The Library Campaign Flunk

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Anonymous, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The Library Campaign Flunk

    The Basic Books of L. Ron Hubbard going into the libraries of the world has some major flaws:

    1. Books will be read out of sequence (Golden Age of Knowledge out the window).
    2. No courseroom supervisor support in the libraries (Out-Tech/Out-Policy)
    3. No study technology will be applied (Out-KSW/Out-Study Tech - High Crime).

    Looks to me like Scientology has made a rod for it's own back with this project.

    Major flunk - no Keeping Scientology Working.
  2. basil Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    Funny how none of them ever pick these things up, isn't it?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    It is so funny I have to try and breath as I am so cramped up with laughter.

    They are 'all frame and no picture'.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    These sound like good talking points for those anons who encounter handlers.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    It's very important to know these things, they mustn't go undetected. It's trying to get the libraries to see things from our point of view that I would struggle with getting the ball rolling. We need to change the direction of the dwindling spiral.
  6. Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    while in the lie berry dont forgot to card the books
  7. afternon Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    I think it would be a good idea to request that your local library also get a copy (or ten) of "The Complex".
  8. Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    It's not surprising... Cognitive Dissonance is one of the first things you learn in $ci
  9. tazor Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    These books that go to libraries very rarely get on the shelves. There are several threads about this.

    In fact it was the lack of basics in the libraries in Australia that was the final straw for one ex I know. The public was told that the basics were in 100% of Australia's libraries but when he did some research found next to none in any library. He left CoS over this.

    The same goes for the US. Most libraries have some of elron's science fiction but very few scilon books.

    Librarians don't want them. They sell them for a buck apiece, give them away, use them for door stops, or throw them away. They only want books people actually want to read.
  10. Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    Which is why you should make sure your Librarian friends know you're Anti-Sci.

    1) CoS sends books to Library
    2) Library gives books to Anon
    3) ????
    4) Profit!

    Seriously, for sheer trolling potential, nothing beat a copy of the source material. Quote it, mock it, turn it into a sporting projectile, the possibilities are endless...
  11. leroyjenkins Member

    Re: The Library Basics Campaign Flunk [Continues]

    In continuation of the Library Basics Campaign Scam. A library in Wisconsin just recently threw away their crap they received from scientology in LA... Scientologists should be pleased about the outcome of how they are sending unsolicited materials to libraries. You are wasting so much money for no return. If the libraries don't ask for it; then they won't need it. These photos were taken on Monday, April 6th.

    Donations, Wanted & Unwanted - a set on Flickr

  12. FUCK Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    nice ^_^
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    Soooo sad. <snuffle, sniff>

  14. kitfisto Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    Thats awesome , although this thread will now save the cult money .
  15. Lorelei Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    When I was a librarian, I got a LOT of unsolicited crap. Honestly, we do not want it. We have enough stuff to put into the system, which is a lot of work and time (though the actual amount of BS you have to do varies from library to library) and shelf space is ALWAYS at a premium.

    Librarians want to get books in there that people actually have requested, which have gotten RECENT good reviews, which are on RECENT best-seller lists (and we don't count "buy back" list-jamming) and which people actually WANT to read.

    Hubtard's books are neither requested nor desired.

    If the cult REALLY wants to keep sending unsolicited crap to libraries, I vote that we let them do just that. They are wasting thousands of dollars. They are counting on librarians being such bibliophiles that they can't bring themselves to trash a precious book, no matter how putrid it may be. Personally, the charm eventually wears off.

    The best the cult can hope for is that some frazzled librarian merely shoves the unsolicited material into a dark corner, still packaged, unopened, rather than promptly dumping them all into a garbage bin. At worst, the librarian will get pissed off and SEND THEM BACK as REFUSED, or add a few bricks and stick a postage-paid reply slip onto the return box.
  16. LilDebbie Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    it isn't a waste of money for the cult. it gives them a constantly recurring excuse to hit up their members for more money to pay for these ludicrously expensive books.
  17. Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    Lol'd...$cifails.... *shakes head*
  18. cubby Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    ah, but so many of are benefitting from librarians who are only too happy to pass the crap on to someone who might actually want it =D
  19. T.W.C_Anon Member

    Re: The Library Basics Campaign Flunk [Continues]

    Doesn't that library have a recycling program for paper and plastics? Bad enough this crap is being sent to people who don't want it, worse that it is destined to take up space in a landfill when there is recycling programs now everywhere for that kind of stuff.

    Scientology obviously doesn't care about the environment and their churning out tonnes of their crap that will ultimately only find its way into the environment is irresponsible and pathetic.

