The Lizard Squad

Discussion in 'Projects' started by white_wolf, Dec 9, 2014.


What do you think of lizard squad?

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They are harmless 1 vote(s) 25.0%
They have to be dealt with, to set an example for others. 2 vote(s) 50.0%
no immediate action required. 1 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. white_wolf Member

    They are really starting to become a nuisance. They keep taking down different video game networks constantly, mainly psn and xbox live. These outages although short cost the companies thousands to put their networks back online, and not to mention the annoyance that it causes their customers. oh and lets not forget the bomb threat that they supposedly called in fot the president of sony. Please join me in helping to stop these little terrorists.

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  2. white_wolf Member

  3. meep meep Member

    Gamers. Fucking gamers.
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  4. white_wolf Member

    im not personally much of a gamer but im sick of hearing about stuff like this happening
  5. Anonymous Member

    Not my circus. Not my monkeys.
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  6. meep meep Member

  7. Old_Coder Member

    AGREED! Some of this (IMHO) is Sony's fault. How many times do they have to be publicly jolly rogered before they actually address the security issues they clearly have. I have really one game that I like to play and I do play it on both the PC and Sony PS4. However, you have to sweat every patch that they push down the line. Last one was just awesome. Put it in "suspend" mode and the only way to wake that thing up again was to unplug it. They should call that permanent vegetative state mode. It is just sloppy and clearly that is an organization wide trait. Show a little pride.
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  8. white_wolf Member

    Agreed about the security issues that Sony clearly has hear, but this doesn't just affect Sony,it affects their customers as well, who are not at fault here.
  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  11. white_wolf Member

    Oh my god, that is the shittiest security ever. Thanks for those articles. I don't get how they could be that naive to believe that they were keeping their information safe like that.
  12. Old_Coder Member

    Oh being one of those customers I heartily agree with you!! In fact, I had a lot of sympathy for them in the beginning. I mean anyone can get their system hacked because all you need is one individual whose skill * determination is strong enough and they will find the weakness that is there. So, I let the first few slide. Then, they started going out of their way it seemed to treat legit customers like me as if I were a criminal. Want to play that 50+ dollar game you just bought... well get it out of your mind that you own it. And for all the trouble of forcing a system on users that feels more closed than a 1980's pac man machine, they still drop their drawers for every huckleberry hacker that decides to take down Sony after the Hello Kitty show finishes. I guess I should just hack my way in to my system because clearly Sony goes from being your boss to your b@tch and in a hurry.
  13. white_wolf Member

    Very well said man very well said. I just feel bad for all the people that this shit keeps happening too, I mean its like what the fuck you pay $400 for a game console only to have it have gameboy level security and poor responses towards rectifying that. I also feel for Sony a little bit too for two reasons: 1. They have probably lost alot of money on this. And 2. They are just incompetent as all hell when it comes to the security of their information I mean how many times has this happened already and they STILL haven't really done anything towards permanently fixing the problem
  14. Old_Coder Member

  15. WHITE_SHADOW Member

    I had to create another account but thanks for the like man, i appreciate it.
  16. Anonymous Member

    This is hilarious!

    Sony Kept Thousands of Passwords in a Folder Named "Password"

    I am so disappointed that the password wasn't "Swordfish."

    This reminds me of the Birmingham cult org leaving their FTP password in plain sight on the Internet!

    The cult's entire e-mail spool was downloaded by Ebaums World and then spread like digital wildfire! LOL!

    birmingham email.jpg

    Sony Password Folder.jpg

    In general terms, people are so stupid about computers.
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  17. Old_Coder Member

    Always the weakest link in the chain. They are not just stupid about computers.. they are just stupid and I do not say that with any glee. It would seem there are entire swaths of our land that are loaded with people who couldn't out think a bag of hammers.
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  18. Darth Alor Member

    Wow.... just you'd think they would've learned back in idk when that big hack took place and psn went down for like a month or so?
  19. Darth Alor Member

    ( In ps3's lifespan not PS4's )
  20. Old_Coder Member

    I remember that! Ahh those were the days. The days that I learned that more than a tiny bit of the stuff I thought I owned would not work in a stand alone environment because really thats the problem, DRM, not your online network. A whole month to contemplate whether I had greatly over estimated the competence of Sony Corp or if Sony Corp just did not have and F^&ks to give. Judging by where we are at today, it seems that there were no F^&ks found. I don't even know why I bought the thing.

    Also, is it me or do they put the absolute cheapest Wifi components in those consoles. I have a pretty good network wired up at the house. But still not good enough for Mr. Sony. I had to buy a cheap second Wifi Booster just for it. One of those that uses the electrical wiring of the home things. Now, I can stream a movie from up the street on my phone, and Mr. Sony is stable.
  21. Darth Alor Member

    They do tend to put cheap parts in consoles to minimize cost and make a profit, explaining why consoles are always behind pc
    gaming due to hardware handicapping. Its also another reason consoles tend to cost about 500$ or below compared to a normal PC at 1000$ and a Gaming PC at about 2000$ or over. ( not just the shitty wifi thingymabobber )
  22. somebody needs to stick it to Sony and Microsoft. I agree with you white_wolf there are more constructive ways to do it. However, they did get Sony's attention and made them fix some stupid mistakes they probably wouldnt have fixed. What I'd like to see is someone(maybe even from Anonymous) create a new console to compete with these jerks. THAT would be awesome.
  23. Darth Alor Member

    I already have one i grabbed my gaming pc printed off a guy fawkes mask picture and taped it onto it boom the Anon-Box
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  24. redstoned21 Member

    The Lizard Squad? Last time I heard, they were a bunch of 15 year olds who think their Jesus.
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  25. Bluediamond Member

    Those script kiddies ruined christmas for a lot of kids.
  26. redstoned21 Member

    ^^^^Couldn't agree more

  27. Fucking thick biatch
  28. Adjective Member

    They did it recently. This article came up a few hours ago.

  29. Adjective Member

    video from Finest Squad if any one wants to watch about Lizard Squad.

  30. I heard they're the same person. And, why do they want to go after TOR anyway?? Is this really rogue script kiddies or just the US Govt?
  31. redstoned21 Member

    Dayum son, calm down
  32. supposedly its this kid

    and apparently he got dox'd but its probably fake:

    unless he's going after TOR for #OpDeathEaters I'm thinking him and his crew are owned by the CIA/FBI and/or got flipped like Sabu. But, let's hope I;m wrong.
  33. I say this because it's all too convenient that these guys are coming out of nowhere when they KNOW its only a matter of time before they go to jail and get flipped anyways. This smells wayyyy too fishy. The US Govt wants to put new internet laws in place...this helps them have justification to do that. Then they go after TOR, I'm guesing magically Wikileaks is the next target. What a scam.
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  34. GrimGenocide Member

    They'll be dead soon
  35. they'll be working for the United States soon.
  36. GrimGenocide Member

    Hm yeah by force,like they did to what's his face traitor dude
  37. I don't see the point in taking PSN or Xbox live down. There are so many better ways to go after these corporations. I mean if you're going to go to jail why do it over something this fucking stupid?
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  38. Anonymous Member
  39. GrimGenocide Member

    It's not for justice, they're doing it to troll. I mean I'm butthurt like everyone else but Anon isn't a service,they'll get caught or most likely beaten by hardcore gamers.
  40. Im not convinced they arent already flipped. How else is the US going to pass legislation to make everyone their bitch?

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