The Green Brief #7 - NiteOwl

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  1. NiteOwl Member

    The Green Brief #7 - NiteOwl

    Please retweet this link. Apologies for the lateness of today's brief. I had urgent matters to take care of. I'm Josh Shahryar AKA NiteOwl - iran_translator on twitter - and I've been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several hours. I have tried to be extremely careful in choosing my tweet sources and have tried maximally to avoid listening to media banter. What I have compiled below is what I can confirm through my tweets to have happened in the past day and in the past week in Iran. Remember, this is all from tweets. There is NOTHING included here that is not from a reliable tweet. No news media outlets have been used in the compilation of this short brief as I would like to call it.

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Tuesday, June 23 in Iran. (If I cannot positively confirm, I have indicated that I can't.)

    1. Although most sources had confirmed that there was going to be a strike today in Tehran, the city had only partially closed down its shops. Throughout the day reports kept arriving that Mousavi had not ordered the strike, however, most people continued urging protesters to comply with the strike. It seemed that there was a complete lack of coordination between the movement and its leader. This is the first time it has happened, however, and seems to be a direct result of government’s tireless efforts at trying to jam communications between protesters and their leaders.

    2. There were sporadic reports of a more successful strike in parts of the Kurdish-inhabited areas of northwestern Iran. In Kurdistan province, the cities of Sanadanj and Seqqez were reported to have had half their shops closed. There were also reports from Mahabad in Western Azerbaijan province to the north of Kurdistan province. That city is also inhabited by Kurds. The main stream media has not confirmed these reports; however, sources were pretty uniform about the veracity of them. There have been unrests in Mashhad and Tabriz as well, but no solid news came out for us to investigate further.

    3. People in Tehran, though, acted in different ways to continue to defy the authorities. There were anti-government posters stuck on walls, anti-government slogans adorned parts of the walls of the city and waves of small rallies broke out in various parts of the city. Car headlights were turned on in the city at dark to commemorate those killed in the protests and chants of Allah o Akbar continued to ring loudly at night. Among these chants, there were also chants of “Death to the Dictator” and surprisingly enough, some people also chanted “Death of Khamenei” – although the last one was only reported in isolated areas.

    4. The city of Tehran was literally crawling with Basijis and police. There were roadblocks everywhere and the streets were heavily patrolled by the security forces. Most sources complained that going outside was dangerous for anyone – even if the person wasn’t a protester as security forces continued to beat up anyone they could get their hands on.

    5. There were reports of clashes in northern, western and eastern Tehran between small numbers of protesters and the security forces, though; no news of any casualties reached us. Shots were fired late at night as well, but still no word of casualties today. People had started small fires on the streets that were continuously being put down by the security forces.

    6. Arrests continue to take place throughout the day. Journalists from Kalemeh newspaper were picked up and there were unconfirmed reports of the arrest of at least 2 journalists affiliated with the foreign media, however, the latter claim could not be independently verified. One of these is a Greek reporter with the Washington Times. The government has now announced the creation of a special court in order to investigate and decide the cases of people who have been so far arrested by the government.

    7. There was also sickening news of security forces asking the families of protesters who’d been killed for large sums of money – typically between 3-5 thousand dollars - as a “bullet fee” if they wanted the bodies of their dead relatives back. At least two cases were confirmed by our reliable sources, but it seems to have not picked up with MSM yet. Also, relatives of protesters went today to Evin prison to see if they could get information about the ones arrested recently. They were turned away without a chance to verify whether their relatives were in custody.

    8. The Iranian government continued to blame the West for Iran’s current state of affairs. As a direct result of this, Iran expelled to British diplomats in protest, resulting in the expulsion of two Iranian diplomats by the British government. There are reports of the EU mulling over imposing sanctions against Iran. Shirin Ebadi – the Nobel Peace Prize laureate from Iran – has asked the world to only impose political and not economic sanctions on Iran.

    9. Mousavi and Khatami’s offices have told their supporters to use a different tactic to get their demands by going to the bazaars with their families everyday starting Tuesday at 9 and not buy anything at all. If anyone is to ask them, they’re to say they’re there to shop. According to Khatami, time had come people to stop wasting their energies on the government in the old ways and start new ways of defying the authorities’ refusal to meet their demands. According to Khatami, the actions described above will halt all business in Tehran.

