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    Please retweet this link. I'm Josh Shahryar AKA NiteOwl - iran_translator on twitter - and I've been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several hours. I have tried to be extremely careful in choosing my tweet sources and have tried maximally to avoid listening to media banter. What I have compiled below is what I can confirm through my tweets to have happened in the past day and in the past week in Iran. Remember, this is all from tweets. There is NOTHING included here that is not from a reliable tweet. No news media outlets have been used in the compilation of this short brief as I would like to call it.

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Sunday, June 21 in Iran.

    1. Thousands of people took to street. People WERE beaten up in some parts, while in other parts; they weren't allowed to gather and were dispersed. There was a silent protest of people in front of the UN's office as well. Sporadic clashes are reported from Baharestan, Enqelab, Vanak and Vali-Asr squares. Hundreds of students continued to protest in Tehran University for the fourth straight day. There were also reports of people being attacked in the UN gathering – this has been partially confirmed.

    2. The majority of Mousavi’s advisors and important aides have all been arrested. He has been left with only a handful of junior political workers and is currently under effective house arrest as he not allowed to speak to journalists or make any other statements. His movement has been limited today and he did not appear at any gatherings. His Facebook account and most of the news websites affiliated with him as well as his website and websites of his supporters have more less all been either hacked or now under effective government control. False statements regularly issued from the hacked accounts. GhalamNet can not longer be trusted and his Facebook account is currently being used by the Iranian government to place information so that the protesters can either lose hope or get violent.

    3. Even in this state, however, Mousavi has continued his call for a general strike on Tuesday. He has also called all citizens to turn the headlights of their cars on from 5 to 6 PM on Monday in order to commemorate those that have been killed in the protests during the past week and the few days after. He has reportedly called upon people to go on an indefinite strike until their demands are met if he is to be killed by government.

    4. Five of Hashemi Rafsanjani’s family members were arrested early on Saturday, these included his daughter Faezeh Hashemi who was among the first from his family to join the protests open on Wednesday. The government announced that they had been arrested because they were under threat of assassination by terrorist elements within the country. Four of the family members were released later while Faezeh was released late at night. No news of why they were released could be confirmed.

    5. The police are continuing to find and arrest any reformists that have not been arrested in the past few days. The government-run media in Iran has released information of the arrests of at least 475 people. Yet the number cannot be confirmed or denied. What sources indicate is that more than 5,000 people have so far been arrested by the government. Correspondents of the BBC and Al-Arabiya news crew have been asked to leave the country on Monday. The photojournalist of Life magazine has gone missing. Overall, more than two dozen journalists within Iran are currently under arrest. The government has also increased censorship and at least four newspapers in Tehran were edited by government agents.

    6. The government has branded all protesters as thugs as the national media in Iran continues to call them so through government sources. One media outlet in Iran announced that people tried to hide in Embassies on Saturday while trying to flee from terrorists. However, they are unable to account for the participation of a large number of mullahs and clergy in these protests. Here’s a picture of some of the ‘thug’ clerics:

    7. Business owners in Tehran and shopkeepers in Tehran are said to have already put their support behind Mousavi for the protests. Our sources have urged everyone in Iran to get food, fuel and other resources as soon as possible and prepare for a few days of shortage of supplies. Autobus workers have also indicated that they will join the protests and the strike now.

    8. The Writers’ Association of Kordistan, the Human Rights Campaign of Kordistan and some other prominent people have also called for a strike in Kordistan province on Tuesday.

    9. Tweeters indicate that anyone flying into Iran should be highly alert as the government is thoroughly checking those arriving at Tehran International Airport and any connections to Mousavi could mean an arrest on the spot. The government has also created dozens of false twitter accounts to urge people to be violent so they can have a bloodier crackdown and crush the protesters.

    10. Rafsanjani has met with clerics from Qom yet again. There are wild rumors circulating as to what the outcome of the meetings will be. However, no news has actually arrived about the incident. Any claims made right now are far-fetched. However, people are slowly starting to call upon him to take action. Tweets have included messages to him, urging him to come to the plight of the oppressed. Mohammad Khatami has released condemning the violence yet again and asked for an end to hostilities.

    11. The city of Tehran and cities around Tehran have yet again been hearing Allah o Akbar at night. It needs to be mentioned that most sources tell of the voices getting louder as the protests continue. Chants of Death to Dictator have also been heard. And in a heartbreaking and cruel gesture, the government banned people from holding a memorial for Neda – the Iranian girl who’s death by a police bullet in Tehran has sparked international outrage - in any mosque in Tehran, openly.

