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  1. NiteOwl Member

    I'm Josh Shahryar AKA NiteOwl - on twitter - and I've been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several hours. I have tried to be extremely careful in choosing my tweet sources. What I have compiled below is what I can confirm through my reliable twitter sources. Remember, this is all from tweets. No news media outlets have been used. (There was precious little today to offer so I waited very long)

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Tuesday, June 24 in Iran.

    1. The event of the day was the protest held at Baharestan Square in the late afternoon. Although the exact number cannot be fully known, my sources claimed somewhere between 5,000-10,000 people tried to join the rally. Things got violent when security forces that had been waiting there for hours moved in as soon as a small crowd had managed to gather. They used force to brutalize the protesters and scatter them faster then they could regroup. Police were also patrolling the areas around Baharestan and people were attacked even as they fled Baharestan and go to the outer edges of the area. This continued for at least two hours.

    2. Force was utilized without discrimination; however, media reports about a complete massacre cannot be confirmed by my more reliable sources. What I can confirm is at least 3 people were killed; the police used batons to beat people quite viciously - leaving dozens injured, not just in Baharestan but also in the areas around Baharestan. Shots were also fired and at least 2 of the fatalities were as a result of gunfire. Tear gas was also used to disperse them. We cannot confirm the use of axes on protesters. It could have been isolated incidents. But a wide-spread use cannot be confirmed. There were reports of killings at Lalehzar as well. Lalezhzar is a park in Tehran which has been completely taken over by security forces and is being used as a quasi-de fact base. Pictures are scarce and videos cannot be confirmed at this point either. The police were checking cell phones throughout the area as well as in other parts of the city and deleting images or videos or confiscating the phone altogether.

    (I have to add a personal note here. I am not anti-protester and neither am I against the freedom of Iran from the grips of such a repressive regime. The Green Briefs are VERY one-sided and TOTALLY pro-protester. However, I think the event was overblown partly because the people who participated were terrorized by the brute nature of the event and at the same time, the word 'massacre' got lost in translation a little. I apologize if you find my denial of this outrageous, but I will not confirm something like this. It could easily be a government ploy to scare people from joining further protests.)

    3. The area was surrounded also by vans and cars belonging to the security forces. Injured protesters and those protesters the police could hold onto were promptly thrown into these vehicles and moved to undisclosed locations. It has been suggested that Evin prison is being used to house most of the prisoners, but the sheer number of protesters easily could mean that make-shift prisons have been built around Tehran to house these people. Some sources indicated as well, but this cannot be confirmed right away. Most shops around Baharestan were closed so people had nowhere to hide. Cell phone service was also jammed so no help could arrive for those stranded and the vicious and wide-spread beatings and arrests could continue.

    4. The security forces were being heavily helped by helicopters. They flew all over the city and informed security forces of places where people had gathered. Security forces arrived in minutes and dispersed crowd. However, people were extremely persistent. Gatherings and small rallies took place in several places and the quicker they were dispersed the quicker more sprang up. This continued late into the night until people dispersed on their own. The sheer tenacity of the protesters is heartening and many twitter sources indicated that no matter what happens they will go to streets and protest. Hezbollah e Ansar were also spotted from time to time. Plainclothesmen also did their part of the arrests as they drove around the city in motorcycles.

    5. There were also other arrests in Iran today. At least 70 university professors and other professionals held a meeting today with Mousavi at the end of which, all of them were arrested as they exited the meeting area. Reports also confirm that Mousavi's chief lawyer, Ardsher Amir Arjman has also been arrested. There is no real confirmation of whether Mousavi has been arrested or he's free. However, there are strong indications and SOME sources that claim he is currently under house arrest. For a partial list, please click here:

    6. Several foreign nationals were arrested today as well. Among them is Iason Athanasiadis - a Greek national who works for the Washington Times. The identity of other people detained cannot be confirmed at this point. The media lockdown is continuing in Iran as the government tries to stop the spread of news of what's happening inside the country. Saw a quote that I wanted to share by an Iranian twitter user: "Saving Iran... one tweet at a time!"

    6. As reported before, Mohsen Rezaei is being reported to have withdrawn his complaints regarding the election. However, it seems that his office believes he has been sidelined by the government through pressure and intimidation. His office today told the Guardian Council that that they need to tell the people the real reason why they quit or they will publish the real reasons themselves. Reports also abound that Rafsanjani is preparing a plan of action and will make an announcement on Friday, but this cannot be fully confirmed. Mousavi, Rafsanjani and Rezaei also held a meeting with officials from the National Security Committee of Iran. No news as to the issues debated or decisions made can be confirmed yet.

