The "Minister" aka Reverend James J. McLaughlin Narconon et al

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    Reverend James J. McLaughlin, the "Minister" has been mentioned several times by Mary Rieser ED NN GA and stood next to Gary Smith ED NN AH in a August 25 press conference.

    Mary Rieser never mentions his name only “Minister”.









    The "Ministers" Deposition:

    Mary Risers depositions:

    The "Ministers" websites:
    Faith Drug Rehab

    Heartland Drug Rehab

    from 2004 but very relevant....;)

    The "Minister"

    The "Minister" teaching how to give an assist to relieve pain as part of an Interfaith Conference sponsored by Narconon

    The "Minister" Giving Drug Education

    Closing of the Faith Based Community Partners Conference with Narconon

    Clifton Mitchell Speaking at Conference

    Arrowhead Anniversary the "Minister"
    Arrowhead Anniversary P. Presley speaking
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  4. Anonymous Member (Scion Link)
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    He’s also connected to the World Literacy crusade.
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    Scion Link!!!

    i think they are a little confused....
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  13. Quentinanon Member

    James J. McLaughlin is a religious cloaker who seems to have been recruited into scientology, but continues pretending to be a christian minister for PR purposes.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Mercenaries are always easy to find. Just pay the man enough money and he'll support whatever shit he needs to support.
    Changing the subject a bit - I'm amazed the Mary Rieser was allowed to speak on camera. She is probably the only clam in the last three years that actually agreed (or was given the permission) to be interviewed. I'm not saying she did a good job, but she looked umm....human, which came as a surprise to me. I expected some weird looking alien I suppose.
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    the Reverend.. has Heartland Narconon in Oklahoma City..
    Houston TX Narconon
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    What a piece of work..
  18. Anonymous Member
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    I love this research thread.
    Seeing Anonymous in action, exposing the Scientology corporation's lies for the world to see, gives me graet lulz.
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    Scion Link
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    Scion Link:
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    The research here is really good! Keep up people!
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    When is this blatant ignorance of town officals and such going to stop?
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    Right on has been asking for a while now why NNOK hasn’t been closed yet! I think I’ve found a chunk of it here and it stinks. I’ve not finished reading it all yet but get this….

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  37. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Some great research goin' on here ITT! Kudos to those braving the scilon sites too.

    I seem to recall an old Hubbard directive (HCB?) on how to go about infiltrating society, all this up there^^^ appears to be this policy put into action imho. Wish some of these dumb fucks would do some research themselves before attaching their names to Narconon projects.
    Cult of Hubbard loves dupes who smile while they legitimise their fraudulant money-machinery, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
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  40. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Wonder if this is the same Brad?

    Orly? Wtf?


    Edit> This rabbit hole is interesting lol~
    So the real story seems ta be, VM's invaded and got the boot? :lmao:
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