    12. The Iranian government is aggressively trying to clamp down on internet, telephones and other communication sources. Almost all foreign TV channels are banned, getting through to Iranians on the phone is almost impossible and internet’s download speed right now in Tehran is, according to one source, “375 bytes”.

    Finally a few words to those who are reading this:

    Iranians who are trying to connect to twitter or other sites and need a way to connect please visit this website: Why We Protest - IRAN - View Single Post - Using Tor in Order to Surf Anonymously - Using Tor in Order to Surf Anonymously

    Images and vids and instructions on how to send them to us:

    People Outside Iran: This is as clear and concise as I can be. I have not included ANYTHING that I have sensed to be remotely fishy, but human error will always manifests itself in even the most flawless of non-mathematical things. However, this includes nothing from the Western media, including the BBC which I have been generously using to inform people and I laud them for their courageous journalism.

    People Inside Iran: Don't believe a WORD of what I am telling you. Do what you think is best, keeping everything in mind. I know LITTLE of what you know so make your decisions based on your OWN judgment.

    People Who Want to Send Me Tweet Links: You don't need to find me, I will find you. Don't hassle yourself. Your voice will be heard through millions of others like me.

    People Who Want to Hunt Me Down: I'm an Afghan. If you ever tried to attack me, you'll see my back only after your back has met the ground.

    P.S. Please post this around and tweet and retweet.
  2. I've been following your briefs for the last couple of days now. Thanks for digesting twitter into something readable and useful and thank you for informing the world of what is going on.
  3. good job

    Excellent wrap-up and critical service you are providing. Keep up the good work!
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    Your briefs are VERY informative and appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thank you

    your nationality is irrelevant my friend, Thank you for helping millions of HUMANS
  6. i've been reading everything - and ths is a very good summary. i have spread the word, keep uo the good work!
  7. Well done, sir - Keep up this good and important work! The support of millions is with you.
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    Thanks for continuing these updates. Best coverage overall I've found - when I tell my friends about the situation in Iran, I don't give them twitter feeds or news sites, I show them the Green Briefs. Keep it up.
  9. Simple, Uniform Instructions for first time proxy users badly needed!

    "It appears you have configured your web browser to use Tor as an HTTP proxy. This is not correct: Tor is a SOCKS proxy, not an HTTP proxy. Please configure your client accordingly. "

    Trying to help. Followed your instructions, and get the above. I have tried 3 different sources now for how to set up proxies for Iran and they are ALL different! This is crazy and frustrating. I have spent hours on this.Really wanted to help, but I'm totally frustrated and fed-up. Really crazy.
  10. Brilliant. Been following since V1. Is there one in Persian?
  11. very great

    this is awesome. I posted it to my blog, which is dedicated to compiling a list of ways average people can help the movement.

    if you have any ideas on what i can add to the blog, please shoot me an e-mail at

    we need all the help we can get to aid this movement
  12. leave it to the pros

    leave the hacking to the pros its safer that way
  13. Think you're doing a great work, wherever you are and whoever you are.
  14. Thank you thank you thank you for compiling these briefs.
    Keep it up, and all the best to you.
  15. YA! Thanks for the update friend. The world has compassion for beeten childern, the world has compassion for the beeten woman, the world has compassion for men that do what they can. The WORLD had NO compassion for these few SPINELESS PUSSYs that hide behind the BASIJI! WHAT A BUNCH OF LOOSERS! HAY......If now one is following u, your not a leader,.... your just going for a walk! Let us know what these WANABE dictators are up to next...THANK! -j-
  16. i don't read farsi, but i used Google to translate this..sorry if it's rough, i just thought i'd save anyone reading from Iran the hassle of doing this themselves.

    tweets از ایران غرق شده است برای چند ساعت گذشته. من سعی می شود به شدت در انتخاب منابع جیر جیر من مراقب و سعی maximally برای جلوگیری از گوش دادن به دست انداختن رسانه اند. آنچه که من را در زیر وارد آن چیزی است که من می توانم از طریق tweets تایید من در روز گذشته که اتفاق افتاده است و در هفته گذشته در ایران است. به یاد داشته باشید ، این است که همه از tweets. چیزی است که وجود دارد از جمله در اینجا است که از یک صدای جیر جیر قابل اعتماد نیست. هیچ رسانه ای اخبار را در تدوین این مختصر کوتاه مدت استفاده شده است که من می خواهم به آن تماس بگیرید.

