The Grinstead Win Thread

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by A-non-non-anon, May 31, 2008.

  1. Anonnumition Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I was one of the moaners, but I quite liked it actually xD
  2. Orderous Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    And being the first Anon adventure (if you include the trip around St. Hill), makes it even more bearable
  3. SweatyJon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I'm still trying to process what exactly went on with that PI (I assume it was a PI, it could have just been a regular Scientologist for all we know).

    It's like we said in the car, he was either incredibly inept or he was just doing what he was doing on purpose to try to scare us.

    I saw him eyeing us up in town just after we separated from Bonnie and James, then he followed us quite a considerable distance to the car, and having just had my photo taken by that young couple with my mask off theres no way I wanted them to have my number plate too.

    I don't exactly know who he was trying to fool with his "I'm just going for a walk" shtick after he ran down the road filming us on his mobile.

    Basically the entire incident has left me quite bemused but our getaway was pretty funny in a bad action film sort of way so I guess well done OSA, you amused us and made sure that we'll definitely be at any future East Grinstead protests.

    narCONon, have you got that picture one of you guys had of him running at us taking pictures? That was an excellent photo.
  4. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    lol ive only just realised how your names actually spelled, no wonder you laughed when i asked if you were "odourous"
  5. Orderous Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I might have to change it now, it was just too damn good. That whole train ride did indicate the epic win of the rest of the day though. Was too damn good
  6. Anon115 Member

  7. Anonnumition Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    And we lost him on the train =(
    I'm quite distraught.
    I miss longcat.
    CA, make meh a new one (please, lol) =D
  8. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    That was my first thought, too.

    That's why I got people to take pix.

    It's the reason why Longcat has chosen Anonymous as messengers - He wants CoS to GTFO his manor...
  9. JigsawPsyche Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Great job everyone! Although I do have a small question.

    Did I miss some information? Was L Ron a paedophile? If so, my apologies I have not come across this information before. If not, I don't think we need to make up such inflammatory allegations. Hubbard was bad enough without us having to make up stuff.
  10. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Epic day for Anon.

    I'd be interested in seeing pix of Bonnie's sticker.

    The scilon owned shops in largely deserted downtown clearwater, have had similiar cult-produced discrimination signs, which are all identical to each other, during every monthly protest.

    Link to original: Operation Reconnect 271 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  11. LarryBren Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    You folks are completely AWESOME!!! The photos are really great too.

    FYI, some photos saying they were of the manor (as in "Saint Hill Manor") were actually of the "castle". The following link is a photo of myself and my then wife from 1978 with the actual Saint Hill Manor in the background:

    Transcript of Larry Brennan Radio Show re Scientology Corporate Fraud 8 NOv 2007

    For anyone who doesn't know it, at that time (1978) Saint Hill Manor was the home of the Guardian's Office Worldwide ("GOWW"). Right behind my head in that picture are the windows to the Legal Bureau (Bureau 3) and the Finance Bureau (Bureau 4) of GOWW. I was in the Legal Bureau then.

    Although even most of us on staff back then did not know of it, that building is where much of "Operation Snow White" was managed. So, to say the least, that building has a checkered reputation not only as Hubbard's home once, but later the home of GOWW responsible for such things as "Snow White", "Operation Freak Out", (as ran by Bureau 1, the Intel Bureau) etc.

    (And Miscavige has carried out many more abuses using the same Hubbard policies that the GO used back then. The only difference is that Miscavige carries out more abuses than even the GO did back then).

    So you guys were picketing the right place!!! And I wish I were with you.

    Again, it was awesome!!!

    I hereby formally defect from the Sea Org and join the Sea Arrrgh and will be there with Anon on June 15 in Boston, wearing my V for Vendetta pins on my "XSO" hat (ex Sea Org).

  12. hyraxian Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Huhh.... young teenage girls (The Commodore's messengers) who clothed and bathed him? There is plenty of stuff written and told about that.
  13. Orderous Member

  14. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Fantastic work all involved! I would've come but was jet-lagged. Next time!

    Did you see Lord Xenu's Landing Field, as marked on WikiMapia?
  15. Orderous Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I even walked around on it. The fence at the end of that landplot is basically where we were standing and enturbulating
  16. ldnanon Member

  17. musketeerwang Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    AFAICT, yes, he had girls as young as 14 as servants. But there is no conviction, not even any accusation, that he sexually abused any of them.

