The Nation of Islam and the Scn cult

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by pooks, Jan 5, 2011.

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    Re: The Nation of Islam and the Scn cult

    This is absolutely fascinating. Metapsychology was founded by Frank (Sarge), Gerbode (a psychiatrist) with help from David Mayo. To the CoS Metapsychology is squirrel tech so I'm befuddled that these clams are studying it.
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    Diploma Mill no shock there

    the even was today 6 pm
    this is the biggest single dissemination cycle in history BaaaaaHHhaa!!/event.php?eid=162367400476365

    its an announcment on facebook

    another event at Flag tomorrow
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    how many seat fillers? lol
    "this is the biggest single dissemination cycle in history"
    tee hee
    looks like they are in a jiffy lube building or something
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    LOL Was it held in a parking garage? I see alot of white faces as well.
    Not that there's anything WRONG with that.
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    was held at postcardmania (see OP) on Jan the 8th Yummy food was had by all

    Jan 9th Flag Event- w NoI Mgt
  8. RightOn Member

    And a free oil change! lol
  9. pooks Member

    Nice! Thanks for the pics!
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    A picture of the Metapsychology equivalent of the scientology bridge:
    TIR is their equivalent of Dianetics. LSR is their equivalent of Life Repair.
    Ability Enhancement is their equivalent of the scientology grades and exploration in human potential is their equivalent of the OT levels.
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    Looks like somebody in the Metapsychology organization has scrubbed the internet of the early connection between it and the seminars they did for the Nation of Islam people. Possible party who did that: Victor Volkman, husband of the current head of MP and TIR, Marian Volkman. He works in software development and has a striking resemblance to Kim Jong-un:

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