The Green Brief #38 (July 24)

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    I'm NiteOwl AKA Josh Shahryar - on twitter. I'm a journalist and a human rights activist and NOT Iranian. This is a compilation of news from Iran that I've gathered through twitter and Iranian sites that were advertised on twitter. Remember, this is all from tweets. (My work is released under Creative Commons (CC).)

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Friday, July 24 .

    In Hebrew:

    In Italian:

    In German:

    Protests / Unrest

    * For the Iranian airliner accident, check this link:,0,2607749.story?track=rss

    1. In Solidarity with the Green Movement, protests are being held July 25 – that is this Saturday - in more than 100 cities worldwide. This initiative is being spearheaded by United 4 Iran. As I’m not just a journalist but also a human rights activist, I will personally join a protest and strongly urge everyone else to participate and to get their friends and loved ones to accompany them. Shirin Ebadi will be joining the protest in Amsterdam. For information on where they’re being held, please visit:

    As part of the protest, a green scroll will be exhibited close to the Eiffel Tower from 7 to 9 PM. Link here: OpenDNS

    2. Families of many political prisoners are planning to stage a protest in front of Evin Prison at 10 AM tomorrow (they have held many protests previously).

    3. The hunger strike in front of the UN’s main office in New York continued today with the participation of many prominent Iranians, Americans and other nationals. Speaking to press reporters, Noam Chomsky – a prominent American linguist and philosopher – said, “People of the world were learning from the Iranian struggle.” Chomsky at the strike: chomsky_hunger_strike_2.jpg (image)

    4. An anti-Nokia protest was held in front of the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Protesters blamed the cell phone company for selling the Iranian Regime the necessary equipment needed for monitoring protesters’ phone and internet use. Here is a picture from today’s protest (graphic images ahead - viewer discretion is advised): Picasa Web Albums - Mere Rhetoric Blog


    5. In a letter addressed to Mahdi Karroubi, Ayatollah Montazeri expressed “shock and dismay” over last Friday’s attack on Karroubi and Abdollah Nouri. They were attacked, pushed and insulted by security forces while on their way to Tehran University for Friday Prayer’s. Montazeri reiterated his position that, “A government’s legitimacy stems from the support of the majority of a country’s citizens - as mentioned in Iran’s Constitution.”

    Moreover, he said, “It’s unfortunate that the government is afraid of peaceful protests and the participation of politicians such as Karroubi.” He put the blame for the violence and bloodshed upon “those who had given security forces the power to conduct such activities” – a clear hint at Khamenei and Ahmadinejad. He concluded by warning, “The government needs to listen to the VOICE of its people and give in to their legitimate demands in order to restore public trust in the Islamic Republic.”

    6. Grand Ayatollah Saneie of Qom, has once again stated, “Forced confessions obtained from detainees have no legal or rational merit whatsoever and are un-Islamic.” He added, “Although detainees are allowed to lie in order to escape from torture according to Islam, anyone who FORCES confessions through torture, has committed a grave sin.” He claimed, “ANY form of torture performed on detainees is illegal and un-Islamic.” Saneie had previously slammed IRIB for broadcasting and publishing forced confessions of detainees.

    7. Sayed Mohammad Khatami visited the homes of three detained political prisoners today and spoke to their families. The detainees included: Saeed Leylaz, Abbasmirza Abotalebi and Davood Solaimani. Khatami again called for, “The immediate and unconditional release of all the people detained during the post-election protests or otherwise linked to the Green Movement.”

    8. On July 22nd we reported that 306 conservative clerics from the Qom’s Seminary Teachers Association had released a statement in support of Ayatollah Yazdi’s dismissal of Rafsanjani’s demands during his Friday Sermon. New reports, however, indicate that the statement was actually written by the Editor-in-Chief of Keyhan Newspaper. Reports say that he was ordered to do so by Ayatollah Hejazi – a prominent conservative cleric from Qom. Although most of the clerics of the Association are arch-conservatives, this is yet another sign of government propaganda against the Green Movement.

