The Revolution Will Not Be Hijacked

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by FintanDunne, Jul 17, 2009.

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    I agree completely. While I don't think the supreme pepperoni cares a bit about what the world thinks, it seems to me that the same can't be said about everyone in the establishment. It is harder to beat an old lady's head in with a baton if you think the whole world is watching. Thus the efforts by the guard to blackmail the families of martyrs into silence in exchange for the bodies of their loved ones.

    Ahmamadmax's heart is made of coal, and a crusty old lump of coal at that. I think the only thing that would make his heart soften is if he felt that the guard was going wobbly on him. Take a look at the old pics of him during the hostage crisis. He doesn't look to me like the kind of guy who gives two shakes of a fat rat's ass what the world's opinion of him is.
  2. What standards?

  3. supreme pepperoni: :D

    Whew, spoken truly Obi Wan Kenobi. We have those regular army officers -- yes officers -- who were arrested recently. Then we have those RG senior officers arrested last month -- including three vets of the Iran/Iraq War. And we have a report from the New York Times yesterday that some senior RG are not happy with the way the RG is being run.\

    That's a really good NYT article on the Guard btw. Well worth the read. Astonishing and frightening how far into Iranian society the Guard reaches and $12B/yr in black market income. Whew!

    Also today, Supreme Pepperoni announces that he wants people to step forward to help with his administration. So many folks in jail or dead that the regular staff are overworked and getting a bit hot under the collar? Rebellious even? More willing to strike perhaps?

    Oh, I agree.

    Even then. The RG is going wobbly on him. I think his heart won't soften; he'll just leave the country. Good grief, I wonder if he will apply to the US for asylum?

    Quite Machiavellian. The Prince is known for having said, "I'd rather be feared than loved."
  4. How did you embed a slide show? That's awesome tech stuff.
  5. its a gif image :) it says its a .jpg but its really a .gif
  6. Does making the pics into gifs allow them to be a slide show? I would like to find out how to do this. :)

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