    10. State media in Iran are continuing to denounce protesters as thugs, hooligans and terrorists. It has been reported that Keyhan Daily’s tomorrow’s edition is going to call for Mousavi’s arrest. Reports were also published and broadcasted about Mohsen Rezaee – on of the four candidates during the election – has taken back all his complaints against the elections. Khamenei has extended the period for registering complaints against the elections for five more days. The deadline was Wednesday, before.

    11. Throughout the day, there were reports of Mousavi organizing a fresh rally as well as Karoubi calling on people to stage rallies in different locations. Both leaders were said to have wanted rallies late afternoon on Thursday. Yet, the reports were often so conflicted that for now, the place and time of the protests cannot be verified. As before, it seems they are trying to confuse the government into keeping less armed personnel around the protest area by not letting them know where it’s actually at. So far, reliable sources have mostly agreed upon a rally at Baharestan Square in the late afternoon.

    12. There was word all over twitter about Britain freezing more than a billion dollars worth of Iranian assets as a result of the protests. However, this had actually happened way before the protests as a result of Iran’s non-compliance with the recommendations of IAEA during the nuclear standoff. The news of Iranian footballers that wore green bands in their game against South Korea being forcibly retired has been confirmed.

    Read this if you want to help or get help!

    The government in Iran is still increasing internet filtering and throttling in an attempt to silence their people. Anonymous info shows that many in Iran are looking for proxy and Tor information in Tehran and all around the country. Please donate your bandwidth to help bring down the Iran Curtain. Here are links on how to help and get help on this:



    For the more savvy, try these if you want to connect from Iran: AE4DE948A8F37F18D886C5545F375AB246647837
    (trad. tor port) AE4DE948A8F37F18D886C5545F375AB246647837
    (xbox live port)

    (Thanks to Alexander)

    Images and vids and instructions on how to send them to us:

    Helpers with expertise in the field of medecine, translation and such:

    “Medici Cu Internet is a collaboration between, HackersWithoutBorders and trying to organize contacts with medical expertise online since there are problems in Iran with hospitals being monitored by the government. Join the IRC-channel at #mci-ir - WebIRC - AnonNet or send an email to us at embassy [at] for more info. Medical experts, Farsi-translators and people who know the medical situation in iran are welcome to join and collaboratively set up an index with common injuries and their best treatments.”

    People Outside Iran: This is as clear and concise as I can be. I have not included ANYTHING that I have sensed to be remotely fishy, but humans always err.

    People Inside Iran: Don't believe a WORD of what I am telling you. Do what you think is best, keeping everything in mind. I know LITTLE of what you know so make your decisions based on your OWN judgment.

    P.S. Please post this around and tweet and retweet.
  2. How was the response to president Obamas statement if you do not mind me asking?
  3. Informative as always

    Thanks for the update.

    I don't really understand what the "end-game" will be for the protesters.
    Is a new government wanted? A new form of government, that is, or do they just want a chance at a fair election?
  4. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    thank You, once again for your tireless efforts to keep the world informed
  5. Video on

    I am not a farsi speaker and I don't know whether you have access to anyone who does speak farsi, but there is a video on under the Iran update section that purports to say that Amedinajad (spelling?) is meeting with mullahs to request replacing the "republic" with a dictatorship. Has anyone contacted you about this or mentioned this at all. It's very intriguing but obviously I'm clueless as I don't speak the language. I also sent this inquiry to the Lede (NY times blog).

    Becky Hayes
  6. Than you very much for your updates. I know how difficult it can be. You and your friends are brave and professional.
  7. NiteOwl Member

    It was widely distributed by the twitter community in Iran. Seemed like the liked it.
  8. NiteOwl Member

    I actually looked at it. It's a fake. They're talking about exporting cultural Islam abroad. Hope that answers your question. :)
  9. MassuUnion Member

    I want to take a moment to post a thank you to you, NiteOwl, for your coverage and sorting through the mass of Tweets. You're one of the people I rely on to know what's going on in Iran, and worry as it gets later without seeing a report from you.

    Out of curiosity, how heavy is the communications lockdown currently in Iran? I heard some noise that the government was going to try and pull the plug completely on telecommunications going in and out of Iran. How serious is this, and how difficult is it currently to get information in and out, even with the use of proxies.
  10. Thanks

    Great work. Many blessings to you for it.
  11. NiteOwl:

    Merci, thank you so much for keeping us updated, dastet dard nakone.