    Government / International

    9. The mayor of Tehran, Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf, called upon Ahmadinejad to promptly sack Mashaie and called him and his wife “hypocrites.” He joins several other prominent conservatives who have been enraged by Mashaie’s appointment as Ahmadinejad’s Senior Vice President. Mashaie has been criticized heavily by the Iranian Conservatives. Khamenei sent a personal letter to Ahmadinejad asking him to remove Mashaie from his post last week.

    10. Within hours, Sayed Mojtaba Samareh Hashemi – a top Ahmadinejad aide – announced, “Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie has declared that he no longer considers himself as the Vice President of Iran. He is ready to accept any other position - to be of service to the Islamic Republic.” Mashaie’s website, however, does not include anything about his sudden departure. No hint has been given as to who will be replacing him.

    (Enduring America did an interesting critique of Mainstream Media’s converge of the Mashaie affair. Here’s the link: Iran: How the “New Media” Tore Down the Gates of the “Mainstream” | Enduring America)

    11. The US Senate voted unanimously last night to adopt bipartisan legislation that allocates funds to help Iranians obtain better access to news and information. This was in part initiated to neutralize the censorship of news and information by the Iranian government. In total, almost $55 million dollars will be made available - according to the legislation called the Victims of Iranian Censorship (VOICE) Act.

    12. Sayed Reza Akrami – the Secretary General of the Society of Preachers in Tehran – has been dismissed from his post by the government. Reportedly, members of the Society had objected to his political positions. Akrami had supported Mir Hossein Mousavi during the elections. He also headed a small conservative faction that supported Mousavi’s candidacy.

    13. Friday Prayer’s was lead by Ahmad Khatami today. The number in attendance was roughly 10,000 people – a far cry from the numbers who showed up last Friday. Khatami again criticized the Green Movement - and any politicians or activists who are leading and/or supporting it. After the sermon, about 300 pro-government people protested against Rafsanjani. It only lasted a few minutes. Most of the protesters were reportedly walking towards bus stops and only a few chants could be heard. On the other hand, the National Islamic Council – a reformist body of clerics and politicians – today announced their support for Rafsanjani’s Friday sermon.
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    Arrested / Released / Killed

    14. A survivor from the June 23rd brutal attacks in Baharestan Square, has come forward and confirmed that he attacked by a Basiji with an axe. He claims that he was recuperating from injuries. It should be noted that this man has been a reliable source of information from Tehran in the past.

    15. Reports indicate that many Iranian professors -who are currently in detention for participating in the post-election protests and/or helping the Green Movement - are most likely to be dismissed from their posts. Many of them teach at Tehran University. The loss of these professors would severely damage the scholastic reputation of the university.

    16. The father of martyred protester -Masood Hashemzadeh - has been released from jail on bail. His family has been instructed NOT to hold a funeral for Masood, not to hang black banners outside their home for mourning, and not to talk any foreign media. Neda’s family has also been threatened to not hold any mourning events in commemoration of the 40th day after her death as well. This comes after the Ministry of Information announced today that the families of martyred protesters did not have the right to hold any events to commemorate their loved ones.

    17. Hossein Shariatmadari – the editor-in-chief of Keyhan Daily Newspaper –wrote an editorial criticizing Ahmadinejad over the “Mashaie Affair.” He stated, “Ahmadinejad’s delay in dismissing Mashaie - even after receiving a letter from Khamenei - only showed his lack of understanding Islam.


    18. Amir Reza Khadem – a conservative member of Parliament – reported on his blog that IRIB had banned his pictures and videos from appearing on their broadcasting and publishing outlets. He added, “This was done in retaliation for my participation in Friday Prayer’s last week led by Hashemi Rafsanjani.”

