The Guantanamo Files

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by LastOneStanding, Apr 24, 2011.


    Dont forget to check daily for updates.
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  2. Loki's spawn Member

    Question: Are any of the higher up workers at Guantanamo scheduled to go to court for their crimes? Or are the bastards just going to get away with this?
  3. ToSSico Member

    I guess its matter of time to find out
  4. this kind of shit makes me so fucking mad.
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  5. nothing comes up when i google trials for guantanamo bay workers
    maybe they're keeping it tightly under wraps or they're really not gonna do anything about it.
    like tossico said only time will tell.
  6. Anonymous Member

    What? Mad at Wikileaks?

    I'm delighted the lids off.

    A huge number of lids have come off since Nov. 28th, 2010 (Cablegate) and the more those fucking lids come off the better as far as I'm concerned.

    What's been done at Guantanamo has been done. Nothing we can do about that. But now we find out in some detail, somewhat precisely, what has been done.

    If you mean the wide u-turn made by the american administration, driving all the way back into the dark ages and jump-starting the torture chambers, well yeah, I'm pretty pissed off about that too.
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  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  8. i think he means the latter of the two.
    now with this info released to the public domain maybe the public outcry for justic will be severe enough that it will bring these monsters to justice
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  9. Anonymous Member

    TL;DR version please
  10. Ann O'Nymous Member

    OP is the TL;DR version.
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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. sooleater Member

    i lol´d

    want see this news on fox news.

    and if THIS is TL:DR for you i am sry for your mother that tehy give britgh to you

  13. Im pissed its not closed. This shit could have been done last year or earlier. Im not mad at wikileaks, I'm glad they are around.
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  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Loki's spawn Member

    Just saw a report about this very subject on my local news. Wasn't very in-depth, but at least it's getting mainstream attention.
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  16. yeah, I saw them talking about it on CNN too. Thank GOD for Wikileaks.
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  17. whosit Member

    Congrats Wikileaks for fucking up any kind of court case that might have been brought against the "alleged" murders. I know it was an off chance that they might actually get justice in the US court system - it isn't like thousands of people have been fighting for that chance. But thanks to you, you have fucked it all up. Be proud of yourselves.

    In the meantime we can be amused by all of the documents showing how the US let other people go that probably just should have been shot in the head and how we only have to deal with about a 100 shitsbags.

  18. Anonymous Member

    I'll bet Wikileaks also ruined any chance of capturing Osama bin Laden, and finally reaching closure on the 9/11 case.
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  19. whosit Member

    Nah, we already know that George Bush had the CIA set that up. Bin Laden is on the payroll. Seriously, get with the program.
  20. 00anon00 Member

    The court cases are fucked up because WE TORTURED THEM and now EVERYONE CAN SEE.
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  21. whosit Member

    My heart is breaking over waterboarding the guy that masterminded the death of 3500 Americans 183 times.

    Seriously, I'm in a disarray here. OMG whatever shall we do.

    Fuck him. And the rest that are in there? hmmm. Well, I guess we'll know what they actually divulged in those non-top secret cables. I'm sure they were just petting kittens and talking about needle-point. Innocent lambs, all of them.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Not because the "WE TORTURED THEM" part.
    The court cases are fucked up because of the "EVERYONE CAN SEE" part.

    Clearly, sunshine and transparency on the judicial process are a perversion of justice.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Well, from a defense point,yes.
  24. Anonymous Member

    nicely said.
  25. whosit Member

    Idiotic. Assuming a just system (yeah, all those people that shouldn't be out there that the US pawned off too other governments). We got dox that are open to "people" in the government. It doesn't show the whole picture. It creates a bunch of fucktards thinking they know the whole picture. Then you got "bleeding heart" liberals wondering why Obama isn't agreeing with them.
  26. Anonymous Member

    So much anger.
  27. whosit Member


    Show me I'm wrong. I'd rather be wrong about this. I'm not.
  28. Anonymous Member

    What is your argument/beef? I'm so sorry. Really. I have not read the thread.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Well, what if some of those critters in the big bag-o-loot turn out to be poisonous scorpions?
    And other things caught in the loot-bag turned out not to be poisonous scorpions?

