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    I'm NiteOwl AKA Josh Shahryar - on twitter. I'm a journalist and a human rights activist and NOT Iranian. This is a compilation of news from Iran that I've gathered through twitter and Iranian sites that were advertised on twitter. Remember, this is all from tweets. (My work is released under Creative Commons (CC).)

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Wednesday, July 22 .

    In Polish:

    In German:

    In Spanish:

    In Swedish:

    Protests / Unrest

    1. Dozens of people gathered nearby Sohrab A’rabi’s house in Tehran tonight. They chanted “Death to Dictator” and demanded freedom for the Iranian people. A’rabi is among those killed during the aftermath of the elections by the Iranian government.

    2. Families of detainees again rallied in front of Evin Prison. Dozens assembled to ask for the release of their loved ones. Others demanded to know the whereabouts of their missing family members. The whereabouts of large numbers of Iranian protesters detained are unknown and the government refuses to provide information about them.

    3. The planned hunger strike in support of the Green Movement commenced in front of the United Nations building in New York today. Akbar Ganji is one of the organizers of the event. Participants include Gogoosh -Iran’s most famous Pop Diva, and Shohreh Aghashedlo- an Academy Award-nominated Iranian actress. It is worth mentioning that many other prominent Iranians and non-Iranians were present as well. The strike is planned to last until July 25th. Here’s BBC’s page on the strike with a video:


    4. Mir Hossein Mousavi met with university professors and reporters in Tehran, where he criticized the government and said, “They can’t even tolerate the presence of people like Rafsanjani today.” He went on to say, “People should continue their quest to ensure that their demands are met in a civil manner.” He again asserted the election results as fraudulent, and said that, “A government that does not have legitimacy would only increase internal and external problems for Iran.” Mousavi went on to say, “People have the key to resolve the question” and “I do not recognize Ahmadinejad’s Government.” He stated, “We all witnessed the power of the people as they gathered under the same banner - regardless of their affiliations.” Mousavi affirmed his intent of creating a new political front - one that would include several well-known politicians. The new front’s main objective will be to achieve the demands of the Iranian people, and that it would be unveiled next week.

    5. In a separate two-hour meeting with reporters and other media personalities, Mir Hossein Mousavi discussed the current situation in Iran. He called for the immediate release of detainees and asked the government to ensure press freedom and to lift the media censorship.

    6. Abdollah Nouri – another reformist who has joined the Green Movement – said that in the mid 70s, “No one thought that the Shah would be overthrown one day and that he would be forced to flee the country.”

    7. Ayatollah Sayed Ali Mohammad Dasteghaib – an eminent cleric from Shiraz – has announced his support for Rafsanjani’s sermon. He is now backing Mousavi and Karroubi and asked other clerics to join the growing support for the reformists. He stated, “Clerics should NOT be divided on an issue that has so much mass support amongst its people.” During the past month, several Ayatollahs have made their position well-known. For a full listing of Ayatollahs and their positions, please visit Tehran Bureau’s website (I can attest to most of its authenticity):

    8. Ayatollah Bayat Zanjani - in response to a question from one of his followers – said, “The appointment of someone to a leadership position who’s gained it through fraud is illegitimate.” He added, “However, people need to have evidence and need to be certain that such an individual had indeed used illegal means to get to that position for his presidency to be illegitimate.” He acknowledged, “Complaints of other candidates cannot delegitimize a president unless those complaints are found to be accurate.” He clarified, “Only the Presidency would lose its legitimacy; not the Regime nor the people working for the Regime."

    9. Partially-confirmed reports indicate that Ayatollah Wahid Khorasani – another important cleric – warned Sadegh Larejani today that, “He would ruin his afterlife if he accepts the appointment to head Iran’s Judiciary.” Sadegh Larejani is a member of the Guardian Council, and is a staunch conservative being groomed to replace the current head of Judiciary. Larejani had reportedly stated in 2006 that people’s vote didn’t give a government its legitimacy.

    10. Hashemi Rafsanjani’s brother - Mohammad Hashemi Rafsanjani - has dismissed claims made by Mojtaba Zounnour (Khamenei’s representative to the Revolutionary Guard) that he had donated more than five million dollars to Mohsen Rezaie’s campaign. Mohammad declared that he did not donate money to any of the candidate’s campaigns. Rezaie’s camp on the other hand, vowed that if Zounnour could not prove his allegations, they would take him to court.

    11. Mohsen Rezaie blamed Ahmadinejad’s supporters of attempting to damage his credibility. According to Rezaie’s website, an active campaign primarily instigated by Ahmadinejad’s Party, had begun to discredit him and his achievements.