    7. The chants of Allah o Akbar continued throughout the night in Tehran and reports indicate that it also occurred in many cities around the country. Confirmed reports also indicate that plainclothesmen put some trees on fire near the homes of people who were chanting in Sharake Gharb. It is being reported that on June 25 at 1 PM, people will fly ceremonial balloons from their homes. The balloons will be green to symbolize the movement and black for the dead protesters. Reports indicate that tomorrow's mourning rallies in Tehran have been canceled as well. (I will no longer post information about protests that are to come here. Too many Iran-gov people are reading this and it might help them.)

    8. Khamanei spoke to a meeting of members of the Majlis of Iran (Majlis = Parliament). Click here to read it: Khamenei Speech to Parliamentarians June 24 (Excerpts English) - Why We Protest - IRAN

    9. Finally, reports indicate that the Iranian ambassador in Copenhagen has 'threatened' the Danish government by telling them that they are watching the Danish media very closely...

    Read this if you want to help or get help!

    The government in Iran is still increasing internet filtering and throttling in an attempt to silence their people. Anonymous info shows that many in Iran are looking for proxy and Tor information in Tehran and all around the country. Please donate your bandwidth to help bring down the Iran Curtain. Here are links on how to help and get help on this:

    English: Tor and the Iranian Election - Bring down the Iran Curtain | Ian's Brain

    Fars: Tor: ?????? Tor

    For the more savvy, try these if you want to connect from Iran: AE4DE948A8F37F18D886C5545F375AB246647837
    (trad. tor port) AE4DE948A8F37F18D886C5545F375AB246647837
    (xbox live port)

    (Thanks to Alexander)

    Images and vids and instructions on how to send them to us: Why We Protest - IRAN - Powered by vBulletin

    Helpers with expertise in the field of medecine, translation and such:

    “Medici Cu Internet is a collaboration between, HackersWithoutBorders and trying to organize contacts with medical expertise online since there are problems in Iran with hospitals being monitored by the government. Join the IRC-channel at #mci-ir - WebIRC - AnonNet or send an email to us at embassy [at] for more info. Medical experts, Farsi-translators and people who know the medical situation in iran are welcome to join and collaboratively set up an index with common injuries and their best treatments.”

    People Outside Iran: This is as clear and concise as I can be. I have not included ANYTHING that I have sensed to be remotely fishy, but humans always err.

    People Inside Iran: Don't believe a WORD of what I am telling you. Do what you think is best, keeping everything in mind. I know LITTLE of what you know so make your decisions based on your OWN judgment.

    P.S. Please post this around and tweet and retweet.
  2. Thank you for this information. This clears alot of things up.
  3. skollie-IRAN Member

    thank you so much for that, NightOwl.
  4. How can I help?

    I am concerned about the medical supplies and lack of first aid knowledge from protesters - I have been tweeting basic instructions. ANything else I can do? I am also sending msgs through Tehran Bureau on FaceBooK. I am in the US.
  5. Thanks

    Will post on Tweeter
  6. Thank you for taking the time and the risk to report. I look to this as VERY important. May God bless you.

  7. Sir you do Great work and should be considered a Hero within your country..

    I have looked at the Medical site you speak about and it says you must be a Doctor...

    I think it would help your cause alot to consider adding medical responders to that because there many more in sheer numbers..

    you might consider adding

    Registered Nurses
    Emt's (Emergency Medical Technicians)
    And even certified 1st responders possibly as they are trained to stabilize a PT..
  8. MassuUnion Member

    Started rebroadcasting this immediately on Twitter.

