The Guantanamo Files

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by LastOneStanding, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Okay, so you needed that. I can respect that. Are we all good?
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    This is getting fucking weird.
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    Most of the inmates at Gitmo are there because of a retarded policy by the US Army to pay the Pakistani military and police forces a bounty for "suspected" terrorists.

    Which of course led to the Pakistanis rounding up ANYONE not from their home town just to collect the cash.

    Gitmo is living proof that the United States government is hypocritical, unjust and barbaric. It is a concentration camp, following the long traditions of the nazi mentality that established it.
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    i love wiki-leaks
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    Who's this we're talking about? Also; how can you kill people multiple times?
    You do realise that torture is not only against the joke that you call your Constitution, but also against UN law and the original Declaration of Human Rights? Now we see that the US have been commiting war crimes and torturing people, when they condemn and kill people who are accused of torturing people just like they are. Hypocrisy much?

    1) See below
    2) Transparency for transparency's sake. The public have a right to know.
    3) Probably, but why should they need to?
    4) Means that everyone already knows that anything that they've previously stated was probably infomation given under torture or the threat of torture, which is rarely reliable. People will say anything to make the pain stop.
    5) Why would Wikileaks need a political stunt? They release information given to them once they've proved it's authenticity in-so-far as possible. Think of Wikileaks as a process, not an organisation.

    Doesn't matter where they were kidnapped (you can't arrest someone in a foreign country, and the US has always formally maintained that they're not occupying the country). They were brought there because Americans like their bloody hands at arm's length when they're torturing people and holding them without charge for years in the name of freedom.

    "The Guantánamo Bay detention camp is a detainment facility of the located within the United States' Guantanamo Bay Naval Base on the island of Cuba" - Legally it's on US soil, just like an Embasy in a foreign country is still legally the embassy's country's soil. Bring on that constitution that you so revere yet ignore.
    Don't even try to argue with the fact that Guantanamo Bay is on US soil. It's fact. It's true. There's no sense in trying to deny it.

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    Can anyone tell me why people get deported to Guantamo, because they might have information about the saudi red crescent? AFAIK the red crescent is a humanitarian aid organisation and not a terror organisation.
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    I will quote from the wikileaks leak:

    Abd al-Hakim Bukhari (ISN 493), a Saudi imprisoned by al-Qaeda as a spy, who was liberated by US forces from a Taliban jail before being sent, inexplicably, to Guantánamo (along with four other men liberated from the jail) is regarded in the files as a member of al-Qaeda, and a trustworthy witness.

    Abd al-Rahim Janko (ISN 489), a Syrian Kurd, tortured by al-Qaeda as a spy and then imprisoned by the Taliban along with Abd al-Hakim Bukhari, above, is also used as a witness, even though he was mentally unstable. As his assessment in June 2008 stated, "Detainee is on a list of high-risk detainees from a health perspective ... He has several chronic medical problems. He has a psychiatric history of substance abuse, depression, borderline personality disorder, and prior suicide attempt for which he is followed by behavioral health for treatment."

    Why are these guys in GITMO???!!!!

    On a side note: I feel that if we're torturing ANYONE for rather dubious reasons people should KNOW ABOUT IT.
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    The US constitution is not a joke. The detainees were tortured because the last government had SuperSikritStuff they were doing that US citizens DidtNeedToKnow. Cheney needs to be tried for treason. Bush and his pals stole the election (google florida presidential vote).
    This is not tinfoil.
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  10. Yo care que nunca vamos a saber la verdad do le que paso en ese infireno.

  11. A si mismo es por eso debemos luchar por el cierre de la Prisión de Guantanamo, de la cual han sido victimas muchas personas, principalmente árabes.

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    There is a TV program tonight on French TV about how the Bush administration managed to remove the prohibition of torture, based on the Congress hearings.
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