    *While the Iranian government continues to slam the “Evil UK,” an Iranian blog published photos Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel - a former leader in Iran’s Parliament - supposedly shopping in London. You are welcome to authenticate it if you’re a Londoner. It is worth mentioning that Adel is also the father-in-law of Khamenei’s son, Mojtaba Khamenei who is widely believed to be the driving force behind the suppression of protesters. Link: Freedom 4 persia: حداد عادل در انگليس- زیارت قبول حاج آقا

    *Discuss/Annotate: ; Create it if it doesn't exist.

    **If you wana republish the Green Brief, please visit this page: For Bloggers, News Sites and Forum who want to republish the Green Brief Plesae Read! - Why We Protest - IRAN

    ***For Radio Broadcasters: Green Brief Pronounciation Guide - Why We Protest - IRAN

    ****(A list of all the Green Briefs: The Green Briefs

    *****A hearty thanks to Sahar joon for helping me out with proof-reading and very valuable tips. Also, a BIG THANKS to all the translators who're spending their precious time on getting this to as many people as possible.

    Read this if you want to help or get help!


    A. You can retweet this link and help others know what is going on in Iran.

    B. Discuss/Annotate:

    C. Iranmapping: ; If you would like to help out with compiling all the news stories from Iran in a geo-spatial context for Iranmapping, please follow the instruction over at IranMapping - Anonymous Intelligence Collective

    D. The government in Iran is still increasing internet filtering and throttling in an attempt to silence their people. Anonymous info shows that many in Iran are looking for proxy and Tor information in Tehran and all around the country. Please donate your bandwidth to help bring down the Iran Curtain. Here are links on how to help and get help on this:




    Get video torrents and help on Tor here:
  3. Thanks for the hardwork

    please keep it up, we really appreciate it!

    -AR from T.O.
  4. Thank You!!

    Thank you for your wonderful work as always.
  5. EdWanD Member

    Tks again, u r never late! Tks all keep fighting the good fight.
  6. Link to the airline crash doesn't quite work.

    Good work on the rest.
  7. Many, many Thank yous for the Green Brief. You all deserve so much more for for keeping everyone informed. Amazing work. We are So grateful.
  8. NiteOwl Member

    Thanks, it should work now. :)
  9. Shopping in London

    Those prices are definitely English, but I can't confirm it's London. The 3rd picture has the wording 'Mothers Day' in the background. The UK celebrated 'Mothering Sunday', often referred to as Mothers Day, on March 22nd this year. The US Mothers Day was May 10th. It's possible that a London shop would have been promoting the US day as well as our own version - these days people often feel they should acknowledge both - but either way it ties the date of the shopping trip to the early part of this year. Interesting that whenever these government types feel the need to find a safe haven they always seem to end up here in Britain where we have more government CCTV monitoring than anyone in the world. Quite ironic really...
  10. Thumbs up, thanks for all the hard work....
  11. Kat-IRAN Member

    An action with substance - finally!

    You guys have done a wonderful job once again - A busy day for you tomorrow and you've still found the time to devote yourselves to all of this work - for us!!! Thank you.

    I'm elated over the $55 million approved and designated towards helping the Iranian protestors! I'm so proud that our politicians stood up - devoting energy and funds for a noble cause, especially after watching our money being squandered on shady corporations/dealings....

    Does anyone know if the survivor's story of the June 23rd axe attack is posted anywhere?

    Looking forward to seeing the giant banner near the Eiffel Tower!
  12. JohnDoe Moderator

    Ha Ha Ha!:D
    I laughed so much when I checked out the photos.
    This store is Primark!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly didn't expect that.
    Now don't think Harrods, think more Wal-mart basics range, and then half it!!!!!!
    What a shame that they don't pay the former Leader of the Parliament a decent pension.

    Good question. We had heard this too on a Farsi radio channel.

    (If it's true, it's actually better news than it looks, because it means in the hardest of hard liners there is a split, and that 36 are backing Rafsanjani. To even have 5 would be quite something.)

