The Green Brief 49-50 (August 4,5 - Mordad 13,14)

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    I'm NiteOwl AKA Josh Shahryar - on twitter. I'm a journalist and a human rights activist and NOT Iranian. This is a compilation of news from Iran that I've gathered through twitter and Iranian sites that were advertised on twitter. Remember, this is all from tweets. (My work is released under Creative Commons (CC).)

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Tuesday and Wednesday [Mod note: The days were unclear], August 4,5 - Mordad 13,14.

    In Italian:

    Protest / Unrest

    1. A protest is scheduled for today – August 6 - at Vanak Square and Valiasr Square. Should be underway by the time this Brief is out. Protests are also planned for Mashhad – at Malikabard Blvd - and other cities – but confirmation for cities other than Mashhad is not available.

    August 5

    2. Mass protests were held in Tehran on August 5. The main location was at Baharestan Square, close to the parliament, 1,500 to 2,000 people gathered and chanted against the regime. Thousands gathered at other locations in the city, mainly the Bazaar, Vanak Square, Mirdamad, Yosufabad and Sa’aie Park. Baharestan was important both to the government and the protesters as that is where Ahmadinejad was being sworn in. Thousands of protestors were marching on the streets. Partially confirmed reports suggest that the bazaar was almost paralyzed by the crowd.

    3. Thousands of security forces were employed, effectively blocking the parliament from outside access. It has been confirmed that Ahmadinejad flew in by helicopter to avoid the protesters. Helicopters flew overhead in many parts of central Tehran. Security forces were so numerous, that in some areas, they outnumbered protesters.

    4. Protesters were again badly beaten during clashes in many parts of the city. Partially confirmed reports also indicated that tear gas was used to disperse protesters in some locations. Subway stations, including the one close to Baharestan, were closed by the police to stop protesters from getting into central Tehran.

    5. At least 20 people were arrested according to confirmed sources. Dozens more were also reportedly arrested – but confirmation has not been reliable. It was, however, confirmed that a high school near Baharestan was converted into a temporary holding place for arrested protesters, until they could be moved to detention centers/prisons elsewhere. Reportedly, the number of people arrested may be very high.

    6. Detainees’ families also gathered in front of Evin Prison today.

    7. Cell phone service was cut off throughout central Tehran, once again.

    8. There were also reports of a smaller protest in Sari.


    August 4

    9. Ayatollah Montazeri released a statement denouncing the government’s obtaining confessions from prisoners and called them illegal and a major sin.

    10. Karroubi released a statement saying that both he and Mousavi would continue their protests over the rigged elections.

    August 5

    11. Mousavi, Rahnavard, Mirdamadi, Nabavi and Ramezanzadeh’s Facebook accounts were attacked today and were inaccessible at the time of the writing of this Brief.

    12. Mousavi stated today, that the government thought it could quell the people’s demands by arresting reformist leaders and calling them leaders of a ‘velvet revolution’ but protesters have shown that people’s demands were not tied to individuals. He added that the arrests were not going to stop the political movement.

    13. IIPF released a statement today calling the government illegal. The statement also asserted that the government had no longer remained true to the constitution and was not democratic.

    14. Ayatollah Sane’ie and Ayatollah Zanjani joined Ayatollah Montazeri in calling the government’s confession program illegal and sinful. Sane’ie went as far as saying that those who were forcing prisoners to confess would soon see the results of their traitorous actions.
  2. NiteOwl Member

    15. Ayatollah Moaghegh-Damad sent a letter to Judiciary Chief Shahrodi and literally blasted him for his conduct. Excerpts from his statement are here: Legal Scholar Blasts Judiciary Chief – Tehran Bureau

    16. It is unclear whether Hashemi Rafsanjani will be leading Friday prayers this week, even though it is his turn to do so.

    Arrested / Released / Killed

    August 4

    17. Mir hamid Hassanzadeh – the owner of Ghalam, a website that has gained a reputation as Mousavi’s semi-official page online – has been arrested and his computer together with other equipment was confiscated. Hassanzadeh is also the head of Mousavi campaign’s media outreach program.

    18 Khomeini’s granddaughter asked the government to reveal the names of detainees so their release could be pursued through legal means by their families. Full story: Khomeini’s granddaughter speaks out – Tehran Bureau

    19 Hoshang Baba’ie, the legal counsel of Tajzadeh, Nabavi and Mirdamadi, told ILNA that he would not be attending court on Saturday as the trial was illegal.