    Also, what's the current word on the security of spreading information on Twitter? There seems to be an increasing percentage of posters who are potential government flak accounts. Is there a risk of information leaking to Basiji/RG if posted on Twitter? I'm trying to keep things vague in RTs, but I'm not sure just how cautious we need to be on there.
  9. Helping

    I've opened a port and as a pharmacist and MD, would like to help with the medical situation. I'll click on link in tweet re:this and RT if any problems.
  10. dude this is the internet they damn well are monitoring twitter and there damn well is info leaking to them, problem is they can see everything we do, it cuts both ways, just cause they speak another language doesnt mean they wont understand English
  11. harrystaab Member

    Thank you for sharing. The information is desperately needed. Thank you for clearing up the "massacre" information as well. The truth will come out, but I appreciate very much your caution. You are a journalistic of the highest caliber.
  12. MassuUnion Member

    Yeah, I know that much, but we're the ones spreading vital information, not them. The question is, how are we to spread information on the pipeline going in and out of Iran, if government eyes are intercepting everything coming out of that pipe? Tweet weapons of mass deception and try to confuse the hell out of Khamenei and Co.? Then how to we make sure protesters get the right information? Or should we leave that much in their hands, and let the correct info get distributed by low-tech means (paper notes, word of mouth, etc.?)

    I'm just concerned that we're hurting more than we're helping, when we RT. That's all.
  13. Please pass this on to everyone: Requests from Inside Iran >>>>>>>

    PLEASE read the whole thing and help us in any way you can. We need our online brothers and sisters now more than ever. PLEASE do anything that you can, all of it will be greatly appreciated no matter how little or big. WE need your community and solidarity now.

    PLEASE READ HERE: We are at a critical point! Request from Iranians outside of Iran - Tehran Broadcast

    could someone sticky this?
  14. CurtMonash Member

    Suppose somebody in Iran gets information out, wanting it to be rebroadcast back in.

    I see no basis for saying anything other than "That's their call. Let's help as best we can."

    This assumes, of course, that we have a sufficiently strong guess that they're "for real."
  15. Yes; twitter is compromised; I have a website that the Basiji can't see or get into unless someone lets them in; it is private network. I am an America; I am on twitter; and almost all of the social networks including Pagii. I have much knowledge about Social Networks and I am the only Administrator on Iran Freedom. See Suggested Websites below find the private link>>>
  16. Maybe some good news can be added:
    According to Sardar (General) Ali Fazli of the Revolutionary Guard arrested by order of Ali Khamenei -
    Sardar Ali Fazli of the Revolutionary Guard, responsible for the
    Seyad-al-Shohada, Tehran Province, refused to carry out orders to use force
    against unarmed Iranian civilians.

    Is this to see in connection with the incident at the Baharestan Square at the same time?
    Some eyewitnesses decribed it as a massacre.
    I cite from an Eyewitness Account:
    > I was going towards Baharestan with my friend. This was everyone, not
    > just supporters of one candidate or another. All of my friends, they
    > were going to Baharestan to express our opposition to these killings and
    > demanding freedom. The black-clad police stopped everyone. They emptied
    > the buses that were taking people there and let the private cars go on.
    > We went on until Ferdowsi then all of a sudden some 500 people with
    > clubs came out of [undecipherable] mosque and they started beating
    > everyone. They tried to beat everyone on [undecipherable] bridge and
    > throwing them off of the bridge. And everyone also on the sidewalks.
    > They beat a woman so savagely that she was drenched in blood and her
    > husband, he fainted. They were beating people like hell. It was a
    > massacre. They were trying to beat people so they would die. they were
    > cursing and saying very bad words to everyone. This was exactly a
    > massacre I dont know how to describe it.

    Then Sardar Ali Fazli refused to be part of that massacre.
    But it is reported that he has been arrested after having refused.
  17. Visionary Member

    This sounds like a really dangerous idea. :(
  18. I think this should have been obvious by now .... the international internet is no longer a viable tool for coordinating or planning future events. It give basiji a time and place to be. It could be very useful conduit for mis-information so that basiji epend resources in wrong place.

    However, that does not significantly diminish the impact of twitter or you-tube. Khamenei is doing great harm to Islam. IMO, that is how Khamenei is peacefully defeated. The guys in Qom get fed up with you-tube clips showing how the islamic republic of Iran beats up unarmed civillians (who, by the way, are simply trying to excercise their constitutional right #27). If I was Mousavi, I would have told every single one of the demonstrators not come without their qoran ... and then the scholars in Qom get to see the women using the qoran to deflect blows from basiji thugs. but now I ramble. Twitter is a tool of political pressure. It's use as an orginizational tool is finished.
  19. Agreed. We should start discussing ways to make coordination more difficult to track down for those on the ground, if you now what I mean.
  20. The last time some one in the Muslim world stood up against a larger force the united states could not help until the Afghan's picked up weapons and stood up for themselves.
    I wish peaceful demonstration could do it but i don't think so.
  21. How can we help?