    Thanks as ever Niteowl.
  13. If you click on the picture, it enlarges it. Doing so makes it able to read "Sunday March 22", which was the date for Mothers Day '09.
    I'm thinking that maybe these pictures aren't as current as we could hope. :(

    Josh - I have not missed one Green Brief since you started writing them. I applaud you on your punctuality. Please, keep up the amazing work!
  14. I agree although but the sign says Mothering Sunday 22 March. So before 22 March.

    The price sign also say Primark which has stores throughout the UK
  15. Visionary Member

    So they really were using axes? There's been a few who've been pretty sure that it was all fabricated propaganda or rumors.
    (like that one guy who was awfully smug about it the other day)
    I wonder how many others like him are having the same problem.

    LMAO! Nice. Although I wonder why the pictures were taken in the first place. Glad they were though.

    Thanks for the updates!
  16. NiteOwl Member

    Because I had it in the last Brief. I can only say that about 16 people have signed - not 50. :) BBC .. I don't know where they got it from.
  17. JohnDoe Moderator

    And Ireland - which is where this high market store started:D
  18. Now and forever - Thank you!
  19. Seamyst Member

    Thank you for this!

    I'm not sure the Senate legislation for helping Iranians obtain better news is a good idea, though. Won't Ahmadinejad use this as more anti-US (or anti-West) propaganda? And isn't it sad that we have to question acts like this, instead of celebrating the act of solidarity?
  20. Ray Murphy Member

    It won't matter what he thinks after he's thrown out.
  21. thank you very much. kheily mamnoon.
    At nr. 14. Is this person, a hero from the group of Persiankiwi?
  22. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    thank you, NiteOwl.

    yes, axes. believe it. you may not have wanted to- your rational, peaceful minds will have naturally rejected the idea. such a thing is surely impossible. long knives, machetes, axes, guns, and some type of chemical weapons have all been used against the unarmed.

    you have all seen the evidence and it is damaging. it is obviously damaging to Iran's cruel and corrupt regime, who -God willing- will understand one day in the Hague. but less obvious is the psychological damage done to you, the witnesses. please keep your heart. please keep your focus and inform your politicians. please keep your ability to witness the evidence of your senses, the evidence we are sacrificing ourselves to provide.

    nothing of this nature is impossible to the monsters who are running Iran, or the evil they have unleashed on our country and her people. a further hint may be deduced from Mojtaba's statement of how the Green Sea was 'armed' before the election: tear gas, knives and pick axes. is it not a common tactic of tyrants to accuse the victims of using weapons only available to the regime?

    please prepare yourselves for possible imagery of so called basiji martyrs who are actually missing protesters the regime may use for this purpose. martyrs who have sustained terrible wounds. do not be fooled and do not be dis-heartened.

    this is perhaps not the place for such a lengthy post. i must beg your indulgence and forgiveness. a topic has been started bearing my name by a concerned friend (thank you, Kourosh). it embarrasses me to say several hundred people have visited. perhaps i should make use of it in the future.

    i would have wept had i written of this a month ago (and i did when i had done). but the well of my tears is dry now. there is left only the smoke of a smoldering rage.
  23. watsongs2012 Member

    Thanks again for you tireless efforts. These chronicles of the struggle for freedom are priceless. I'll be at the rally at the plaza at J.C. Nichols Fountain in Kansas City. Peace!
  24. JohnDoe Moderator

    The Green Brief covering today's protests is going to be amazing!!!! And it'll be so good to say "I was there!";)
  25. just goes to show how barbaric the regime is towards its own people - ancient roman slaves, whether guilty of anything or not, were required by law to be tortured before providing any evidence in court. the iranian prisoners are treated more like slaves than free citizens.
  26. Thanks

    Thank you NightOwl. I look forward to your updates each day. I see nothing in the American Press lately. Keep up the good work.
  27. Green Brief 25? What happend?

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