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Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by boethius, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. boethius Member

    Don't know how much has been said but I thought I'd throw my 2 p's worth in. Surely all this focus on Assange and Co. is exactly the plan of conspiritors against him (if not the many that have shooed him on his way)? When Wikileaks kicked off it was about the info, the stir that caused and a restoration of true democracy and made governments visible once more. Looks like thats been forgotten though; the mountains of information that's rightfully ours is now locked behind doors until banks stop blockading or Wikileaks radically changes its ways, for now this bitcoins idea looks sort of feasible. I just think this is a wasted oppourtunity and it goes against the spirit of anon. It goes against the basic principles of most of the people on this forum; I know that for sure.
    Maybe someone'll read this and agree, maybe not but it had to be said - we can't let these freedoms become re-shackled.
  2. Anonymous Member

    What exactly is the opportunity that is being wasted? Funding Assange?
  3. boethius Member

    Getting the information. Don't know if funding Assange is the best idea atm; if I were part of Wikileaks i'm afraid he'd seem like a contagion to me - not my view on wether or not he's guilty though. It's a wasted opportunity cause the snowball of Wikileaks was stopped.
  4. whosit Member


  5. boethius Member

    that's the spirit
  6. Anonymous Member

    obviously, someone needs to figure out how to do this without money.

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