The motherfucking ibogaine thread

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    You're confusing someone having filed for a patent with someone having an enforceable patent.

    Basically, if you file for a patent, you will probably receive something with a patent number, unless you patent something obviously ridiculous, like a perpetual motion machine or something that is obviously already patented. Even then, you might get a patent number for it. As a joke, a number of people have filed for (and received) patents for items like swingsets.

    The patent system is continually flooded with tens of thousands of applications for all kinds of things. The attorneys and patent agents who run the system are swamped. Many of the patent applications are highly technical and deal with fields of science that nobody outside them really understands, so these offices have gone from being what were supposed to be gatekeepers, keeping out frivolous applications, to just registering claims.

    What these applications now do is establish a prima facie case that you have claimed to be the inventor of the subject matter of the claim, and put a date on it, so you can sue over it.

    You don't necessarily know you really have an enforceable patent until a court says so. While there was a time when the registration of patents was manageable enough that it was justified to claim that just having a patent at all should be presumptive proof that you actually did invent something, that time is long past.

    There's also a growing trend in international law against (mostly Western) companies moving in, stealing native medicines and technologies, then slapping a patent on what people have been using for generations, claiming to have "invented" them.

    I'd be wary of wild claims of supposedly miraculous folk medicines (like ibogaine), but I'd also note the very little research that has been done is highly promising, and the reasons for not moving forward with more research are incredibly irrational.

    LSD and other psychedelics come to mind as substances that (when they were legal) were the subject of highly promising research, basically abandoned with no rational explanation because certain molecules are apparently considered immoral for unintelligible religious reasons dressed up as law.
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  2. muldrake Member

    I've known people who have done jimsonweed more than once. Some people out there are seriously nuts.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Jimsonweed works much better than Ibogaine, it is an all natural, holistic wellness herb that has been used by shaman to promote spiritual growth for billions of years.
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    Seems to me both (Ibogaine, Datura) are hard on the heart. In datura the damage is somewhat cumulative- do too much in a brief time- likely to do your heart in.

    Thanks. I know people who are involved with this sort of thing who aren't salespeople like Beau. What he does poisons a huge well of potential in many fields. Sometimes it is almost like he is being paid to do it.
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    LOL...yet every year, a handful of derps die from datura poisoning. "All natural, holistic, wellness herb" is a bunch of crap. It is poisonous, deadly, and kills people. Blathering about it as if it's some stupid thing you can get in health food stores is not beneficial. Foxglove and monkshood are also "all natural holistic wellness herbs" that will make you stone dead.

    Which is why I often laugh at the "all natural" endorsement as if it's always a Good Thing, when some plants will drop you in your tracks after doing unpleasant things to your body.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Picky, picky, picky.
  8. There really aren't that many well done studies out there, and, considering the fact that it is illegal in the US, means we are pretty far behind. If we open it up to more scientific research we can get a better idea of how all of this works and what the positive and negative reactions are. This will only make Ibogaine safer as a drug treatment. We are actually doing more harm by keeping it illegal.

    Ibogaine treatment works wonders. I was an addict for years and couldn't stop. Then I took Ibogaine and I haven't touched heroin since. It will literally give you the push you need to change if you really want to stop using. is a great treatment center and informational guide for those looking for treatment.
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    Please name the Physicians involved along with their credentials and educational history.
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  10. tinfoilhatter Member

    did you join/open up that sock today just to necro this thread? If you are going to necro a stupid ass thread on such a stupid ass scam, please have better dox. for the love of God, if this shit worked, big pharma or tobacco would have been all over it it in the past.
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