    12. A committee that has been formed to follow the cases of detainees and to provide legal help to their families met with Mahdi Karroubi for the third time today - and asked for his continued support. Karroubi asked the committee to designate lawyers for following the cases of individual detainees as soon as possible. The committee later announced that they will soon be holding meetings with the Parliamentary Commission on National Security and Judicial Affairs as well as Iran’s Attorney General.

    13. Mohammad Khatami reiterated his position today and called for a referendum on the government’s legitimacy. He insisted that people needed to make their voices heard. He said, “If this demand is not accepted, all legal channels for people to reach their goals would be closed.” Khatami criticized detractors of claiming that he, Mousavi, and other reformists were working against the regime. He stated, “The referendum is an insurance policy,” and urged the government to hold one as soon as possible.

    Government / International

    14. Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi has joined the battle over the appointment of Asfandyar Mashaie as one of Ahmadinejad’s Vice Presidents. He called his appointment “absolutely illegitimate.” Khamenei has opposed Mashaie’s appointment, yet Ahmadinejad has refused to back down. Mashaie released a statement today on his official blog, calling himself “a staunch conservative.” He declared that his earlier statement, in which he called “The people of Iran friends of the Israeli people,” was the official government position at the time. It has also been partially-confirmed that during today’s Cabinet meeting, Ahmadinejad had a verbal altercation with Hossein Saffar Harandi -Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance – over Mashaie’s appointment, causing Harandi to leave the meeting.

    15. Ahmadinejad signed into law - and issued an order for its implementation –a decree that severely damages freedom of expression in Iran. According to Press TV, the law requires internet service providers to save virtually ALL data that has been sent and received by their clients for a period of three months.

    16. Mojtaba Zounnour - Khamenei’s representative to the IRG - declared today, “Protesters armed themselves with pickaxes, shovels, and even purchased tear gas BEFORE the election in order to take part in post-election violence.” He proclaimed that an “underground armed resistance group,” with over 300,000 members, had been formed before the election. He insisted, “This group’s mission was to trigger a revolution against the Islamic Republic - with help from the BBC.” He also confirmed that at least two Basiji Members had been killed by protesters during the violence.

    (Rest Below)
  2. NiteOwl Member

    17. UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, announced today that the British Government supported the rights of the Iranian protesters. He called the arrests of British Embassy staff and the expulsion of two British diplomats “unacceptable.” Because of mounting international pressure, all staff members were released. Brown told reporters, "We have to be concerned if individual rights of citizens are being affected."

    18. Reports indicate that 306 conservative clerics of the Qom Seminary Teachers Association have released a statement in support of Ayatollah Yazdi’s dismissal of Rafsanjani’s demands during his Friday Sermon.

    19. Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, told reporters yesterday, “The legitimacy of Ahmadinejad’s Government was being challenged by the people.” Sweden currently holds the rotating presidency of the EU for six months, so this comes as more of a European position than a Swedish.

    Arrested / Released / Killed

    20. Three journalists have now been confirmed to have been detained by the government. They include: Sayed Emar Kalantari – the editor-in-chief of Ayandeh website, Hossein Aghaie and Reza Rafi’ee Foroushani. Mohammad Reza Azeemi and Mostafa Sha’bani were also reportedly arrested today. Both men are lawyers who work for Raad - a legal institution that operates in Tehran.

    21. Towhid Begi, Karroubi’s campaign photographer, and Mojtaba Tehrani, a photographer working for Etemaade Melli Newspaper, were released today.

    22. Reports surfaced yesterday that two people had died and several were injured in clashes with security forces in the city of Orumieh in Western Azerbaijan Province. Based on reports from today, I can now partially-confirm this.

    23. Mohseni Ejaie, Iran’s Minister of Intelligence, has recently said that more confessions of detainees will be broadcasted soon on National television.

    24. The Revolutionary Road blog has published the names of 65 people who they claimed have died in the unrests, along with many more who have been detained. I cannot confirm the list, but here is the link for your review:

    Scott Lucas, and his team over at Enduring America, has kindly translated all the names to English. If you want to see the list, please check-out their very informative and accurate website:

    **Special Note: This is a personal request. Today, a very disturbing picture was disseminated on Twitter. It contained several dead bodies piled-up against a wall - with the poster claiming that these were the bodies of tortured detainees from Evin Prison. The picture was later discredited as being from Iraq. In the future, if such pictures make their way to you, please make sure it is authentic. Graphic pictures cause extreme pain and trauma to many people who are following and reporting on Twitter. Thank you.

    *Discuss/Annotate: ; Create it if it doesn't exist.

    **If you wana republish the Green Brief, please visit this page:

    ***For Radio Broadcasters:

    ****(A list of all the Green Briefs:]The Green Briefs

    *****A hearty thanks to Sahar joon for helping me out with proof-reading and very valuable tips. Also, a BIG THANKS to all the translators who're spending their precious time on getting this to as many people as possible.