    Let them know in Iran that we are going to protests, emailing, petioning, doing whatever we can and we will NEVER stop until our brothers and sisters are free, tell them not to feel down bc we are with them! I will defend them until the end!! Tell them all day we think about them, and try to figure out what our next move is! together we will have freedom!

  12. Video on

    Thanks for the information and clarification. It's very hard for everyone to get decent information and I've been following whatever I can get my hands and eyes on since last week.
  13. atmasabr Member

    That is the most encouraging news I've heard all week. It is good to see that some news is getting *into* Iran as well as out of it. I hope they get a boost from it to do whatever they need to do.

    This news is quiet but still encouraging. Yes, it is. Let us thank God for every day the people reach for their freedom and express their true feelings.
  14. Many thanks


    I visit your thread every day now. You seem to have the best information on the web concerning actual happenings in Iran. My thoughts and prayers are for those injured/dead and their families. Thank you for your great efforts to provide the updates.
  15. atmasabr Member

    This is true but I don't think we should make this the only source of information we look at. This site has (rightfully) become more conservative as the media blackout, confusion, and infiltration has intensified. Reliable information becomes more important than ever.

    But there is something to be gained from looking at the noise of the other liveblogs as well: the spirit of what is happening, the questions, the courage, the rage.
  16. Moussavi, no leadership

    According to CNN, Mousavi has been arrested and is being watched very closely.
  17. Thank you NightOwl

    I follow your updates daily and I retweet it to the twitter swarm.

    I just wanted to mention that MSN did pick up on the 'bullet fee' story. Apparently they spoke with the father of a student who was killed. The student was not involved in the protest and was leaving the art building when he was shot. The father stated the fee cost more then everything he owned. He tried to get them to wavier the fee due to being a veteran in the Iran-Iraqi war. Eventually, the cornier gave them the body without a fee, but they could not bury him in Tehran.

    In the same article also mention that the security forces had shot someone and buried her without telling the family.

    Of course take this with a grain of salt, I just wanted to point out that MSN had infacted covered it.
  18. nags handprinted

    So the Kurds are finally getting involved?

    That could cause Kurdish Iraq to start becoming a threat to Iran.
  19. Thank you so much

    Thanks for keeping our hopes up... I have dedicated a lot of bandwidth in a tor relay. I only wish there was something else I could do.

    Thank you Again.
  20. Machiavelli Member

    Strategy Brief

    The End of the Beginning is over.

    Direct confrontation served a specific goal. That goal has been achieved. Victory will not come this way.

    The next phase needs to be coalition building.

    Rafsanjani is obviously trying his best in this matter. But his success is not guaranteed. A definite positive is that Rafsanjani, Moussavi and Khatami have reached a point where they can't turn back any more. If things turn out bad, Moussavi might end up in a high security prison, Rafsanjani and Khatami in exile. Because of this direct threat, they can be trusted as allies. Nobody needs to like Rafsanjani, but the only possible road to victory is a wide coalition.

    Strategic necessities:

    While there is probably still ongoing communication between students, communication lines to other potential allies are in danger. Not everybody has access to Tor. This is a life-and-death issue.
    One of the really important things that can be done in Iran is to print important news from Khatami's website or international media in PDF and ditribute them from hand to hand. USB-sticks that wander from friend to friend should be a pretty safe medium. People without PC can get a printout.

    What is the goal?

    The one route that seems to be still viable is total economic gridlock. That only works with wide participation. Most people are afraid and only join in when success is believable.

    Two groups of people are key: workers/unions and bazaaris.
    Information channels to these two groups (maybe via family ties) need to be established. That means that interested individuals from those two groups need indirect access to the electric communications that link to the outside world and to the inner circle around Khatami/Rafsanjani.

    Try electronic magazines (PDF) specifically written for this two groups.

    The no-shopping demonstration in the bazaar is great. It needs to be communicated. Maybe it will take some time to grow, but if it's low risk participation will increase in time.

    Bazaaris need to be brought into the alliance. A good way is to communicate the critical stance of most Grand Ayatollahs towards Ahmadi - especially Grand Ayatollah Sistani. He might be the joker up the sleeve.

