The Raëliens and $cientology

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by scaryanonymous, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. The Raëliens and $cientology

    I hesitate to start a thread on the Raëliens but thought those that have been studying LRON theology in order to better understand what drives the movement. I don't know how many of you are aware of what was happening in that Raëlien movement but it sort of derailed itself. Do a search on youtube for Raëliens, many of the videos now have subtitles. The birth of a cult, and it's failing. Compare what RLH did RIGHT, to what the Raëlien movement/leadership did wrong. Maybe there simply was not room enough for both alien cults to survive? One had better marketing? What made CO$ so much money wheras the Raëliens failed? And your answer cannot be that the the Raëliens are fucking nuts :mrgreen: More so than...???

    quote from blog:
    A poster advertising a cult UFO conference in Glastonbury was taken down after concerns that a swastika featured on it was causing offence.
    The symbol is part of the logo for the Raelian movement which believes that humans are descendents of aliens.

    Ya think it was the swastika? Compare and contrast that to the suave C0$ rip off of a cross thing.

    Understanding how something is created (and this Raëlien thing happened in your lifetime) is the key to deconstruction.
  2. Re: The Raëliens and $cientology

    I heard about them. In comparision to scilons, raelians aren't even close to being a threat.
  3. Anonymous22 Member

    Re: The Raëliens and $cientology

    yes, but why do they fail so could help us in destroying the Co$
  4. LaAnonarama Member

    Re: The Raëliens and $cientology

    Failure due to not enough mind control or forced devotion basically. It's a religion that's pretty much all about enjoying life and having (sexy) fun. It never claimed to be compatible with all other religions, in fact it forces you to ditch any previous affiliation. There is no real retention system in place either. It's failure is due to it not being harsh enough on the followers or forcing major financial commitments which serve to force a bond.
  5. WindandGhosts Member

    Re: The Raëliens and $cientology

    The biggest failure I remember is the claims of successful human cloning.

    Which were outright boastful lies, directly to the media! Scientology is secretive. Their claims to the public are a lot harder to debunk to the average person, because Scientology's message is subtle, and most people can agree "Good things are good things. Scientology says good things, I like good things, therefore Scientology must be good." Scientology doesn't even admit the alien thing to the public, or even it's low level members. Raelians were upfront about the alien thing.

    Human cloning, is a bit harder to get behind. It doesn't help anyone really, and it's much harder to say it's a good thing that helps people.

    Raelians were also known for their orgies. "Yeah, ok. I'll attend some space cult meetings for a chance at some orgy fun."

    Raelians were selective with recruitment. Scientology will take anyone.
  6. sudopod Member

    Re: The Raëliens and $cientology

  7. joeybsmash Member

    Re: The Raëliens and $cientology

    The Raelians are also much less of a cult.
  8. Re: The Raëliens and $cientology

    Have they harrassed critics or former members and to what extent?

    EDIT: I'm also curious as to their stance on the Co$
  9. Anónimo Member

    Re: The Raëliens and $cientology

    They are just goofy
    They are not a threat. Now.
  10. FelixF'anon Member

    Re: The Raëliens and $cientology

    Just watching the first part of the interview, there, I can say part of it might be their straightforwardness. They admit up front to being all about aliens, whereas CoS hides it until you're securely in. That right off discourages a lot of recruits.
  11. Mr Green Member

    Re: The Raëliens and $cientology

    Raelians were honest with their beliefs. And I think their ready admission to ‘aliens’ kept most of the general public at bay. Scientology on the underhand looks very respectable on the surface.

    Then the Raelians claimed to have made a human clone. I think making this claim caused a lot of damage to them, despite raising their profile. The general public feels squeamish about genetic engineering, much less therapeutic human cloning and gene therapy. Also they failed to deliver their promises, after making their claim to the general public. Bad PR.-fail

    Human cloning and all forms manipulations of model organisms is controlled by a great many bodies and watched by oversight committees and animal rights activist. Raelians claim to human cloning probably stirred up a nest of angry committees and councils. Officialdom probably jumped on them.

    PR – I first heard about CO$ in conjunction with Tom Cruise. As such I believe, CO$ mission at gaining high profile and media coverage by capturing young up coming stars was successful. These new actors served to give CO$ an image of normality and soft advertising on TV and newspapers when said actors lifestyles are discussed. This led to a situation where - ‘I’ve heard about it, remember it mentioned once or twice on TV. Don’t know much about it, but Tom Cruise is a member.’ And if CO$ recruitment agent appears, they seem not totally unfamiliar. A person’s first reaction won’t be to run. Maybe dismiss but not run.

    Raelians on the other hand wear a very white and spacy uniforms. They look strange. Never, heard about them until their announcement at human cloning. Lack of perverse PR.
  12. N. Ron Rubber Member

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