    Anyone here know if their still sending this crap to libraries in Canada? I am willing to bet the inks they use contain lead which is a health hazard to anyone handling them (never mind reading them which is a hazard also). If someone could test a few copies for lead in the ink (there is kits you can get to do this) or have it done I would be interested in the results.
  20. Shellback Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    I think this needs to be repeated.

    Organized Scientology does not give anything away, say that to yourself three times. They do not give anything away, everything they do has a profit motive.

    Giving LRH books to the library, that sounds like a wonderful idea right? Public libraries schools etc get lots and lots of good, theta material which will (no doubt) go far in the grand plan to clear the planet. It also makes Scientology look like the charitable organization it craves to be, they give stuff away right? Look at all the books!

    Each book that ends up a library trash bin was bought and payed for at a hefty profit *to* organized Scientology. They print that crap using virtual slave labor. The equipment (some of the very best in the world) was brought through donations, the materials are probably donated too. The final product is *purchased* by each Scientology franchise or "org" which then sells this product to their public. By the way, it's my understanding Scientology takes a big chunk of whatever they get in sales. Franchise holders are required to to purchase some arbitrary amount of books each cycle. RTC really doesn't give a crap what they do with them, it's all bought a paid for after the truck pulls out.

    Donation books are RTC by Scientology members. This is true of Way to Happiness booklets to the mounds of junk they send to libraries and *all public schools!* They have regular book drives to get LRH in front of raw meat public, if even a tiny percent of the books make it to a shelf the RTC has fulfilled its purpose and remember, they SOLD the book at many times it's value, one that cost them almost nothing to produce.

    The whole thing is nothing short of brilliant, it's just part of one of the largest cons in human history.

    St. Petersburg Times: A place called Gold
  21. Anon-007 Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    Lolz - that lot cost some poor Cultie about $450 in donations.

    And I stress the term poor!
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. GrimWeeper Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    I work at a library that opened up about 1 year ago. When they sent us our "Basics" it was actually only 3 books, I think they sent History of Man, Fundamentals of Thought, and maybe Dianetics: The Original Thesis, either way I wasn't really knowledgeable about any of this at the time and all the books went right to the sale self for like 1.50. (They didn't send us any of the REALLY juicy stuff like Sci 8008, or Creation of Human Ability) To be honest I've been lurking for a while because of a YFTC I found in our copy of "To The Stars", I've sense left in there, and It's still there, no one's checking out that garbage.
  24. NoScope Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    You sould have used that respond note to send the cult a few words and pics of what the real world actualy does with cult material.
  25. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    I want those books goddammit! Don't throw them away give them to me!
  26. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    Even more proof that we are at cause.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    Libraries have been throwing away excess cult materials for years. This is not due to us, except to say: We ARE cause, made manifest.
  28. Suzette Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    Librarians have been Anonymous for years before there was Anonymous....
  29. anonymous44 Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    This ^^^

    My library director took one look at the box and said "trash it"

    I <3 my boss.
  30. xenubarb Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    Terryeo has been using the library argument to "prove" Scientology is expanding. I challenged it to call the libraries in its area and ask if they received the books, and were they put in the stacks.

    Rather than apply scientific method, Terryeo just ignored my suggestion and kept repeating that the books are in every library in the country, which proves Scientology is expanding.

  31. Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    Anyone with Library Castoffs of $ci books who's coming to the MegaRaid (or is in easy IRL contact with someone who is), please make arrangements to get the books to Loldon.

    Burning Twilight Football was merely the beginning, and with your help, the planet can be cleared of Clam Cancer one book at a time (and in lulzy ways)
  32. MongoLloyd Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    Durr, the whole thing is ultimate proof of how gullible and naïve scilons are.. Libraries in general just don't accept unsolicited 'donations' of books.

    Otherwise they'd be receiving a Great Library of Alexandria's worth of self-published poetry and other vain crap.
  33. Voltaire Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    This thread makes me chuckle to myself. I am actually pretty interested in how many ex-$cilon$ and current $cilon$ even use the public library system?

    The more I look behind the curtain of this 'religion' the more I laugh and become more cynical towards people in general (I was red-lining in this area already...believe me).

    As far as the books go, it just kills me to see those going to waste. I think it would kill to have some Anons at pickets reciting from the 'tech' and doing comparative analysis on older books in original form compared to the DM 'squirreled' books with omitted parts.
  34. mrfyde Member

    Re: The Library Campaign Flunk

    If YOU are asking US we are fucked. :)

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