    August 5

    20. Shocking news of Alireza, a 12 year old boy killed at Beheste Zahra, last Thursday, has now been confirmed. He had accompanied his father to the mourning for Neda and the other protestors at the cemetery. He was killed by the security forces after being hit on the head with a baton. His body was returned to his family four days after he was killed. (I have withheld publication of his death since Monday because I wanted full confirmation of this very serious incident.) There are reports of a parliamentary investigation into the circumstances of his death.

    21. The body of an unnamed protester was returned to his family 20 days after his disappearance. His heart and kidneys were missing and stitches could be seen on his abdomen. His badly bruised body also lacked finger nails.

    22. Mahdi Yazdani Khorram, an editor at Etemaade Melli newspaper, has been arrested. Reza Nourbakhsh – the chief editor of Farhikhtegan newspaper – also arrested, his equipment was ceased and his office was searched thoroughly. Fereydoon Amozadeh – the chief editor of Chilcheragh Weekly – arrested.

    23. Ali Vaghefi, the head of Mousavi campaign’s students’ division in Tehran, was released on bail. Also released was Mehadi Hashemi’s wife.

    24. The second session of reformists’ trial in Tehran has been postponed to Saturday.

    25. The office of the Association of Iranian Journalists has been sealed by agents of the Judiciary. The office has been sealed by the order of Mortazavi. The association was supposed to be holding a meeting on Friday.

    Government / International

    August 4

    26. Iran’s National Security Council has announced that the people in charge of Kahrizak, would be fired and prosecuted, if charges of misconduct are proven against them after investigations were done. (Take them to Evin, give them psychoactive drugs, rip their nails and lash them with different types of electrical cables and they’ll readily confess. You don’t need an investigation.)

    27. In an open letter, 44 Nobel laureates have condemned the human rights violations in Iran.

    August 5

    28. Ahmadinejad’s inauguration ceremony was held in the Iranian parliament with the absence of prominent reformists and Khamenei. Only Shahroudi was present as the highest ranking government official. Several embassies sent low-ranking officials rather than ambassadors to attend the ceremony. (The names of these embassies will be released as soon as I have confirmation. Count on it!)

    29. Other people present were; Mohmmadi Golpaygani, Samara Hashemi, Sardar Jafari, Rahim Masha’ie and Mohseni Ejaie. Absentees including all reformist directly tied to the Green Movement, Ayatollah Yazdi, Ahmad Khatami – both staunch Ahmadinejad supporters - Ali Akbar Nategh Noori, former speaker of the house, Mohsen Reza’ie, a conservative and a candidate in the elections for president and Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf, Tehran’s mayor. Even though the government had invited over 250 people besides the MPs, many seats were empty. Foreign media was barred from the event.

    30. Dozens of reformist MPs walked out as Ahmadinejad started his speech. Ahmadinejad did not say a word regarding the protests and simply continued to call his ‘selection’ historic.

    31. So far, the governments of France, Great Britain, the US and Belgium have declined to congratulate Ahmadinejad on his historic ‘selection’ as Iran’s president. In a separate statement, EU spokesperson Amadeu Altafaj made it clear that the EU was not going to send a letter either.

    32. The Norwegian government summoned the Iranian charge d'affaires to protest human rights violations and imprisonment of opposition politicians.


    33. The first game of Iran’s Premier League will be held without spectators on Friday for fear of Green Movement participation.

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    - (A list of all the Green Briefs:[/url]

    - A hearty thanks to Sahar joon and S joon for helping me out with proof-reading and very valuable tips. Also, a BIG THANKS to all the translators who're spending their precious time on getting this to as many people as possible.
  3. check the title

    Erm.. check the title.. It's August, not July. :)
  4. PresidentShaw Member

    There, fixd ;)
  5. 28. Ahmadinejad’s inauguration ceremony was held in the Iranian parliament with the absence of prominent reformists and Khamenei.

    I thought I saw Khamenei giving AN hugs and kisses.
  6. Thaks again for all your hard work. Your dedication is obvious.

    (I assume you meant the date to be AUGUST not JULY?)

    I continue to collect and post links to news stories/ blogs/ YouTube videos and political cartoons re:Iran at Iran News Central

    Thanks again,

  7. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    thank you so very much, NiteOwl.
  8. Thank you NiteOwl!

    @whozits ... STOP promoting your own private Iran-Websites using this thread. Green Brief is presenting collected information from important sources. It is not just a collection of links or mirror what "Newspapers arround the world" say. So please start your own thread for your link if you want to help. Thank you.
  9. the first game of the Iran Pro League is going to be without spectators due to acts of rudeness by fans of Esteghlal last season. that is confirmed. and the game is at Azadi Stadium.
  10. JKShalmani Member

    This is not the first time I seriously wonder if Ahmadinejad actually has a clue about what is going on in the streets of Iran. Each time I get to witness one of his public appearances, he looks to me like some kind of robot who is just switched on when needed and afterwards stored away in a closet to not interfere with the business of those really in charge.
  11. Thank you once again, NiteOwl. Your dedication to the Green Brief is truly admirable.

