me.

    Trees hurt. That's all I'm gonna say.
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    Thank you D.
  5. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Not helpful.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    What? It was a comment on Cthulhu! It was relevant. Sort of. :p

    And it's not fanfic, it's role playing. Get it right. X(
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    Equally gay and not relevant to my interests or this thread.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    This thread is seriously relevant to my interests. im suprised this is the first place ive seen this mentioned.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    although thinking about it, if it reads like any of Ron's other works it will be a bitter dissapointment
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    If this is in the L of C, I would get on it asap. If the scilons have not already destroyed it they will now.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    relevant to my interests... i'll do some internet searching... see what I can dig up...

    perhaps we should recruit more people to look for it? make a digg? I mean, it's obvious that scientologists have been hunting down the loose copies, but there's no way they could find them all...

    should I make a digg and or other media for the search... this would make a great internet viral recruitment thing... the search for Excalibur...
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    Would be helpful.

    Also, the article in my OP states that bits of excalibur were leaked through a Biography on LRH... And he was enraged by it? anyone know where that Biography went to?
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    Can a DC anon help us out with this?
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    ok I'm making the digg now, I'll include the helpful info in the thread, the basics of what it is, etc.

    I'll post the digg at exactly 6:15 EST so you have time to add suggestions as to what to include
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  16. Re: The Search for Excalibur

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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    comments are also welcome (adds to the statistics for "most discussed")
    so if you've got something to add, by all means... also, sockpuppets are NOT* encouraged

    *same NOT as in the battletoads thread
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

  19. Hostile Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    benedict, I think it's a good idea,
    what's not to love, it's guaranteed to create a shitstorm
    it's funny
    it's right up anon's alley: secret dox, potential insanity, rage once it's leaked...

    not to mention that it's on topic. (or should it be in the leak forum)
  20. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    you've probably already seen this but JIC

    Yes, There Was a Book Called "Excalibur" by L. Ron HUBBARD

    From link:
    Ron called me one day - the strange thing about this was that he called during the day - and said, "I want to see you right away. I have written THE book." I never saw anybody so worked up - and he was disturbed over a lot of angles. Apparently, he started to write the book, and had written it without sleeping, eating, or anything else - and had himself literally worked to a frazzle.

    He was so sure he had something "away out and beyond" anything else that he had sent telegrams to several book publishers, telling them that he had written "THE book" and that they were to meet him at Penn Station, and he would discuss it with them and go with whomever gave him the best offer.

    Whether he actually did this or not, I don't know, but it is right in line with something he would do. For example, Ron would send stories to various magazines without a return address (and if you know anything about the publishing business you could know how this would irritate people), and then call up and ask for a report on it.

    He used very heavy paper, which made it very expensive to mail stuff, and he'd mail his manuscripts, not in professional envelopes, but say in a light blue one so that it would stand out from the others.

    Also, he was a little careless occasionally - and his stuff needed editing, but he didn't want anybody to edit it. He had a lot of odd ideas about writing. For example, he didn't feel he had to write a certain stint, so when he would do a manuscript, he wouldn't number the pages - just pile them up beside his typewriter. Thus he couldn't see how much he had done so might kid himself into doing 13 pages when he only intended to do 10. He didn't number the pages until he finished, and then he'd number them in pencil.

    Going back to "The Book", I don't remember how long it was. It probably was under 70,000, which is considered an average book. He told me what he wanted to do with it - it was going to revolutionize everything: the world, people's attitudes toward one another. He thought it was somewhat more important, and would have a greater impact upon people, than the Bible.

    After I'd read the manuscript, we got to arguing over different titles. I asked him what he wanted to accomplish. He wanted to make changes. He wanted to reach inside people and really work them over, and he had to have a title that would be attractive. I am the one who suggested "Excalibur", because Excalibur was King Arthur's sword. This had a certain mystical meaning that suited Ron, and so "The Book" became "Excalibur".

    As I remember "Excalibur", it started - in the introduction only - with a king who got all his wise men together and told them to prepare and bring to him all the wisdom of the world contained in 500 books. In the course of time, they succeeded, and the king was very pleased and said so. Then he told them to go away and cut down these 500 books into 100 books. It took them a bit longer this time, but they did it and came back and insisted all the wisdom of the world was contained in these 100 books. He said, "Now, do it over again, and bring it to me in one book."

    MORE AT is an outline of the book from memory of Arthur J. Burks.
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    Yes, as we all know TD and my obsessive posting of gay porn bends people to my will. I can never possibly have an idea people agree with otherwise.
  22. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Oh wow, I hadn't see this.
  23. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Gerry Armstrong.."admissions of LRON Hubbard" (scroll down below Gerry's post.)


    Gerry Armstrong--Admissions of L. Ron Hubbard

    edited to add OMG HOLEEESHITE. what a read.

