The Lisa Clause

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  1. badwolf Member

    The Lisa Clause

    Has Katie Holmes signed a "Lisa clause" release?

    Scientology requires all participants to sign a release form in which they promise never to sue Scientology and specifically permits Scientology staff to hold them in isolation, with no contact with family or friends, for as long as the staffer determines is necessary. The release is sometimes called "the Lisa clause" because Scientology began requiring it in the aftermath of Lisa McPherson's death in Scientology's custody. ... olmes.html

    Good Lord, basically they want you to give them the right to kill you.
  2. UnAnonymous1 Member

    Is there any verification of that?

    Because if it's true then that is the equivalent of signing your life away into the hands of someone else!
  3. Xenuphobe Member

    Another great point to bring up on Feb 10. Make a point of mentioning that the day of the protest is in honor of Lisa McPherson's birthday, and then tell the scary facts about Church members signing away their rights and their safety with regards to the "introspection rundown".
  4. Do we know this is true?

    Not really..
  5. Xenuphobe Member

    Do you mean about Katie Holmes, or about the legal waiver relating to the introspection rundown?

    I don't know about Katie, but the waiver is indeed true. Here it is in its entirety (in particular, read the final paragraph in caps): ... lease.html

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