THE protest music thread

Discussion in 'Audio & Video' started by Namenlos, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. RolandRB Member

    Re: Good raid song?

    The Late Great Dave Bird wrote some good songs to sing at pickets.

    Xenu loves me this I know
    Coz my BTs told me so
    Thetans all to Him belong
    Hubbard's weak and Xenu's strong
    Yes, Xenu loves me
    Yes, Xenu loves me
    Yes, Xenu loves me
    My BTs told me so
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Good raid song?

    Anything by Enturbulator 009 that SFW.
  3. Rockyj Member

    Re: Good raid song?

    You mean!
    How about:

    [ame=]YouTube - Sesame Street - Rubber Duckie(better copy)[/ame]
  4. Soljenitsyne Member

    Re: Good raid song?

    Or maybe something that Scilons can understand.
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Locnar Member

    Re: Good raid song?

    That's a good one. So is this one featuring some of the OT8 space opera in Hubbard's own voice. Great for enturbulation and funny at the same time.
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Re: Good raid song?

  9. Lunatron Member

    Re: Good raid song?

    While I've not yet had the pleasure of raiding, this has been one of my favorite "battle cry" song since it came out...

    [ame=""]Muse - Knights of Cydonia[/ame]

    Edit: Also, yes, the thread-starter song is a pretty good one... I feel Anonymous :3
  10. COREarg Member

    Re: THE protest music thread

    This fits for a protest?


    EDIT: Got this one, in spanish though, that fits to the least so it seems. Below at spoiler is the translation of the lyrics. It can sucks since I suck at translation...but well,

    I'm choking, God!
    I think of my face
    It's burning now, my face. God!
    An explosion and the mattress get lit, and
    We burn alive

    I want to get out, I want to escape, The doors are still locked
    The Pavilion in a second is all filled with smog, and we can't see anything else
    I try to climb to a window,searching for air, and they shot me awfully
    Mom, love, daughters and friends, search for news at the
    Door, out there

    Time later,I hear the mad noise of the "Paloteros"*
    They search this way for loose floor tiles were we hide treasure and misery
    Poor him! Poor "Cebolla", he couldn't take it anymore
    He beheaded himself in fear
    No one is able (They can't kill my memories!)
    No one is able to kill you in my soul

    And so they do! And so they break you!
    This is how they make you take it in the ass,just like that
    For that time the Old Harvester**
    Came for me and didn't wanted to kiss my life

    I'm hurt,I'm burnt
    I go in a stretcher for the Salaberry
    I will try to behave good in here
    So I could run away before my lunges

    If something will happen about me
    I want it to be in liberty, OUT THERE!
    And nothing else! Get out and nothing else!
    I don't want to see anymore the big one on the keychain***
    Neither stare at the wall if Pasarela shouts +
    To cover up the mourning and the pain
    And I will never forget you, Pablo![/SPOILER]

    *Palotero : Other way to call cops in Argentina. Referring to the Baton.
    ** Old Harvester : Obvious reference to Grim Reaper is obvious.
    *** Big one on the keychain: Talks about the key of the jail, which is usually big.
    + At the last Dictatorship, it was usually to hear the radio at all volume to cover up the shouts from the tortured. Or so it says in the reports done by survivors.
  11. derKontrahent Member

    Dear Allies!
    Hi, I`d like to share my latest contribution 4 the sake of a global change!
    Enjoy it if you want, further contributions will soon arriveā€¦ expect them!
    the time is right 4 betterment
    with best regardsā€¦
    :mad: der Kontrahent!:mad:

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