    اینها happenings مهم است که من مثبت می توانند از یکشنبه ، 21 ژوئن در ایران را تایید.

    1. هزاران نفر از مردم انجام گرفته را به خیابان. مردم شدند تا در برخی از قطعات مورد ضرب و شتم ، در حالی که در سایر نقاط ؛ آنها مجاز نیست به جمع آوری و پراکنده شد. در اعتراض به سکوت از مردم در مقابل دفتر سازمان ملل متحد وجود دارد و. درگیری های پراکنده از بهارستان ، انقلاب ، ونک و ولی گزارش شده است - مربعات عصر. صدها نفر از دانشجویان همچنان در دانشگاه تهران در اعتراض به روز چهارم راست. بودند نیز وجود دارد. به گزارش از مردم جمع آوری می شود در سازمان ملل متحد حمله کردند -- این بخشی از تأیید شده است.

    2. اکثریت مشاوران موسوی و مشاوران مهم است که تمام شده است ، دستگیر شد. او را با تنها تعداد انگشت شماری از کارگران تازهتر سیاسی چپ بوده است و در حال حاضر تحت بازداشت خانگی موثر به او اجازه صحبت را به روزنامه نگاران و یا هر گونه اظهارات دیگر. جنبش او بوده است ، امروز محدود و او را در هر تجمع داده نمی شوند. حساب او در فیس بوک و بسیاری از اخبار را با او را وابسته به وب سایت ها و همچنین وب سایت و وب سایت خود را از طرفداران خود را که در ادامه کمتر هک یا تمام شده است و یا هم اکنون تحت کنترل دولت موثر است. اظهارات غلط به طور مرتب از حساب های هک صادر شده است. GhalamNet دیگر نمی باشد می توانید حساب کاربری خود را مورد اعتماد و فیس بوک است که در حال حاضر توسط دولت ایران استفاده می شود به جای اطلاعات به طوری که در اعتراض یا می تواند از دست دادن امید و یا گرفتن خشونت.

    3. حتی در این ایالت ، با این حال ، موسوی است تماس خود را برای یک اعتصاب عمومی در تاریخ سه شنبه ادامه داد. او همچنین به نام همه شهروندان را به نوبت از چراغهای جلو اتومبیل خود را در 5 تا 6 عصر روز دوشنبه به منظور بزرگداشت کسانی که در تظاهرات در طول هفته گذشته کشته شده اند و چند روز پس از. او بر این گزارش به نام مردم را به یک اعتصاب نامحدود تا برآورده شدن خواسته های خود را اگر او این است که توسط دولت به قتل می شود بروید.

    4. پنج تن از اعضای خانواده هاشمی رفسنجانی در اوایل روز شنبه دستگیر شده بودند ، این دختر او را از جمله فائزه هاشمی است که در میان بود که اولین بار از خانواده اش برای پیوستن به تظاهرات باز در تاریخ چهارشنبه. دولت اعلام کرد که دستگیر شده بود زیرا آنها در زیر تهدید به ترور توسط عناصر تروریستی در این کشور شد. چهار نفر از اعضای خانواده که بعدا آزاد شدند در حالی که فائزه در اواخر شب آزاد شد. چرا هیچ خبری از آنها منتشر شده می تواند تایید کرد.

    5. پلیس در ادامه به در پیدا کردن و دستگیری هر گونه اصلاح طلبان که در روزهای گذشته دستگیر شده اند نیست. در رسانه های دولتی در ایران منتشر کرده است اطلاعات از دستگیری دست کم 475 نفر. هنوز شماره را نمی توان تایید یا رد. آنچه را از منابع حاکی از این است که بیش از 5،000 نفر که تا کنون توسط دولت دستگیر شده است. از خبرنگاران بی بی سی و العربیه خدمه اخبار خواسته شده را به خروج از کشور در تاریخ دوشنبه. این خبرنگار عکاس مجله زندگی رفته گم کرده است. در مجموع ، بیش از دو دوجین روزنامه نگاران در داخل ایران در حال حاضر تحت بازداشت. دولت همچنین افزایش سانسور و حداقل چهار روزنامه در تهران توسط مامورین دولت edited شد.

