The people of AZ need to rise up with OpBigBrother

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Fightfest908, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Fightfest908 Member

    Follow us on twitter: @PhoenixAZanon

    Our Riseup Pad page:

    Plz join our cause, we need to show a difference here in AZ. So join our twitter page and lets fight PRISM and other Internet Censorships.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Best thing you can do about AZ is to leave that godforsaken place.
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  3. And, go where?

    This club doesn't look like my style of thing.
  4. Anonymous Member

    You have the entire continental US.

    Now, of course in AZ you do have cheap rent, I give you that, but take it from this wanderer from the flyover homestead; cheap rent ain't everything.

    Perhaps you are AZ native to the core. In that case, I offer my condolences as that sucker's been turned into the 'retiree paradise that time forgot'... We'll come by and see the grand canyon occasionally to keep y'all in tourism bucks...
  5. Malory Member

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