The Green Movement is spreading

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by rizah, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. rizah Member

    This is a pic from Aghanistan at a covention to encourage women to vote for the upcoming elections. Green seems to be taking over the region! We have had a lot of support from Aghanistan for Iran, and it has really touched me to read about demonstrations held in Kabul in support of the people in Iran.
    It is dangerous at it is, to be out in the open in Afghanistan, but to still stand up for freedom, even if it doesn't concern you under those circumstances deserves a lot of respekt.
    I thank the people of Afghanistan!

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  2. rizah Member

    How unshocking...gerdab thinks Israel has gone green too. Just to show how the propaganda apparatus in Iran works. They pick up a trend, quicker than Paris Hilton!

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  3. many support fellow brothers and sisters of Iran
    growing by the sec/hour/day

    love n support

    to ye all ;)

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