    A Piece Of Blue Sky - Part 6, Chapter 1: Making Movies

    We have enough trouble with bona fide words like "cult" and "brainwashing" without accusing Blubbard of paedophilia. Without evidence, that falls squarely under the "abusive" or "insulting" provision of the law that the London police were using.

    Just the facts, m'aam.
  18. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    This was quite utterly epic. Absolute win moment was when the car pulled up when we were flyering, and two scilons tried to bullbait us. The policeman came over and told him that it was illegal to talk on the phone while leaving the engine running and gave him the third degree. Epic.
  19. inlandanon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I know I'm giving out lots of :flowers: tonight, but I'm just in awe of all the brave and fantastic anons.

  20. Aberration Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I kinda wish (though not really) that we had such major targets here in the periphery of Europe ><

    Anyhoo, that was indeed a flash raid made of God and win! :yay:

    Also, pinstripe hatted female anon is cute :woot:
  21. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Yeah, you guys owe me new feet for the EPIC walking that entailed. Or at least you owe me plasters. I have blisters.

    Also, video to come tomorrow.
  22. Anon23517 Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I'm just reading the twitters and this one line has me laughing so hard I'm wheezing:


    (Twitter: Twitter / CaptainAnon)
  23. marybleuz4u Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Wow Larry, that place must really hold some memories for you...
  24. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Wow, very impressive, and a lot of fun was had, clearly. It must shake the foundations of the Manor to have the citizens rising up against the landowner and protesting at the gates. Lordy, lordy!

    Sounds like you need an Anonymous shuttle service van for next time?
    My hat's off to your Brits!
  25. Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Old Rolled
  26. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    It was great! Me and 646 enjoyed it, we need to go again at another date.

    Two of us here from BrumAnon, got a swift drink in at the end too. Fantastic to meet the old gaurd, I wasn't really dressed for the walk but the mud will come out.

    News crew were cool.

    Hartley: I owe you a pint mate, thanks for the drink.
  27. Flynn Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    fuckin WIN. Congrats all!
  28. Chamberlain Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Yeah great time yesterday, fantastic finally seeing action taken in my town, really stirred the shit pot. Was talking to a friend, he's sending a email to someone at the paper, needs some a picture of course. I'll plow through these one's but if you have a great picture you can find a post it before 10'oclock GMT it might get printed!

    Also, add my anonmyous facebook:

    Was a pleasure yesterday, really should do it again and show the people of East Grinstead we'll be back.

  29. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Priceless shoop !!!
    A classic.
  30. rasputin Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    My pics of the day, mostly at Saint Hill; includes the no Anonymous flyer and the C-U-L-T photo, and the entrance plaque with the Cult but without the Paedophile placard.
  31. AnonyBee Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Winrar was most definitely had.

    Highlights include being called "stupid cunts" by woman in car, spotting the not-so-secret men hiding in a tree, watching Driller fall over in mud, and getting to the back of Saint Hill to enturbulate.

    Don't think we were followed, a few of us (6 I think) got taxis from the sports club and as far as I could see there was nobody really around. But if there was, never mind.

    Was awesome to meet the Old Guard, those guys are amazing.

    Well done guys, we'll have to do it again at some point too. Though maybe we should find a slightly better way to the back of the manor?
  32. Chamberlain Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Anyone remember that "My face is clean! My face is clean!" lady at the very end? What the hell was that about!
  33. mojo Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    i stand in awe!
    agenda was set, manor was rolled and the wins just keep on coming! :cake:
  34. admiral_caek Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    good recon alpha squad,

    Project "charlie52" is a go. Sync-JPG-cipher sleeper27 and run a T-minus with this post's timestamp for zulu.

  35. Plups Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

  36. AnonMSW Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Outstanding job. Congratulations!
  37. anonyme Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Agreed...stick to the proven facts!!Although the 'seafaring' part made me chuckle!
  38. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    loli in hotpants? that was his decree...

    nothing may have been proven, but i would say "L Ron insisted on being served by loli in hot-pants" would be an accurate summation.
    perhaps followed with "paedophile? you deciede"
  39. ldnanon Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    I've removed my original image with the seafaring paedo bit, I wasn't too keen on that bit when I posted it.
  40. Orderous Member

    Re: The Grinstead Win Thread

    Reposting the link due to all pictures now being up;

    East Winstead 31.05.08 - a set on Flickr

    Spread the link and photos anywhere you wish.

    (Note that the continuity is a bit fucked because I did the uploading in stages)

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