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Discussion in 'Pictures' started by The Real United Nations, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words!

    Print out your national flags and show the people of Iran who are pushing for freedom, that the whole world is watching.

  2. good job

    but this government gone with a war like iraq

    they kill more people and my people cant change this fate

    because we make this government

    they (governors) say to my people : you confirm this government in 09/06/2009 with 40000000 votes

    We can not do anything but see Blood compatriot Poured on earth
    plz tell to your governors we need to help and we are sorry for Type of behavior my governors with your governors

    sorry for this translation i used google
  3. benjisworld Member

    We are with you!

  4. MrLyme Member

    Dudes I see the good intentions of all of this, but this movement follows wrong ideas moved by actual feelings, and not by memories and analisys.

    In 1953 something like this happened. The CIA and Great Britain send an agent Kermit Roosevelt to soborn members of the iranian government organizing a coup d'etat against Mohammad Mosaddeq, the prime minister (Yeah! They were a real democracy!!!! and US ruined it!!!). The prime minister was declared a dictator and was expelled of Iran and the Sha (king) took the power supported by US and GB

    That sons of a bitch destroyed a DEMOCRACY (yeah, the same the US hipocritically defends) and made a 30 year dictatorship until the ayatola revolution came in making a bizarre attemp of teocratic democracy.

    Mohammad Mosaddeq was overthrown because he wanted to nationalize the iranian oil......

    Now a governor wants to use uranium for civil causes and conviniently to the US that now keeps quiet, a big youth movement supporting the peace and perhaps not directly the supporters of an opossition candidate, (o yeah the best part) with a campaign payed by US and GB.

    I am not telling you that what is happening in Iran is right or that the decisions of a faked democracy must be respected.

    I am telling you that you should keep clear that this movement is not attemped to permit the intervention of occidental society of the middle east again, because their governments almost never is fair and almost always do the things their interests DICTATES.

    I also ask you to mantain informed, we are using the only weapon of mass creation, that shows the truth to them who search for it.
  5. benjisworld Member

    Love for life.

    I completely understand that, hence the message I printed. I support the innocent people who exercised their voice in a non-violent fashion. I don't feel like Mousavi or any other candidate is the solution and I don't agree with all of the opinions of those protesting.

    I DO however believe that we as a global community need to support freedom of opinion and speech, no matter where or whom is exercising that freedom. I also abhor those who murder to silence opposition and promote hate, fear, and anger (especially for archaic religious reasons that are interpreted for self serving purposes).

    So that being said, stand up for what you believe. I believe Love is the only solution and send my Love to all who want to make the world a better place for everyone, not just those who share their beliefs.
  6. When I see any Government killing and maiming it's own citizens in ways that I have seen over the last week, then I condemn them.

    I don't care what political or religious ideolgy the green movement follow. If they gain power themselves and then in the years to come, use the same brutal tactics to silence their opposition in this way, then I will condemn them also.

    Freedom of speech, not tyrrany and dictatorship.

    As a citizen of the Planet Earth, and regardless of any differences we may have whatsoever, I support the peaceful people of Iran and hope their day will come soon.

    Thanks for standing up and adding your voice benjisworld, all the best to you in Texas!

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