    Edited to add...HOLEE...he ADMITS it's hypnosis...
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Boris beat me to the chase on the Lovecraft comparison. Xenu f'tagn.
    In all seriousness though, I doubt the book will be too great a revolution even if we do manage to track down a copy. It's probably the same Hubbard-praising spin another topic mentioned as talking about Hubbard fighting off the Russians to keep dianetics free.
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    Is Admissions part of Excalibur? or all of it? Or some other document? It looks like it's all just course work.
  26. Hostile Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    personally I'm more interested in that captain guy's "excalibur revisited" a summary of scientology... not groundbreaking, but makes it easier to understand the basics for new enturbers
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    Yes, in the document described he does admit it's all hypnosis... but what is "Admissions"?
  28. Re: The Search for Excalibur


    And then he goes on to describe god as a woman?! :fuckyou:
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Well. My, my. Ol' Hubbard was quite "the swinging dick", wasn't he? Ewww.
  30. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I just finished reading the whole admissions doc. What it appears to be is this: LRON admitting his failings to himself (first part) the second bit is CLEARLY his write up for hypnotic suggestion to "clear" his failings. Sort of like I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!: Daily Affirmations With Stuart Smalley.

    That is what the basis for some forms of hypnosis therapy is. You identify an issue and then 'input" positive affirmations about what you feel your failings are. Within the boundaries of hypnosis you can have things INPUT to change behavior. He actually USES the word HYPNOSIS. He identifies what he feels is negative, then creates the direct opposite of those truths to "input" in order to alter his behavior/reality.
  31. Re: The Search for Excalibur


    edit to add LO Boris on the H.P. HE was a writer:)
  32. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    What about the last part entitled "The Book". it has a much more ... negative tone.
  33. Hostile Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    further proof that Lron was obsessed with rape and power in sex...

    fine to joke about, but when he says stuff, he's dead serious...
  34. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Actually this would appear to be his affirmations that he was going to be a successful writer (he also probably "input" these affirmations) He is clearly attempting to "affirm" his mental skills (in the face of his insanity) and his writing ability. Remember, he was quite insane, likely a culmination of is occult involvement and sexual abuse (sexual dysfunction is a running theme in "admissions" and he is clearly having issues with that.)

    His wife called him a paranoid schizophrenic in the divorce papers, and what THIS doc appears to be is his consciousness/awareness of his mental illness, and his delusions that he could "solve' it himself. The most recent studies of said illness show CLEAR evidence of brain loss (actual brain loss) in the MRIs of PS's who are given that test starting from first diagnosis and each year after for five years.

    THE BOOK ( a few tidbits from the link)

    You are radiant like sunlight.
    Your poetry memory is wonderful.
    You can recall songs and poems which you have known before, line for
    line, word for word, tune for tune. You can quote anything you have
    read twice.
    You can read music.
    Criticism does not affect you emotionally.
    You are a magnificent writer who has thrilled millions.
    Nothing bars you from writing.
    Fears do not restrain you in any way in writing.
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    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Self-affirmation and aggrandizing. Ickpoo.

    This is all very interesting......because I think Hubbard ripped off Norman Vincent Peale. I remember all of this stuff growing up - my mom was a "big believer" in this "alternative belief" mess. She was pretty experimental with "religion" and so forth. It's amazing I'm not as fucked up more than I am, already. ;)

    Norman Vincent Peale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  36. momISanon Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I wonder if "the clap" was never properly treated. That can cause mental problems, if advanced.
  37. Siren Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Interesting thought - seriously! Syphilis bacterium is a spirochete (cork-screw shaped), and if left untreated, burrows in deep tissue and the brain.
  38. momISanon Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Yes, it does. And can cause insanity.
  39. Siren Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I thought of that, too - but couldn't get to OP via email or PM so took a chance and posted. From my understanding, the L of C is pretty protective of their archives so anything there SHOULD be safe, but then you just never know...
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    It is also of note (especially to me IRL job..meaning analyzing written word is part of) how entirely different LRON's writing is in the Admissions doc versus say, Dianetics. Admissions is clear, concise, easy to identify with and understand...he's telling the truth...versus Dianetics which is the direct opposite and a lie. Had he stuck to writing the way he did in affirmations, he might have been more successful..(I SAID might have been)

    In Admissions you SEE who he really is, what he struggles with, perhaps the one time he was ever really honest with himself...then the lie of Affirmations begins. Hypnosis CAN and does often help with issues of the subconscious mind..I quit smoking for a year cold turkey no side effects with hypnosis..problem is, it didn't stick, long story as to why...but I am guessing it is the same reason LRON's affirmations also didn't stick and why he spent the rest of his life trying to convince OTHERS that his affirmations were not lies.

    Sad, seems the plain old Admissions LRON was much better liked.

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