The Grinstead Win Thread

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by A-non-non-anon, May 31, 2008.

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    This is Bonnie holding the excellent sticker that the cult wanted shops to put up, and she's holding a copy of Andew Morton's book that she had just been given for some bedtime reading.
  2. waitwhat Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I hate myself for not being there.
    Stupid revision.

    Anyway this is the greatest raid ever in win per anon. Other raids may have got to more of the public, but with 15 times as many people. For 40 people this blows everything out of the water. Absolutely fucking brilliant, I AM coming next time, even if i have an exam that same day god damnit.

    Here's what we need though for win to be brought to bear.

    Video of stalker
    video of book-throwing
    video of cops objecting to 'brainwashing' sign
    video of OSA prancing around in bushes liek they wish to be the little girl

    tl;dr MOAR VIDEO
  3. adeathofcult Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    How many did actually put it up?
  4. narCONon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    videos are coming...

    Sku has an excelent video of the stalker running down the street towards us, filming, and then denying he's following us, claiming he's just out for a walk.

    Someone definatly got a video of the book throwing incident. I dunno who, tho, so whoever you are, plz to post immediatly kthnxbye.

    I think someone got a video of the cops incident, dunno about that tho, and im sure someone got a video of the OSA in the bushes!
  5. socrates444 Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    For those that interest themselves with Saint Hill Castle. The two building rows of the castle, that extend into the neibouring field, these are "auditing rooms" for Scientologists; they are considered the "safe areas at Saint Hill, everyone outside of these rooms there, has to be quiet".

    Here is where the Scientologists do their mental virus-scanning (usually called auditing). They search for Hubbard "engrams, secondary engrams, and locks to engrams", this is what you receive when you give them money. The "port story" is that Hubbard found this phenomena and called it engram-erasing.

    The engram theory in fact didn't come from Hubbard, it was abandoned, as nobody before Hubbard, could prove that engrams exist. However Hubbard disgreed, and developed Dianetics to erase these "Hubbard Engrams".

    The "engram theory" is really like, the human brain has been infected with viruses and trojans, and Hubbard has developed a virus-scanner, called Dianetics, and only Dianetics can erase these engrams. The result of the state of Clear, or one of the many mentioned qualities of clear is "no more engrams". It is interesting that Hubbard at the time of the Saint Hill Briefing Course (two years listening to all of Hubbard's tapes), that the last part of the course was to audit oneself to clear; but then Hubbard said that he himself was a natural clear (today called a past lifetime-clear), so bringing into being the obvious, that so many people didn't have engrams, and didn't need Dianetic auditing in the first place.

    The one thing that Scientology doesn't ask, with their personality test, stress test is, "Are you a natural clear?"(free from Hubbard engrams). I would recommend that when one is on a bio-meter(Hubbard e-meter), and the range-finder(Hubbard TA counter) is at 3 for a male or 2 for a female (the female has thinner skin as a male), and the needle is very loose or oscilliates(hubbard floats), then one's brain and thinking habits are in a healthy condition, one doesn't need Hubbard dianetics. The lower levels of Scientology didn't, when I did them, require engram handling, however Miscavage has changed them over the years!

    My reason for this post was another, Saint Hill org, UK is the bithplace of the engram-erasing. After the first book about dianetics, Hubbard then prepared all those who had the patience to listen to him, with Scientology, with the end result of the SHSBC to audit oneself to clear. He then afterwards started at Saint Hill, the "standard, and again the new-era-dianetics course", in order to audit others/not self-auditing with Dianetics (audit engrams).

    Saint Hill org, UK, is the real source of Scientology and Dianetics. There is the management org (FOLOUK) for the whole UK, the Briefing Course and most of the OT levels are taught there. The manor is open to the public, you can look at Hubbard's bureau, his dining room and his photographic dark-room.

    Half an hour drive south from Saint Hill Org is a Scientology owned hotel for the staff, in a small village.

  6. Thundersalmon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    This made me think of an old Tick Comic
  7. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I have video of that. Editing now, uploading soon after.
  8. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Interesting. So the cult in Grinstead is saying no to the GF masks, but nothing about Anonymous.
    So by definition, if you were a protestor with anything buy a GF mask on, you can go right in.[IMG]
  9. ldnanon Member

  10. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Okay, here's the video with the police threatening arrest.

    I've cut off the lengthy interview with the ITN to get this up asap, but I'm working on the rest of the footage now. Will upload as soon as I've finished.

    YouTube - East Grinstead Police Threaten to Arrest Anon.
  11. Anonifus Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

  12. CafcFred Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    "NO scientology please, were british"
  13. xenubuster Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Teaches them for using Stealth as a dump stat.
  14. anonyme Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    OMG i think Scientology totally has the best spais.
  15. anoneye Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Talking to that OT IV absolutely made my day she got all pent up at our flagrant "lies" and actually talked about Xenu!