    Read this if you want to help or get help!


    A. You can retweet this link and help others know what is going on in Iran.

    B. Discuss/Annotate:

    C. Iranmapping: ; If you would like to help out with compiling all the news stories from Iran in a geo-spatial context for Iranmapping, please follow the instruction over at

    D. The government in Iran is still increasing internet filtering and throttling in an attempt to silence their people. Anonymous info shows that many in Iran are looking for proxy and Tor information in Tehran and all around the country. Please donate your bandwidth to help bring down the Iran Curtain. Here are links on how to help and get help on this:



    Get video torrents and help on Tor here:
  3. FreedomAgent Member

    Doorood bar to
  4. Angelraven Member

    Once again, thank you Nite Owl and his "staff" for all your hard work putting this GB together so that we can be updated, the main stream media seems to have lost interest for the most part.

    Thank you for giving the people a voice....
    Peace and blessings
  5. JohnDoe Moderator

    Thanks again Niteowl.

    "18. Reports indicate that 306 conservative clerics in Qom have released a statement in support of Ayatollah Yazdi’s dismissal of Rafsanjani’s demands during his Friday Sermon."

    A sober reminder that there are many who are totally opposed to freedom for the people.

    I hope that the division among the clerics leads to their collapse. Clerics belong in the mosque, not in the government.

    It's certainly going to be interesting to see how the situation between Khameni & Amamadman plays out over Amamadman's appointments.
  6. Thank you!!

    Thank you to ALL that help put the Green Brief together EVERYDAY! I really appreciate it.
  7. Visionary Member

    Yeah, right. :rolleyes:

    Boo! That sucks.

    Thanks for the updates!
  8. I wonder who sold the teargas to the resistance? Friends of Zounnour's in the Guard maybe? I mean what is he thinking here... that the local Walmullahmart sells teargas? :confused::confused::confused:
  9. rizah Member

    It is forbidden to even own a baseball bat in Iran let alone guns or other form of weapons...jesus ( sorry, i mean mohammad), they must be getting desprate woth trying to discredit the movement!
  10. a desert Member

    I'm pretty sure that the Iranian gov't relishes the taste of it's own foot at this point. 'cause clearly, in a land with no rights to bears arms is going to have tear gas floating around everywhere. ;)
  11. JKShalmani Member

    Extremely sorry for appearing so picky... but I was told from an Iranian friend that the information quoted above seems to be a translation of something written in Kayhan newspaper, which makes the info appear in a slightly different light. As I understand very little Farsi, I can not verify this myself, but maybe somebody here can...?

    The referenced information apparently is available here: روزنامه کیهان

    And as every day I want to thank NiteOwl for his neverending endurance and effort. May you never get tired and depressed...
  12. I read and speak farsi. The above link didn't work but if that's from Kayhan newspaper, it's definitely not true.
  13. Ha ha ha! That's really funny! Foot-kebabs: luv it! :D
  14. JKShalmani Member

    the link works here, I will type it with spaces (not for copy/paste):
    http: // www. kayhannews. ir/
    should lead to the main page where you find the headline to the article - click on it and you will be directed to the article
    (full link: http: // www. kayhannews .ir/880501/2. htm#other201)

    (looks strange, but that's what it is)
  15. NiteOwl Member

    I forgot to put that bit in the brief. Apologies about that.

    Yes, that is true. But all those clerics belong to an organization - Qom Seminary Teachers Society - that has already endorsed Ahmadinejad. ُSo this does not come as a surprise.
  16. I read it in keyhan's website. It hasn't any reference and no names has mentioned too. Must find another reliable source to confirm this.
  17. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    NiteOwl, your perseverance, dedication, and integrity are an inspiration to all of us who swim in the Sea of Green.

    Mojtaba is clearly a desperate fool munching, as someone has stated, on his own foot kebab. (please forgive me for not citing properly) no one with any sense or knowledge of strict Iranian law, can possibly believe the protesters were armed. Mojtaba, there exists numerous video and pictorial evidence showing who was armed, who was not, and even which ethnicities they are.

    besides, why would we need to arm ourselves before the free-est and fairest elections in the world?

    the alternative: Mojtaba and his corrupt organization are so incompetent -so poorly led and staffed- they allowed the formation of a group three hundred thousand strong. they then allowed this group to somehow become armed.

    mmm. how does that foot taste, Mojtaba? you are not very bright are you? you probably think you are tasting victory. it is actually (wait for it) the cheesy taste of de-feet.
  18. a desert Member

    Thanks Sparrow, I am forever going to picture Mojtaba as a man with foot cheese fungus. Gross. :(

    One has to wonder how much these gov't people buy into their own hype. I think Jibber has delusions of adequacy and some of these Ayatollahs... sheesh.
  19. NiteOwl Member


    Good to have you back SparrowHawk! Haven't seen you in a while so I thought you might have gotten busy.

