The Green Brief #33 (July 19)

Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by NiteOwl, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. You're in anonymous territory. Anything you say cannot be taken as proof unless you're an established source since the day of the protest or are willing to reveal your identity. If what you say is true, then good for you for having info. If what you say is false, then please be on your way.
  2. Yes, that is understood here. I am referring to specific circumstances at the time of death of Ay. Taleqani. While there were circulating in the public that MKO killed Ay. Taleqani, that was not the official line, and it certainly was not an issue within the family.

    But the validity of Ay. Taleqani's critique against the regime was very valid, and we can see the consequences of it now.

    May his soul rest in peace.
  3. TsuDhoNimh Member

    But think of how much power they'll save DURING the blackouts when no one can use any electricity at all.

    That's not sabotage, that's supporting the regime, that's preventing those nasty oppositions from being able to tweet and utube and make pbbbbbbbbbbttt noises at the Shah-mullah-shah Kahmeini and that short bearded guy on the internets.
  4. 'That was not the official line'

    That's the important sentence. Ay Taleqani became known as "Shahed Taleqani" ie martyr.

    He spoke out against the executions and injustice, and he suffered the consequences. He would have been the only one really qualified to be the supreme leader, and after him Montazari took on that role, and look what happened him.
  5. I am confused. First you claimed that the regime killed Ay. Taleqani and blamed the MKO.

    I responded saying "that was not the official line" (ie. The regime never claimed he was killed. By anyone)

    Now you are claiming he was known as "Shaheed Taleqani" as in the literal sense.

    But no public figure, either in the regime, in the then-opposition, among the later defectors, and most importantly in his family has ever claimed that he was assassinated either by the regime or the MKO.

    I do most certainly agree that he would have been more qualified than Khomeini, but also more qualified than Montazeri. Although I doubt he would have promoted himself as such.
  6. Ahhhh!!!! Byzantine politiks, where the intrigue runs deep, and no one knows what the hell theyre really doing! D:

    I'm confused too.
  7. JohnDoe Moderator

    My spouse's family certainly believed at the time that he had been killed by the regime, who then blamed it on the Mujahden (sp?). Because he had spoken out so clearly against Khomini's executions.

    Of course in the early days following the '79 destruction there will have been lots of rumors and counter rumors flying around. So they may not have had their facts right. All I know is that my spouse and cousin were totally convinced it had been done by the state.

    You sound as if you have more information so I bow to your superior knowledge, and apologise if I have given wrong information, that was not my intention.

    I do think we need to watch how things play out in the days ahead, for I think if anything happens any of the top players, the regime would be more than capable of blaming it on others. (Well I guess since they already blame the whole unrest on others, that wouldn't be too hard!!!)
  8. The only thing I would point out (from an objective point of view) is that the regime never missed or downplayed an opportunity if someone was assassinated or killed by SAVAK, MKO, etc.

    If Ay. Taleqani had been assasinated (even by the regime) there would have been thorough propaganda to blame the MKO which would have continued to this day.
  9. JohnDoe Moderator

    But that's what I'm saying, my spouse's family did believe that the regime had blamed the MKO at the time.

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