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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Anonymous, May 24, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    My thoughts are these..... what kind of a world are we living in when a parent no longer has a right to protect their children anymore? What is a parent to do when a principal banns them from going anywhere near school property or into the school to pick up their child?

    I am very disappointed in how things are in the public school system and I don't agree with how much the government is involved with how much they own our children!! They have so many counciling and welfare systems to protect the kids, but what about keeping the family as a whole safe and well looked after!! The government has taken our children away from us in every single way, except in the physical form....... I for one will not stand for this any longer!! I am going to do all that I can to keep my family together and fight the government every step of the way and defy their tyranny!!
  2. Stila Liev Member

    Not to be harsh,
    but I think you gave up the right to protect the child when it was born.
  3. Anonymous Member

    WTF are you talking about? I can't imagine that you were banned because you did nothing at all. There must have been a reason. If they banned you without cause, then get a lawyer. No one I know, and I know lots of parents, has ever been banned from their child's school. Looking for an easy answer? You won't find one here.
    A scapegoat? Look in the mirror. The government has to step in when parents aren't being good, involved, engaged parents who don't do things that get them banned. The government does not like to remove children from their parents so you did something or have been accused of doing something. Again if you were accused unjustly get a lawyer. Don't blame the government for protecting children when they feel the parents won't

    I would guess that you are a non custodial parent who has not been put on the list of people allowed to pick up the child from school? I personally think the government is far to eager to put children back with parents who are unfit, which again, is the only reason the government would step in. That ain't a government problem, that is a divorce/custodial/bad parent issue and that is your problem, not ours.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    the reason you were banned? (according to the school not you)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Sadly, it wasn't myself that was banned. It was a close family member who was.... all because she was trying to stop her children from being bullied. I thank you for your comments and totally agree that a lawyer is needed and the steps have been taken to report this principal.

    And yes, I agree that children today need absolute protection when adults don't care for them the way they need to. I simply think that when it comes to the government, I don't completly trust them.... I have seen too many occasions where they take advantage of their power and abuse it.
  6. Anonymous Member

    As a future parent and someone who is a professional child care worker..... my rights to keep any child safe will never be taken away from me by any athourity... save by the one who created me. I respect your view but I respectivley disagree.
  7. Anonymous Member

    In other words, your mom?
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  8. PresidentShaw Member

    Ttrying to stop her children from being bullied is a very vague description, what did that person do?
  9. Herro Member

    Inb4 "all I did was threaten the kids I thought were bullies with a gun and suddenly I'm banned from school property!!!"
  10. Anonymous Member

    Home-school the child. End of bullying.
  11. Anonymous Member

    There's a better way.
    (If the OP has a brother or a sister in Bel Air)

  12. Well its true GOV= Ok uncle (when hes not drunk) there must be a very good reason why "she's not allowed on the property" . But 2 stories and 1 reason of truth . Which one shall i chooseth ?
  13. veravendetter Member

    Children are over-rated. Please stop shitting them out. There's too many of us. Give it a rest.
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