The Search for Excalibur

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by megaphonebitch, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. The Search for Excalibur

    Just got done doing some homework based off my slap fight with OG and would like to open up a new topic.


    Is it the following -
    1. There are three versions of Excalibur manuscripts in archives.
    1. The title of one manuscript is "THE ONE COMMAND."
    2. One manuscript is typewritten, about 300 pages on 8 ½ x 14 paper.
    3. Another seems to be pieces of the above
    4. Another manuscript is a carbon copy (no master) and is different from the above version

    Based on works written by Gustave Le Bon copied by LRH.

    Source: The History of Excalibur
    Source: The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind

    So, is Excalibur a direct copy of Gustave's theories on crowd mechanics and mass brainwashing?

    Reading through all this it seems the source of Scientology has a disturbing resemblance to the idea that is Anonymous.

    I think it would behoove us to find and release EXCALIBUR. I have a feeling this would induce extreme butthurt.
  2. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    What find fascinating about this topic is it's given me new bull baiting lingo prep'd to make Scilons shit bricks.

  3. Re: The Search for Excalibur


    Are any ex-members aware of the existence and/or location of any of the books described above?
  4. SomeOldGuy Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    This reminds me a lot of economic theory - except it throws out just how rapidly the state shifts back and forth from "group" to "individuals." It's yet another attempt to USE SCIENCE to draw stable boxes around inherently unstable things.

    Yes, it's talking about what Anonymous is... but it doesn't display any deeper understanding of what a group of human beings actually is. :D
  5. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Agreed, none the less, it's a bit unsettling.
  6. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    IIRC Gerry Armstrong read Excalibur - maybe ask him where copies would be?
  7. Smoof Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Ok, so what is this thread about? I have no idea what this excalibur is.
  8. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Extension of black Dianetics joke tuned serious OG butthurt, turned curiosity, turned lermane, turned research and me doing some homework, turned intense curiosity in LRH's most coveted writings of all time which apparently can make you go insane by simply reading it. (or it's just a good publisher trick)

    It's the anti-Dianetics holy grail.

    The more I find out about this guy... the more I think he really was just scamming everyone and laughing his ass off. Wonder what DM thinks of this quote from LRH.

    EDIT: And the saddest part of all of this is that late in life... I believe LRH ended up brainwashing himself, believing all the story tales he'd written. There's nothing sadder then a man consumed by his ideas.
  9. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Anyone know how to get ahold of him?
  10. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    This confuses and intrigues me. It's an old bit if LRH shite fiction? Or an actual culty pseudoscience thesis of some sort?

    Regardless, they seem to revere it somewhat, so crapflooding the tubes with it would be lulzy.
  11. scignoff Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    PM him. He posts here as Gerry Armstrong.
  12. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    More likely then you think. Apparently there is only one chapter in the 300 pages on Dianetics.
  13. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    That link says LRH wrote the following in a letter:

    "Then you can rape women without their knowing it, communicate suicide messages to your enemies as they sleep, sell the Arroyo Seco Parkway to the mayor for cash, evolve the best way of protecting or destroying communism, and other household hints. If you go crazy, remember you were warned."

    Why is not this major win? It sure seems like win to me.
  14. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    No, but I can already do that without a crackpot telling me how to.
  15. MongoLloyd Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Sounds like there is no book. Rather, there's just a manuscript in one or several versions, which, apparently, LRH would probably copy up on demand, if someone bought into the ad.

    That cannot be possibly determined without the text of "Excalibur". I see no reason to believe that it is at the moment. All we have here is a statement that someone thinks that the Le Bon's theories seem similar to the alleged subject matter of "Excalibur".

    And I don't see any evidence presented that Hubbard had actually read it, or was even aware of the existence of this rather esoteric work. It had been out of print nearly a decade when LRH was born, over 40 years when "Excalibur" was supposedly written, and was not reprinted until 1960; long after "Excalibur" was known to have been written.

    Doubt it. It might cause some interest in the Freezone community. But this text doesn't even seem well-known within Scientology. Also, it's pretty doubtful any copies exist "out there". Were any sold? And if they were, it appears we're talking about unbound, mimeographed sheets.. rather ephemeral in nature.
  16. Re: The Search for Excalibur


    If you'd actually read the article it states that LRH wrote the thing in a log cabin which is now owned by the RTC as "holy ground" and the book was eventually printed and distributed for 1500 dollars and a signed contract that promised you wouldn't allow others to read it.

    lurk the fuck moar.
  17. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Hence, WHY I'M LOOKING FOR IT.You over educated twit.