    The threat of possible demonstrations is necessary. The aim should be to keep the city/cities in gridlock. Self-sacrifice does not help. Only intelligent action will bring victory.

    Acoustic presence will be key. This is for the long run. It could take months, but the foundation of credibility is lost. If Ahmadi can not bring stability and prosperity, most of his followers will turn away in time.

    I'm a smartass from outside Iran. I'm sorry about that. Do not belive me. Think for yourself.
  21. Confirm?????
  22. Rallys

    Please, please do not say where theRallys are goign to be held. Don't make the Basijis job easyfor them if the Mousavi's camp is trying to hide and not let anyone know where the rallys are to avoid police gathering and therefore less injury to the protestors why don't you respedct that?!!! What difference does it make to us in the west to know where exactlythe rallys are? As lomg as we know there are going to be or not going to be rallys that should suffice. Do not put anyones life in danger with weeding throught all the twitts and giving out pertinent info. the Basijis are doingthat already don't make it too easy for them!
  23. vienna Member

    I cannot find any confirmation for the "arrest".

    from CNN only the following:

  24. Thanks

    Thanks for keeping the world informed! You are HEROES. All Iran counts on you as we need the world to know what is happening to us. Keep rocking man!
  25. I'm glad you "couldn't find that confirmation" my friend. Very relieved.
  26. Reporting what we can confirm is the easy part. Heroes are doing the marching.
    Long live a free Iran.
  27. vienna Member

    I'm sure that if it were so, this news would be out everywhere, faster than you can say Ahmadi...
  28. Indeed. I'm sure that is so.
  29. as always great work, and many many thanks for your dedication to this cause.
  30. Try not to post the information about Mousavi too often because the Iranian regime backed networks are using all the propaganda they can get against the protesters. They're trying to suck the hope out of the pro-reform protesters.
  31. Thanks to NiteOwl, the typical confusion of similar situations is much less that it would be. Keep it up is all I can say as an observer.
  32. Mousavi Facebook

    Anyone can confirm Mousavi's Facebook page has been hacked?
  33. So they're finally gaining successes on the communication blackout eh? We'll manage. We already are.

    But they cannot keep this martial law situation up indefinately. Their coffers are already anemic from their ravaged economy, and oil production has been in steady decline since the fall of the Shah, and keeping Tehran and the rest of the country under lockdown of THIS magnatude, where the militia are on every street corner...They have to fold eventually.

    Anyone able to calculate just what it would cost? How much are the thugs paid? How much are the police paid? How many are there, how many are deployed. Possibly unanswerable at this time, but we need to know how much it is costing them monetarily to keep this up. Because I'm sure they know it just as much as we do that eventually they will have to lessen their hold in the hinterland in order to keep Tehran in order. Or the other way around.

    A long haul might need to be planned for, especially if Rafsanjani is unsuccessful in his attempts to flank the whack-job elements of the regime. But how, I don't know apart from Mousavi's instructions on the window shopping idea.

    Regarding the Kurds, no doubt their brothers in Iraq would love to help out. They already run guns and other stuff into the adjacent Kurd lands. Perhaps supplies of a less deadly variety could be sent through them. Doubt the Baloch will help out though unless guarenteed homeland. Balochistan Province in Pakistan is already in open revolt for independance, so its not unlikely that they would bring those aspirations to the table if asked. Otherwise, they're simply too out of the way to bother with.
  34. I can still see that there are people who think that Mousavi is against the regime..

    That's is surprising, becasue he is strongly supporting the Regime( Khaminei).

  35. Ros

    He will not be arrested.

    Innocent people are only arrested..

    He is part of this Regime.
  36. Appreciate your concise notes. Keep up the good work...Iran is in our prayers.
  37. So was Gorbachev.
  38. which grinder


    Wait few days and you will see that no one will even remember the innocent people who are killed.

    Mousavi is not against Khaminie who is ruling Iran.

    This is obvious.

    They are just fooling us innocnent people
  39. I do not know how to thank you.I do have e-mail address of my relatives in Iran i want so desperately to help them with info,but i am not too familiar with all this new technology.Pleas help me to send your page as safe as possible too them.
    Thanks again man you are great.
  40. Thankyou for your information, stay strong and sensible. Justice will prevail in the end and you will have your freedom.The world is with you.

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