    And you don't need to cite sources for the foot-kebab. It's general knowledge now! ;)
  20. TNPersian Member

    I have recently become a daily reader of your postings and wish to thank everyone involved for their work in presenting this information to all of us and allowing us to be a part of the greater world community who are standing in support of the people of Iran.
  21. bizychic Member

    Thank you for this info. We appreciate all your hard work.
  22. Nichol Member

    Great Brief, thanks.

    Charlie Brown would have said: 'Good Brief!'

    I noticed a few wordy tweeps are now typing the whole thing into twitter, in stead of simply giving the link. I guess that is a sign of honour, but I dont like people turning our 'Good Brief' into spam...
  23. JKShalmani Member

    Thank you, this makes total sense then.
    For a couple of moments I had hoped it was another propagandistic lie... On the other hand, I am quite happy that the day seems near when all those remarkably stupid lies will be history.
  24. TsuDhoNimh Member

    If you accept this faradiddle as truth, it's not a flattering picture of their competence.

    Where in Iran would you buy tear gas? Do they allow its sale? If it was smuggled, someone in the "regime" allowed it in, probably for a bribe.

    And if an underground army of 300,000 was organized and undiscovered, where the heck was state security? Was the Rev. Guard asleep in the sentry box, or were they taking bribes? Were there no leaks by a pro-regime mole? Heck, Watergate leaked like a sieve with fewer than 100 participitants and they are claiming that 300 times that many people all kept their mouths shut, and that none of their friends and co-workers noticed anything?

    Sounds to me like they are preparing to hang the Basij out to dry while they scramble to save the Rev. Guard.
  25. It's just hard to believe that our enemy can be both ruthless and incredibly stupid at the same time. I'll bet there are Iranians laughing at the over 300,000 members right now.
  26. This statement lacks logic. If the entire regime (or those within it) conspired to fraudulently elect a president, then the regime loses legitimacy for falsifying democracy. Zanjani is implying that Ahmadinejad would have had to steal the show all on his own. People like him need to quit trying to cover their asses and pick the right side, already.
  27. JKShalmani Member

    Trying to figure out the amount of tear gas you need for 300,000 people.
    The most crazy thing to me is - why 300,000? If the government wishes to make the number of protestors appear negligible, then 300,000 seems a bit over the top. Reminds me of the 12 Million false votes that came out after the first "review" of the election results by the Guardian Council.
  28. *puts on tinfoil hat*

    The 300 Spartans, multiplied by a thousand Immortals.

    Can I go back to my room nao?
  29. Thanks

    Can't say better, thank you everyone to keep this thread alive.
  30. Green brief på Svenska

    Green Brief på svenska är översatt.

    Jag uppdaterar den så fort så möjligt varje dag.

    Green Brief på Svenska
  31. Ah, gee, now you're confusing poor old Mojtaba with logic.

    Whoops! Accident-ijad!

    Bet ya can't eat just one! ;)
  32. **Special Note: This is a personal request. Today, a very disturbing picture was disseminated on Twitter. It contained several dead bodies piled-up against a wall - with the poster claiming that these were the bodies of tortured detainees from Evin Prison. The picture was later discredited as being from Iraq. In the future, if such pictures make their way to you, please make sure it is authentic. Graphic pictures cause extreme pain and trauma to many people who are following and reporting on Twitter. Thank you.

    Were the pictures sent to you yesterday by nedaagain (since deleted) current? They were very graphic and quite disturbing. I felt ill seeing them but if valid would certainly prove extreme cruelty and torture for the World to see. I follow you on Twitter. NZchinchin
  33. Exactly!!! Liars that what they are!

    NiteOwl, your perseverance, dedication, and integrity are an inspiration to all of us who swim in the Sea of Green.

    Angel R
  34. thank you Niteowl i would be lost with out the green briefs. seems that the main media have forgotten iran
  35. JKShalmani Member

    Originally Posted by NiteOwl
    I forgot to put that bit in the brief. Apologies about that.
    Yes, that is true. But all those clerics belong to an organization - Qom Seminary Teachers Society - that has already endorsed Ahmadinejad. ُSo this does not come as a surprise.

    LOL - here we go:
    RT @IRanAnon: Clerics in Ghom anounced the letter published in Keyhan newspaper by their name in support of Yazdi was a lie :D
  36. LOL

    the government propaganda keeps trying to steal people's voices, thank Allah the clerics spoke up


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