    6. دولت branded همه معترض به عنوان اراذل و اوباش به عنوان رسانه ملی در ایران ادامه می دهد تا از آنها تماس بگیرید تا از طریق منابع دولت است. یکی از رسانه ها پریز در ایران اعلام کرد که مردم سعی در پنهان کردن در باره روز شنبه در حالی که سعی در فرار از تروریست ها. با این حال ، آنها قادر به حساب کاربری برای مشارکت تعداد زیادی از ملایان و روحانیت در این تظاهرات. در اینجا یک عکس از برخی از این گردن کلفت 'روحانیت :

    7. صاحبان تجارت در تهران و shopkeepers در تهران می گفت : که در حال حاضر دادن پشتیبانی خود را پشت سر موسوی برای تظاهرات. منابع ما در خواست هر کس در ایران برای دریافت غذا ، سوخت و منابع دیگر در اسرع وقت تهیه و برای چند روز از کمبود مواد. کارگران سندیکای اتوبوس رانی نیز نشان داد که آنها را به تظاهرات و اعتصاب هم اکنون بپیوندید.

    8. کانون نویسندگان 'از کردستان ، و کمپین دفاع از حقوق بشر در کردستان و برخی از افراد برجسته دیگری نیز برای یک اعتصاب در استان کردستان در تاریخ سه شنبه به نام.

    9. Tweeters نشان می دهد که هر کسی پرواز را به ایران باید به شدت هشدار را به عنوان دولت است که کاملا بررسی آن در بدو ورود تهران در فرودگاه بین المللی و هر گونه اتصال به بازداشت موسوی می تواند در نقطه میانگین. دولت همچنین ایجاد دهها حساب چهچه کاذب به اصرار مردم به خشونت می شود بنابراین آنها می توانند به سخت گیری bloodier و پیروز شدن بر آن معترض.

    10. هاشمی رفسنجانی با روحانیون قم از ملاقات نشده دوباره. شایعه هستند وحشی که در گردش را به آنچه که نتیجه آن جلسات خواهد شد وجود دارد. با این حال ، هیچ خبری در واقع در مورد این حادثه وارد شد. هر گونه ادعای حق اکنون ساخته شده اند دور برداشته شد. با این حال ، مردم به آرامی شروع به مکالمه بر او را به اقدام. Tweets که پیام را به او از جمله ، مصر او را به آمدن به مخمصه از ستم. محمد خاتمى به محکوم کردن خشونت منتشر نشده و مجددا درخواست برای پایان دادن به خصومت.

    11. در شهرستان تهران و شهرستانها در اطراف تهران هنوز باز است خدا شنوا o اکبر در شب. لازم به ذکر است که در اکثر منابع از گرفتن صدای بلندتر به عنوان تظاهرات ادامه بگویید. Chants از مرگ بر دیکتاتور نیز شنیده شده است. و در یک حرکت مایه دل شکستگی و بی رحمانه ، دولت مردم را از برگزاری یک یادبود برای ندا ممنوع -- دختر ایرانی که به اعدام محکوم کرد توسط گلوله پلیس در تهران برانگیخته است خشم بین المللی -- و در هر مسجد در تهران ، تهران ، آشکارا.

    12. دولت ایران تهاجمی است که در تلاش برای گیره کردن در اینترنت ، تلفن و منابع ارتباطات دیگر. تقریبا همه کانال های تلویزیونی خارجی ممنوع شد ، به مردم ایران را از طریق گرفتن بر روی تلفن تقریبا غیرممکن است و با سرعت دانلود اینترنت در حال حاضر در تهران است ، با توجه به یک منبع ، "375 بایت".

    و بالاخره چند واژه به کسانی که در حال خواندن این :

    ایرانیانی که در حال تلاش برای اتصال به چهچه و یا دیگر سایتها و نیاز به یک راه را برای وصل لطفا از این وب سایت : چرا ما اعتراض -- ایران -- مشاهده پست مجرد -- با استفاده از صخره بلند به منظور گشت و گذار بصورت ناشناس -- با استفاده از صخره بلند به منظور گشت و گذار ناشناس

    عکس و ویدئوهایم و نحوه ارسال آنها را به ما : https : / / / ایران /

    برای اعلان های من ، @ iran_translator را ببینید

    مردم در خارج از ایران : در این است که به عنوان شفاف و مختصر به من می شود. من شامل هر چیزی است که من آن را احساس می شود تا از راه دور مورد تردید ، اما اشتباه بشر همیشه خود را در ابراز بی عیب ترین و حتی به غیر از چیزهایی ریاضی. با این حال ، از این جمله چیزی را از رسانه های غربی ، از جمله بی بی سی که به من شده است سخاوتمندانه با استفاده از اطلاع رسانی به مردم و من آنها را ستایش کردن را برای روزنامه نگاری شجاع است.