    FYI: Also, the freezone has their own lame version of Excalibur.
  18. MongoLloyd Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I read it. I just don't see what's relevant about it. Scientology views everything that LRH ever touched as pretty much 'holy'. We're talking about an organization who keeps dozens empty offices with his favorite cigarettes in them for him around the world..

    Hmm, maybe you should go back and read it again yourself. It was not printed, and therefore it was not bound either. For 1500 dollars you would get an individually typed-up facsimile. And I contradicted this, how? Maybe you're misinterpreting the question "Were any sold?" I'm not wondering whether they were being offered. That's obvious from the advertisment. I'm wondering whether any were actually sold.

    In fact.. I don't even know wtf your bitching about? Or what's with the attitude.

    I'm sorry, I was under the impression you posed the question: "So, is Excalibur a direct copy of Gustave's theories on crowd mechanics and mass brainwashing?"

    And I gave my opinion on that: It can't be known for sure, even if you do find the text. (unless in the unlikely case it copied Le Bon verbatim) And the circumstances outside of the text don't seem to make it likely.

    I'm not sure what the point of your post is - dialogue, or do you just like the sound of your own voice?
  19. AnonMSW Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Lame will not do, we need the "true source" so we can all fap in its glory.
  20. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Obviously by the thread title.. NO that wasn't the point of this post.

    I posted this because I want to find a fucking copy of the document and a clear description of what it is and what the context of the document is within the doctrine of Scientology. I did not post this to have a retarded slap fight with you.
  21. flimbos Member

  22. goldenrodanon Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Make sure not to confuse the different "excalibur's".

    The first Excalibur was the manuscript LRH supposedly wrote in 38. It was rumoured to have been written after some sort of epiphany, and to have been very condensed. I've never heard of a copy of this manuscript surfacing in many years in Scilonia. It had almost a mythical quality in the old days. I've heard of one guy offering a quarter million for a bona fide copy.

    The other "Excalibur" was a level written by Captain Bill Robertson in around 83 or 84, and was sort of a wrap up of the area covered in the CoS by the NOTS level. It's not a Scientology level, but rather a Rons Org level.

    And the two Excaliburs have nothing to do with each other, AFAIK.
  23. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Gerry Armstrong posts here, or rather someone with the name "Gerry Armstrong" posts here. OGs can find him.
  24. goldenrodanon Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    My last post was before reading the "history of Excalibur" article.

    I see from that article, that a 3rd separate Excalibur is also mentioned. It's the reference to "Excalibur Revisited". It was said to relate to OT3, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

    Excalibur Revisited is a rewrite of the whole of LRH technology with some corrections, and additions, written by Geoffrey Filbert in 82. It is it's own thing as well, and doesn't relate the 38 manuscript or the Robertson OT level.

    Gerry Armstrong may have seen a copy of the original manuscript, because as I understand it, He had access to LRH's private notes and data kept in safes.

    It would be VERY interesting if a copy could be ferreted out. It would be the biggest thing to hit the Scientology world since anonymous.
  25. Siren Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Along with being intrigued by this apparently scarce/missing document, I am also amused/interested in other statements in the OP surrounding said manuscript:

    • "Insanity-provoking" was used a selling point?
    • Someone, 56 years ago, was so intent on the destruction of Scientology (in its form at that time) to spend $500K in doing so? That was quite a sum of cash-money back then!

    Edit: One place to check might be the Library of Congress. I did some genealogy work a few years ago and found most authors, especially during that era, submitted a copy of their short stories, family history tomes, manuscripts, books, anthologies, etc. there. Might be worth a shot? They have a good archival department - very helpful.
  26. anonygronph Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I very much doubt you'll find it - I suspect Lafayette R. did his best to erase it from history because it probably sucked. (But it would be cool to uncover what was probably not only the first step on his downward spiral but also what would become the underlying foundation of his pathetic "religion").

    Whatever, it seems to have been nothing more than a lame piece of fiction based on Hubbard's flawed revelation that the "purpose" of life is to merely survive:

    FAIL! If it even makes sense to presume such a thing, surely the command would be "Grow!"? otherwise what would be the point evolving beyond the likes of moss and bacteria? Fuck Hubbard and his simplistic bullshit...and fuck scientology - don't even get me started about their nonsense ideas that you are some kind of "eternal thetan"...fuck off, it makes no fucking sense! Fuck you Lafayette Hubbard, Fuck you scientology...and most of all fuck you David Fucking Miscavige you fucking evil piece of fucking shit!
  27. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Thank you for clearing this up. I was puzzled by this. Any idea why they share the same name other then the obvious?
  28. anonyleaks Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Excalibur is a product written by L Ron Hubbard after an incident involving nitrous oxide and the hallucinogenic effects of the gas. Hubbard claimed during which period he was actually in a hospital emergency room, had died on the operating table and had ascended to Heaven where all the knowledge of present/past and what was to come in the universe was revealed to him. He was then sent back to his physical body because it was 'not his time yet' and leaped off the operating table up to a room and began typing up this so-called 'truth of life'.

