The New Throne

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    The New Throne

    • for Neda Agha Soltan

    Her blood flows to the gutter
    and he smiles to watch it go,
    and every word he utters
    only brings his nation woe.

    While freedom is threatened, the People "basijed",
    and every man alone,
    he's clenched today an iron fist
    and made Tehran his throne.

    Khamenei of the bloody hands
    - the murder-loving cleric -
    now rules by terror in Tehran
    with edicts quite hysteric:

    "We'll beat you, and we'll shoot you,
    and we will bring you grief!"
    Then he daintily turns and issues rulings
    on proper Islamic belief:

    "The Koran can be interpreted
    a thousand different ways,
    but nine hundred and ninety-nine of them
    are wrong and earn no praise!

    "When it comes to understanding it,
    only I am right,
    and whoever disagrees with me
    is looking for a fight!

    "Whatever Muslims today believe
    does not set up the norm.
    It's what I say, and, when I say it,
    people must conform!

    "Because I am so holy
    only I am free to state
    where virtue can be found," declares
    this moral reprobate.

    No different than Bin Laden
    or any other autocrat,
    his precious words smell worse, by far,
    than anything he shat.

    If you are a Muslim - if you hold
    to the Islamic faith
    how can you be un-Islamic?
    Were you placed upon a lathe

    and changed into something else?
    How could such a thing be true?
    "Islamic" is a word that describes
    what Muslims are and do.

    If you are Muslims, the things you do
    are Islamic by definition
    -- because they were done by Muslims.
    Do we need an Inquisition

    to find out who is most pure?
    A preposterous thing to say:
    that "Muslims" can be "un-Islamic"!
    Who says so has lost his way.

    What makes someone un-Islamic?
    A certain political stance?
    Is "Islamic" some meagre political pose
    in some electoral dance?

    What makes someone un-Islamic?
    A certain style of dress?
    Is "Islamic" no more than some fashion
    some fool might put on to impress?

    Perhaps it's a woman covering her hair?
    (Is "Islamic" a type of hat?)
    Or a basiji beating a girl in the street?
    (Is it really a baseball bat?)

    But the Leader stands and he watches,
    and he is quick to judge,
    and once he has made his pronouncements
    he will never budge.

    If you defy him in any way
    you're a "terrorist", simple and true,
    and he'll burn down the nation around his ears
    if that is what he must do.

    He must be obeyed! His every word
    is a thing on which we must dote!
    More right than kings! More right, by far,
    than the people's right to vote!

    -- The People who gather, defending the law,
    defying all sequestration,
    condemning the thieves who would pilfer their rights
    and shamelessly seize the nation.

    The most precious thing the People have
    - their precious voting right -
    their Leader has thrown in his lot with the thieves
    and stolen it off in the night.

    And the People call out and ask for what's right,
    defying every ban,
    but only the just can tell you what's right,
    and they're asking it of the wrong man.

    He's betrayed himself to all in the world
    - with a level of ultimate gall -
    as no more than a thief -- but not merely a thief --
    the greatest thief of them all.

    And now we know better!
    We call out! - Aloud!
    We'll throw off the fetter;
    we'll stand with the crowd!

    Our voices shall rise
    up into the sky.
    "Come tell us," we ask,
    we shout, and we cry,

    "Come tell us, come tell us,
    come tell us," we say,
    "how many Khamenei
    has killed on this day!

    "How many killed
    and beat to the floor?
    How many, Khamenei,
    how many more?

    "How many? How many?
    And how much blood
    can your black robes soak-up?
    Can they hold back the flood?"

    He's proud, this man who hates
    most of those in his own nation;
    he has a darkness in his soul
    defying explanation.

    He rules with a grim intellect;
    he oversees the land.
    A leader with an ice-cold will,
    the nation in his hand.

    He smiles upon his people's pain
    - each drop of blood -- each broken bone.
    A shah without a pedigree,
    Tehran is now his throne.

    His nation is an open grave
    where flowers fear to bud;
    his people, once so proud, his slave;
    Tehran his throne of blood.

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