The Reality Wars, A Documentary Film

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    The battlefield is the Internet. Whoever wins the Internet wins the war.

    (h)ac(k)tivist – (hak-tuh-vist)

    noun: a person who uses technology to bring about social change.

    My name is Vivien Lesnik Weisman, director of The Reality Wars—a film about the targeting of (h)ac(k)tivists, activists and journalists by the US government.

    The Reality Wars are being fought all around us. The US government and the mainstream media do not want us to know what’s really going on. Hackers expose government corruption and Internet trolls provoke us to take our goggles off and see the world as it really is. This film depicts the dangerous battle in which these (h)ac(k)tivists fight for information freedom and the freedom to have our voices heard without being put behind bars.

    These men and women (h)ac(k)tivists are total badasses. They impact the world in a new way by using the government’s information and technologies against itself to call out those in power. The Snowden Effect made us aware that the government spies on all of us. Meet weev, Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond and the people fighting alongside them. They strategize, they collaborate, they fight, they mess with us, they try to change the world and, sometimes, they go to jail for it.

    Take a stand and fund The Reality Wars. Join me and demand to know the truth that the government tries so hard to hide from us. This movie is being made for you and it can only be made by you. No studio or PBS would touch this. You don't fund it, we can’t make it.

    I have been shooting The Reality Wars for over a year and I need your help to make this movie happen. The battlefield is the Internet; whoever wins the Internet, wins the war. At stake is whether we are free to see things as they really are, or whether the state and the mainstream media will continue to manufacture false realities for us.

    The Reality Wars is the story of the (h)ac(k)tivists involved in these battles. This new breed of activist calls for a different form of cinema. I am doing something new here. I am trusting my storytellers, whose stories are so compelling that I stay with them rather than cutting to archival material (as is typical with most documentaries that bore us to death).

    My last film, Man of Two Havanas, opened at Tribeca Film Festival, was met with critical acclaim, and won prestigious awards. I studied Political Science at Barnard College. I am a lawyer and I have a Master of Fine Arts in Directing from The UCLA School Of Theatre, Film and Television.

    If you’re ready to unplug from the matrix, take the red pill and join the ride.


    Vivien Lesnik Weisman a filmmaker, writer, political commentator and lawyer.

    I was born in Havana, Cuba. I graduated from Barnard College with a B.A. in Art History and Political Science and New York Law School with a Doctorate in Jurisprudence. I was then accepted to the New York Bar. I went on to receive a Master of Fine Arts in Directing at the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television. I have received numerous awards for my films, including the UCLA Spotlight Award for Best Dramatic Short and a Golden Eagle for Excellence in Latino Filmmaking.

    My most recent film, The Man of Two Havanas, a feature length documentary, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York to packed houses and standing ovations. The critically acclaimed documentary has gone on to win the most prestigious awards throughout the world, including the Grand Prix Documentary at the Festival Internacional du Cinema Latin de Paris, the IFP Fledgling Fund Award for Best WIP Emerging Latino Filmmaker, The Audience Award at The Vancouver International Latino Film Festival, the First Coral Award at the Festival de Nuevo Cine Latino Americano (Havana International Film Festival), the Grand Prix Signis at the Festival Internacional du Cinema Latin de Paris as well as the Social Justice Award Finalist at The Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

    I have appeared on numerous television and radio news programs throughout the country and abroad, including DemocracyNow, WNBC, WCBS, Telemundo, Univision, MegaTV, WakeUp Call, and Huffington Post Live to name a few. I am a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

    I am honored to be working on The Reality Wars, my new documentary. I reside in Santa Monica, CA.

    Vivien Lesnik Weisman @vivienweisman

    Risks and challenges

    The main risk in this project is that the government feels threatened by the subjects in the film. Many of my characters are being surveilled and four are in jail; one of them recently went to jail after I had spent on-camera time with him. I have a substantial amount of footage of weev before he went to prison and I have footage of other (h)ac(k)tivists that are unlikely to go to jail. It is necessary to raise the funds to get this film out there as soon as possible--not only to get the information out there, but also to help these unjustly incarcerated (h)ac(k)tivists.
  2. can't wait for the release on TPB!
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    This is no detached analysis, but intended to be inflammatory and dramatic in order to attract an audience. It borders on conspiracy theory.

    I am disappoint.

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    IDK about the movie, but the sky is falling on governmental control of the independent internet.
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    The 'Hacker Wars' Documentary Does Hacktivism No Favors | VICE United States

    The surveillance state and those who fight against it have become a bona fide hot topic in the last two years, during which Wikileaks's Julian Assange was examined in We Steal Secrets, Edward Snowden's NSA disclosures found a cinematic home in Laura Poitra's uneven Citizenfour, and the history of "hacktivism" and Anonymous was traced in Brian Knappenberger's We Are Legion.

    With Vivien Lesnik Weisman's Hacker Wars, we're given a look at a collection of hackers and trolls who have been persecuted in various ways by the US government. Weisman is unquestionably loyal to her film's subjects, and it shows, to the point where you might describe Hacker Wars as a little more than a valentine to those subjects who gave her access.

    From start to finish, the film largely elicits the opinions and impressions of a small, tight-knit group of agitators including Joe “subverzo” Fionda and Jaime “asshurtmacfags” Cochran. These and other subjects color the events surrounding the trials and convictions of infamous internet troll Weev (real name Andrew Auerheimer), Anonymous spokesperson and Project PM head Barrett Brown (who has written for VICE), and Jeremy Hammond (a.k.a. Anarchaos), the hacktivist who leaked a treasure trove of data from Stratfor, an American intelligence firm.

    Their observations, along with the film's bro-step soundtrack, probably won't counter the perception that activist hackers tend to be puckish pranksters with an anti-authority complex rather than serious people using hacking to achieve noble political ends. Weisman's pile-driving approach to the film's soundtrack and editing, with its quick cuts and graphics, leaves little room for nuanced thoughts on state and corporate power.

    Continued here:
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