    مردم در داخل ایران : آیا یک کلمه از آنچه من به شما گفتن اعتقاد ندارند. آیا آنچه شما فکر می کنید بهترین است ، نگه داشتن همه چیز در ذهن. من می دانم کمی از آنچه می دانید تا تصمیم خود را بر اساس قضاوت خود.

    افرادی که مایل به ارسال من جیر جیر پیوندها : شما لازم نیست به من پیدا کنید ، من شما را پیدا کنید. آیا به خودتان عاجز نیست. صدای شما را از طریق میلیون ها نفر دیگر مانند من شنیده خواهد شد.

    افرادی که مایل به شکار پایین من : من یک افغان را گرفت. اگر شما همیشه سعی به من حمله ، خواهید دید من تنها پس از بازگشت دوباره خود را ملاقات کرده است به زمین.

    P.S. لطفا در این اطراف و صدای جیر جیر و retweet ارسال.
  17. thanks a bunch NiteOwl! it must be pretty maddening reading so many useless tweets and trying to sort the wheat from the chaff - but thanks a lot for doing it - i'm extremely grateful that someone can organize the news from these various sources concisely.
  18. Sent the link to CNN, hope it helps

    "Thank you for contacting CNN. This email is to notify you that your news tip has been received and will be reviewed in a timely manner. You will be contacted if the news tip is valid and we need further information and verification.

    We appreciate your news tip and thank you for choosing CNN as your breaking news source.


    CNN Viewer Communications Management
    "CNN, The Most Trusted Name In News""
  19. You cannot be thanked enough for doing this. You are really doing so much for the people of Iran and for those of us of the world community, trying to gain a little clarity in all of the madness.
  20. Sounds trite, but keep up the good work. This is the info we're looking for. We who read your posts appreciate all the work and effort you take to get this.
  21. Rafsanjani

    Everyone's wondering when Ali Rafsanjani will make a statement or show his hand. I believe this is the best news on this matter to date:

    source: IRAN: "The Streets Were Overtaken by Tear Gas"

    This tweet is currently circulating, but likely not true: "Rafsanjani's has prepared a letter signed 40 high ranking clerics against Khamanei and recent crack down on portesters." [sic]

    PS, the Captcha words for this post are ominous: "Society creaky"
  22. Thank You

    I admit to being a lurker that rarely posts, but did not want to miss the opportunity to thank you for all the long hours you have put in compiling your "briefs". There will be many heroes when the whole story is told one day. Your desire to give an accurate summary of the snippets of news available makes you part of that story.
    Thank you from all the lurkers that appreciate your hard work.
  23. Sooooo impressed and happy

    Dear NiteOwl,

    thank you for your reports. They make me believe, that there is a chance for peace. The work you, and your fellows on whyweprotest are delivering is without example. I am flashed, happy and honoured to get to know such people. Sorry for being pathetic, but you need to know how much i appreciate, what you are doing.

    Greetz, Neeka (still a girl)
  24. did my part to pass it on - thank you for everything. freedom is what we're all fighting for. thank you for taking those risks and keeping people informed. lest we forget.
  25. Liamster Member

    Merci dadash!
  26. Seriously... headlights dude???

    Isn't that... er...dumb? Self-defeating?
  27. good briefing

    Real good briefing, waiting for the next one this evening. may your dreams come true
  28. thank you

    keep up the great work - your summary really helped. Australian media is covering the Iran protests.
  29. Dast eh shomah dard nakoneh

    Thank you so much for the posts.
    I look forward to reading them every morning when I wake up.
  30. Why is Khamenei able to do all this to people even high in the government--such as Rasfanjani's family?

    Where does this madman get his insane power from?
  31. Thanks

    I am worried about the Iranian tweeters that i am following. My phone fell silent when it has benn busy recieving at least 48 tweets per half hour. I hope they went underground and are not tweeting for their safety. Under Gods eyes we are all the same. I wish i can do more. Perhaps do a food and medicine drive for the people of Iran and ship them where it can go to the right hands. What do you think?
  32. Bravo.

    I am a Filipino. I applaud your courage.
  33. We are behind you!

    Your nationality means nothing. We are all the same and stand behind the Iranian people 100%. Its time the Iranian people have rights and freedoms. The repressive regime that is in control must go! Its a travesty what happened to Neda and she should not have died in vain. Its time for the people of Iran stand up and take control of their country.
    Thanks for the reports and keep up the good work. God Bless!
  34. schnei Member

    Thank you

    I appreciate this.
  35. niloroth Member

    thank you sir. Great work.

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