    - The leaks show us bits and pieces of substantial evidence against some of the inmates.
    - They also show us bits and pieces of cases where no substantial evidence was ever found.
    - Some cases where detainees were released in error (they went on to greater and more glorious terr0r acts)
    - Some cases where detainees were retained long after the millitary guys on the ground had given up trying to find evidence, out of fear that releasing them would led to greater and more glorious terr0r acts.
    - Cases where officials and evaluations disagreed with eachother on the relative level of threat a given detainee posed.
    - When the evaluations differed, sometimes the cases got a more thorough review, and detainees were more clearly labeled.
    - Sometimes the guys in charge made an arbitrary decision, that sometimes led to early release
    - Sometimes indefinite internment with no release. Without review or analysis, we have no fucking idea which would have been the correct decision.

    The picture that emerges is not one of a perfect, rational process- nor one of absolute evil. Its a rolling clusterfuck, possibly with some salvageable parts, and possibly some that need to be shitcanned.

    I don't think anyone here (WWP) is claiming that all the detainees in Gitmo were "innocents", but many here would allow the possibility that some of those detainees weren't being detained properly. The administrators of the facility would tend to agree- as in the end a lot of people WERE let go. But without cross-checking, it's really impossible to be sure.

    American standards of jurisprudence generally hold that its a worse evil to punish the innocent, than allow guilty to escape justice. There are boundaries and limits, obviously. If custodial arbiters have good reason to assert that a suspect risks harming many if granted freedom- there's a legal process to keep perps behind bars until guilt or innocence can be properly evaluated.

    But if the process is opaque and left permanently outside the reach of sunlight, errors won't be detected. If any were being held at Guantanamo without having committed a serious crime- nobody would know. Common Law and our Constitution really frown on these kind of shenanigans. Honoring those laws and that Constitution may well risk deadly mistakes: of accidental release of deadly scorpions. But the abuses these laws were proposed to counter, risk everyone's freedom.

    And honestly, you look just a little bit like a scorpion to me. :[
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  30. whosit Member

    A lot of fantastic points that are dead on right. Now about the process being opaque, yup, you're right. The Justice System is still trying to figure out "how" it should be dealt with regarding the prisoners. There are conflicting opinions even within the federal court system. There are a lot of people working to give people that I don't like their day in court. That's what I love about 'merica. My "beef" is that wikileaks, upholding their ideals of transparency, might have actually fucked over the defendents and poisoned the jury pool (if they actually get a chance at a jury). Someone said above, and I'm paraphrasing, as far the defense goes, the less people know the better chance they have at a fair trail.
  31. Anonymous Member

    I wopul
    I would enjoy a separate post for the "beef thing post thing". Please and thank you.
  32. whosit Member


    My beefs regarding wikileaks on this "leak".

    Gitmo? Why?
    Do you think the detainees actually deserve US Constitutional rights? and Why?

    Do you think you are helping "them"? Why?

    Did you consult with a anyone versed in US law before this? Don't need specifics.

    Do you think this is going to help them in a court of law?

    Are you using this as some political stunt just because?

    I reserve the right to keep asking questions.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Well, this is a two pronged question, and is multi dimensional. Are you asking ME questions about this leak? If so, you are wrong to do so.
    1. Gitmo detainees are on US soil, therefore they are subject to US law (bring on the Constitution). Whether they deserve this right or not is a moot point.
  34. whosit Member

    "Well, this is a two pronged question, and is multi dimensional. Are you asking ME questions about this leak? " No it isn't. Someone questioned my position and asked me to articulate. I did.

    As to the Gitmo "detainees". They were detained off US soil in the field of battle, then brought to a non-US state for a reason. Bring on the Constitution.
  35. Anonymous Member

    I can't talk to you when you are angry like this. Sorry, boo. <3. Maybe sometime later.
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  36. whosit Member

    luv u.

    sorry :(
  37. Anonymous Member

    What are you sorry for? I was only being queer.
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  38. Anonymous Member

  39. whosit Member

    just cause

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