    I feel so helpless here in the USA. My heart breaks for all the martyrs and everyone involved in this struggle. How can we help?

    ~~Cheryl in Tacoma, WA
  22. MassuUnion Member

    Carrying the Qur'an has been a very successful gesture, and has shown that these are people who support the principle of what the current government should be about (democratic government that strives to live within moral and spiritual guidelines) but who are outraged and angry at the people running it.

    Let Khamenei's government be bombarded with just how un-Islamic they really are. Let their own hypocracy be their undoing.
  23. Cheryl just hop on the train and you will find something, there is a thread somewhere that says what can be done from the USA but the board is moving fast right now , it will show up in a few and I will look for it and bump it if i see it..

    Even just getting the updates and spreading it accounts for doing something..
  24. Iran We Support the People

    I pray for you the Iran people that you get your freedom. I want to know how I can help. I can't do some of the tech savvy things computer people do but I sure want to help somehow. I just dont know how. All the violence, the beatings and death is breaking my heart.
  25. Operation Schrdinger Protest?

    Where? What time?
  26. I'm sorry?
  27. The moment Twitter hit the media, it was no longer useful as a way to blindly organize the protests. The initial surprise from using it would've begun to stagnate. It's now limited to updating the rest of the world on what's going on. But even that has reached its point, since the only ones who can do trusted data-gathering and the subsequent compilations of it are those who established followers from before Twitter was mentioned on the news. Only other use for it now is, as mentioned, disinformation and morale.
  28. MassuUnion Member

    It's a joke on the idea of Schrdinger's Cat, a thought experiment in quantum physics. In other words, the protest may happen at a particular place and time, or it may not. You don't know until it happens.
  29. Body count

    Hi thanks for the great brave work.
    If you are in Tehran - is there any way to get an idea of the body count from the hospitals. A doctor sent iReport blog saying bodies are being forcefully removed by security forces, but hospitals are still keeping count. This will give clearer idea of how many people have been killed. The world needs to know.
  30. I am a Doctor how can i help??
  31. The Green Wave march Friday 26, NYC

    Friday, June 26 @5pm The Green Wave march NYC
    meet at Union Square

    The Green Wave


    Please RT
    Friday, June 26 @5pm The Green Wave march NYC The Green Wave #neda #iranelection #greenwave
  32. Free accounts for iranian citizens


    Please make use of this website that is circulating around. This site is offering free accnts for those back in iran. This site provide free IP addresses.

    I hope it helps our friends back home.

    Our hearts are with them.



    IP Rental - Anonymous IP Surfing
  33. Tabriz bazaar?

    There are unconfirmed tweets of a Tabriz bazaar strike. Can anyone confirm?
  34. iDoVooDoo Member

    Twitter has gotten me down, from our end (U.S.) with the sensationalism occurring. I have tried to only tweet/retweet with a media source attached, hoping to provide news to the Iranians, support and keeping this twitter revolution going.

    Because I am in the medical field with confidential info in my computer, I cannot set up a proxy (unfortunately, not an M.D.). However, I am extremely reliable, understand confidentiality, and would be happy to give my email address to any Iranian with a "remailer." This information would be redirected to Huffington Post, and then Twitter, any name excluded. This is not a yahoo, msn, gmail or outlook express email, so I believe more beneficial toward anonymity.

    NightOwl, if I can be of any service in this capacity, please let me know.
  35. Candy Member


    You are providing an invaluable service. THANK YOU. Be safe.
  36. Reports of Axe attacks are apparently true

    Photo confirming axes were used on civilians. Photo is of dead person with obvious axe/blade wound. I think that certainly people in the protests were terrified, and that it was not as deadly as it could have been, the government could have simply shelled and bombed them and fired en mass and killed every last one of them. But it does look like there was a massacre there.

    ThreatsWatch.Org: RapidRecon: Unimaginable Horror In Tehran Today
  37. The Threat Watch photo has already been debunked. Photo dates back to at least June 16th -- and appears as if it may have been photo-shopped. It's a gruesome photo and the Iranian government brings these things upon themselves by limiting press access, but the photo at an absolute minimum has no connection to yesterday's events.
  38. looks like a surgical incision for open cardiac massage,not a photoshop

    maybe taken by the govt to scare ppl

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