    Also guys, she helped clarify things for me:
  16. Daywatch Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

  17. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    OSA - More Obvious than ObviousCat
  18. adeathofcult Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Err, they do seem to have the mental faculties of an hedge... Oops, that would be insulting to hedges.
  19. uber_anon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    unfortinately wasnt there for all of it, turned up near the end, lets just say i was there for the chicken and chips.

    i wouldve inspected their pool for aids too, but i didnt see one.

    to all anon to turned up, win, i shouldve bought a mask earlier, couldve done the whole day.

    gave a lift to the station for four anons, see you at the next protest! all in all the day was a great success, many reactions, immense book throwing lulz, and loads of support!
  20. ldnanon Member

  21. Orderous Member

  22. ldnanon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    ^ Shame the audio isn't clearer.
  23. LarryBren Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    The long time scilon shown in the above video is David Gaiman.

    David used to be the Deputy Guardian for Public Relations (Bureau 2) of the Guardian's Office World Wide (GOWW). His office at GOWW was in Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead.

    As such, David was in charge of all of organized scientology's PR around the world until some time in 1981 when the GO was "disbanded".

    When Jane Kember was removed from the Guardian position as she had to go defend herself in the Snow White, etc., criminal charges, David took over the Guardian position at GOWW for a short time.

    David was the "Acting Guardian" in 1981 when the CMO mission arrived to take over GOWW under the pretense that Hubbard ordered it.

    Anyway, just thought you folks would like who know who Anon got on video there.

  24. Orderous Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    ^Useful information right there^
  25. Plups Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Roger? Roger the Shrubber?
  26. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

  27. Daywatch Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I can haz book thrower vid?
  28. anon1957 Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    My, how the mighty do fall. From being the #1 $cilon PR guy in all the world to skulking about in the St Hill hedgerows as legions of masked marauders mock him and his "religion."

    And all in less than one lifetime. Think how much further he could fall over the course of an entire life.

  29. Bruce Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Second that. As much as I love Richard and Bonnie one just has to say that Richards estimate of travel time leaves a little to be desired - notwithstanding such inaccuracies the skeet around Elrons one time home was not to be missed and Richard obtaining the farmers permish to go stomping on his land scored ten on my scale.

    First time I have seen St Hill Manor and it occured to me that it was a bit run down, both buildings and the gardens that we were able to see. Anybody else notice this ? If the RPF was not up to scratch before this excursion with the likleyhood of ethics conditions being metered out by the dwaf, especially to the OSA bods (who were responsible for not allowing this to happen), there may be plenty of available manpower over the next week or so.

    The demonstration was entirely peaceful and good humoured, and the police were pretty fair and even handed (exception of arrest threat for use of Brainwashing and evil), it was good that they were around so THANKS to Sussex police.

    It was a truly fine day protesting against this pernicious cult and if it has hit a home run needs repeating again soon.
  30. SweatyJon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    The building we were by was the "Castle", which they built a while ago (without proper permits if a disconnected guy I spoke to in East Grinstead is to be believed.), the actual Manor is down the hill a bit and mainly obscured by bushes from where we were.

    If you look here -

    Saint Hill, East Grinstead, West Sussex - Google Maps

    The Castle is the hulking thing on the left (with its shitty 70s roof giving away it's true origins), the Manor is the smaller thing on the right.
  31. SweatyJon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I'll put it up on Youtube soon, it's really not that interesting, you just see some peoples backs, then hear the Sci lady swearing at us, then she throws the book, which you can't see, and her car speeds off.
  32. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Hmm, thats interesting about it being built without permission...

    Of no use to us though Im afraid, if a structure is up long enough without permission (12 years I believe?) then it no longer needs it. If thats from the 70's then sorry guise, too late
  33. SweatyJon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Not the planning permission, they fought long and hard for that but got it eventually. The guy was the main contractor on the build (His wife and kids was / are in the Sea Org), and he said they shipped in loads of people from America (RPFers perhaps?) to build it and none of them were qualified or had work permits.

    I got his number and he's based in London and said he'll come to the protest in July and do an interview.

    Other things of interest he said -

    - His kids went to the Greenfields Sci school, and the Sci headmaster basically said if this guy didn't do X amount of courses a year his kids would be thrown out.

    - He's disconnected from his entire family, his kids blank him if he sees them on the street

    - He was awarded custody of his children while he was an alcoholic and on drugs on the basis that his wife was a Scientologist

    - The local CofE church is really anti-Scientology, so I may pop in there for a chat and give them an info pack.
  34. SweatyJon Member

  35. AnonyAnony Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    After the protest, everyone was so tired. We had to get a taxi (which took fucking ages) because we couldnt walk anymore! For the group of us who came in the same car, we had yet more walking and running to do. As we were been followed, for some of us this was the first time we were in this situation, and it was something we wont forget anytime soon. But thankfully, we manage to get in the car (action movie style) and go without been followed.
  36. Anonnumition Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I'm such a fag for feeling put out that I didn't experience any of that.
  37. uber_anon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    shame the video didnt show the actual violent syno, she went from calm to nutter in about 2 seconds flat.
  38. SweatyJon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    It was an interesting mix of emotions. On the one hand I was kinda freaked out that it was happening, on the other hand I was sort of proud that I'd graduated to "being stalked" status after seeing it happen the WMB etc for so many years, and on a freakish third hand I was really amused by how inept the stalker was and how overblown and hilarious our getaway was.
  39. SweatyJon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    James said she used to be a commander in the Isreali army - you'd think she be able to do something a bit more deadly than throw something then drive off.

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