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    The RPF

    Hubbard apparently wrote about the care of children, did you know that he considered them to be 'adults in small bodies'? I will post more on this later, but for now;

    Hubbard designed a Rehabilitation Force for kids, kids as young as eight: In his own words, I give you the planet's greatest humanitarian, philosopher, adventurer, artist and writer ... THE FOUNDER OF SCIENTOLOGY... L. RON HUBBARD!!!!!!

    15 September 1978

    Andre Tabayoyon RPF WUS

    Dear Andre,

    Thank you very much for sending along your PROJECT ESTABLISH THE CADET RPF WUS. It appears good and I am sure that you have put it on the proper lines.

    I also appreciate hearing the progress you are making and the responsability you are taking. Very good, Andre.

    As you know, I am currently on the lines regarding the RPF as you have probably seen the recent HCOB DEFINITION OF A ROCK SLAM.

    I am sure the Senior C/S will be of assistance in helping you with the children on the RPF.

    Thank you for taking responsability.




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