    Essentially, it is similar to Dianetics in a lot of very subtle ways and to some crack pots is even the only auditing they do (since auditing processes were outlined in the manuscript/book). According to Ron, the secret behind excalibur (all the knowledge in the universe) was the primary axiom which would be recycled into Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health years later (Survive!!). Futhermore, Ron would later go on to claim that whoever read the manuscript either committed suicide or went insane -- I have since read it and so have people like Gerry Armstrong and a lot of religious scholars and none of us have ever gone insane/committed suicide.

    I think there might be a copy or two floating around the Internet, I will try to dig it up.
  29. Siren Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I did a search for "Hubbard" and "Excalibur" in the Library of Congress online search and pulled up something. Claude Elwood Shannon apparently was a renowned mathematician, and when he passed away, his estate donated all his papers to the Library of Congress. There is correspondence listed between Shannon and Hubbard. Because "Excalibur" also came up in the search, there is a possibility that he had one of the copies, which was donated to the Library of Congress with all his other documents. Here's the link. It's the closest thing I could find. But - these documents are available to the general public, so perhaps some DC Anon could research it in person? My guess is that there is a detailed list of all documents that were part of the estate, as the info on Mr. Shannon references more than 7000 pieces in his collection. In addition, who knows what other "correspondence" Shannon and Hubbard had that might prove interesting? Claude Elwood Shannon Papers (Library of Congress)
  30. Arachne Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    You know, I never thought until now about this, but it might be a good idea for some studious DC anon to hit the Library of Congress and hunt up any other correspondence between Hubbard and whoever else that they could find. I'm betting that there's more; enough people seem to think that Hubbard is important that they'd be willing to preserve his letters.

    That's the kind of thing that I would -love- doing, except that I'm not in DC. When I visited there, years ago, I would have spent the entire vacation in the Library of Congress if my father would have let me get away with it.
  31. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Have emailed a FZer asking for their thoughts on the matter. I wasn't aware the versions were different. We'll see what he says (although many of them HATE Anon, so this might not yield results).
  32. argh Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    IIRC the manuscript was sent to a few publishers, and they all rejected it. Hence LRH got all butthurt and decided that the majority of people "can't handle it", also makes it sound dead cool to some people, and "must be the truth!" to others.
  33. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    If we could get a recording of this text, or words from it, would it frighten the higher level scilons in the same way that OT3 frightens the lower level ones?
  34. basil Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    I'm sensing a bit of low tone there... can't possibly imagine why :)
  35. nebulous Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    My own pet theory on Excalibur is that if it ever existed, it was a sort of proto-Dianetics.

    The "flash of light"/near-death-experience/hallucination thing is quite common as a precursor or at least a signalling event of the onset of a serious mental condition like schizophrenia and similar thought disorders, the like of which we know LRH had. Note that David Icke had something similar, and then went on to claim he was the messiah and started writing conspiracy theory books about lizard people.

    Off the back of that he then set about writing furiously (again, this isn't a surprise with some mental conditions) and this book was supposedly Excalibur. We know that he was prone to exaggerate and flatout lie, and a reading of Bare Faced Messiah's account of that period suggests to me this is exactly what he was doing, selling the IDEA of this great book to potential publishers on the promise it would be done "any day now". Perhaps there were sections of it done, that got sent out but I actually doubt it.

    Later on of course there was Dianetics by which time he'd clearly got over the initial stages of whatever it was he had, and was capable of holding it together long enough to scheme and build the con. I suspect if anything was written in the Excalibur era it got recycled into Dianetics and later books, maybe even the OTs, though if it was the result of a psychotic break it was probably largely incoherent anyway.
  36. Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Also, the 'anyone who read it went mad' thing sounds a lot like he was riffing on HP Lovecraft's Necronomicon idea.
  37. leakgasm Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    The text of Excalibur would not "frighten" them per-say it would just make them worry over who gave it out since it was a very limited distribution to begin with and essentially dates back to the 1930s/1940s when Hubbard wrote it.
  38. musketeerwang Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    Bare Faced Messiah hints that he never actually wrote it, but this thread seems to suggest otherwise. With Hubbard, who really knows? People have read something purporting to be "it", but was it really?
  39. SomeOldGuy Member

    Re: The Search for Excalibur

    /me wonders if anyone he knows still has a current stack pass... :text:
  40. @n0nym0u5 Member

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