    That poor boy... Only twelve years old...This is truly tragic... :( The regime is going too far. Any government that's willing to even kill a child is one that needs to be taken down immediately.
  12. I forgot to add:

    And by "investigating" the matter, they mean they'll sit around the table to figure out what bullshit story they'll go with, and end up claiming it was the CIA who did it.
  13. Visionary Member

    I thought that was next week?
    That's just sick!!!! What the hell did they do?

    Thanks for the news and updates, Nightowl!
  14. really? i heard a big bug flew in and out of parliament.

    yikes! you might want to correct that. it would be a bad thing if he literally blasted him.

    i bet they'd really like to imprison and torture the computers next.

  15. the fingernail extraction is a common torture technique. as for the organs, seems like they're collecting them for the black market, making a profit off of their victims. :mad:
  16. from The Latest from Iran (6 August): Getting Past Ahmadinejad | Enduring America

  17. "Ahmadinejad did not say a word regarding the protests and simply continued to call his ‘selection’ historic."

    My memory is that he referred at least obliquely to the protestors, saying they were "the sworn enemies of human values", that they "tried to depict a bleak prospect and future for the Iranian nation" – and there was someting about dust, hanging onto his sentiment from the beginning of the protest.

  18. Ahmadinejad has granted the league permission to use one of his own balls for the match.

  19. CradleOfCiv Member

    Is this fully confirmed? Heart and kidneys missing and stitches on his stomach.. What lows will they sink to?

    What if the players themselves turn out to be green? Oh yeah btw, Iranian Regime should ban grass from soccer fields as that is green as well...
  20. hopefull Member

    Thank you for this it is great.
  21. ARC Member

    Note, the days and dates did not match due to a mistake, so I changed it to being Tuesday and Wednesday and left the dates alone. Please report this or contact me if I understood incorrectly.
  22. This blog

    Josh Sharyar: Thank you for the blog. I am also not an Iranian, but I am deeply concern about what I have seen happening in Iran. As a lover of freedom, I hope that the protesters eventually prevail against this dictatorship. As a lover of Islam, I see nothing Islamic about the behavior shown towards dissenters by the ideologues that are in control. And whatever this ideology is, I don't recognize it because it reminds me so much of Western Fascism, and everyone knows that swath of destruction left by this ideology.
  23. I used to skip your Intro but this time.

    OMG this has shocked me, now I understand the Hebrew thing. (Well I am not saying that every Iranian isn't......... but now it makes much more sense, and everything is clear now).
  24. Thank you NiteOwl.
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    Any chance to have this comment less cryptic please?
  26. atmasabr Member

    It's a boing moment. Don't worry about it.
  27. CradleOfCiv Member

    Where are Green Briefs 51 and later? I know that Josh was doing them every two days now, and sometimes he has a thing or two that's keeping him busy so sometimes it comes out later then usual but.. today is the 10th here already and the last one is about 4th and 5th (49-50). so 6th and 7th (51-52) would have been out normally on the 8th (my time) and today I would expect to see 8th-9th (53-54) around the time of this posting... Is Josh OK? And is there a warrant for the arrest for Moussavi & Co.? Is Raf. leading the FP this friday? What is going on here guys?
  28. his twitter says he has an unstable internet connection at the moment.
  29. Where are you???

    WE miss you terribly, Nite Owl. Hope you got some rest, are okay and will be back.
  30. Hope everything is OK. Your in my thoughts and patiently await you return, Soon I hope.
  31. Good wishes and help offer

    Hey NiteOwl/Josh, I too have been wondering what is happening with you, hope everything's fine!
    I also want to offer my help to whatever is needed in GB, I can translate the posts into Portuguese, please tell me if and how I can do it, and anything else that could be of assistance to the Green movement and GB!

    Hope you are well and stay well.
  32. his twitter: I'm home. Working on GB. Will explain the absence later. Thanks for all the well wishes. Apologies for worrying folks.
  33. theali Member

    From Twitter, Iran_Translator: I'm home. Working on GB. Will explain the absence later. Thanks for all the well wishes. Apologies for worrying folks.
  34. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    thank you, NiteOwl- your reporting is important.
  35. So good to hear from you!

    Thanks so much for posting that message. We really were starting to worry. It's totally understandable if you need some downtime though I suspect you are so committed to this that you have other reasons for having been away. Whatever they are...sincerely hope that all is well and want to let you know how much your vital work is appreciated.

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