The Green Brief #30 (July 16)

Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by NiteOwl, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. watsongs2012 Member

    Thank you for correcting the oversight.
  2. Visionary Member

    I don't want to drag this on...but the only post I've seen complaining about the Israel item was this one:

  3. midrashist Member

    thanks for the "Is. backyard" citation

    I have been feeling guilty because I have been reading/keeping up less with Israeli government's obstinancy since June 12.
    That's a good blog. Sorry some people were so shocked but it seems natural to me at the very least to worry and feel obliged to educate oneself about lack of freedom wherever it is. (Wonder if they even read the author's description of how they slowly got involved in watching crossings!)
    I read your blog every night, or first thing when I wake up.
  4. Visionary Member

  5. midrashist Member

    only a news source?

    Seems to me it's clearly an activist site. For one it's called ""
    There are many discussions on here about how to help, whether with technology, or hijacking misinformation/lethal sites, or translating old and new sources....
    Seems more appropriate to me than the foul language and name calling some people use.
  6. point taken. though i also realized after posting that he may not be israeli at all. after all, such a strong reaction to critiques of israel is not limited to israelis only.
  7. NiteOwl Member

    What I have seen here is that there are many Israelis who care about what's happening around the world in regards to human rights. I have also noticed that a lot of people are very Israel-centric when it comes to anything that is posted online.

    No, I'm not an Israeli, yet. Too many people hate us already. Have you noticed how much negative publicity Jews get on a daily basis by other people? Aren't you happy that for once a Jew is actually sitting here doing something positive? I wasn't depressed because I hate Israel. I was depressed because I'm beginning to think that the biggest threat to Jews and Israel is not Hezbollah or Hamas, but militant-Zionists.

    I hope I'm wrong.

    Furthermore, did you know that what I write is actually broadcasted in Israel by at least one radio station? Do they not know that I'm such an 'Israel-basher'?

    Finally, whatever happened to freedom of expression? You are allowed to criticize a country - even if it's your own. Even if you might want to make it your home some day. This is exactly what the Mullahs in Iran are doing. They don't want people to speak their minds.

    I already have written enough about this, but again; it was a mistake. I didn't WANT to post it there. I was sick, tired and very upset. But the whole barrage of profanity forced me to keep it there the next morning when I realized it was there.


    P.S. Please make your presence known when Lebanese Hezbollah people or Hamas people come here and bash me. I would LOVE some support from other Jews when that happens.
  8. Nichol Member

    Mashad speech

    I missed what I regard as one of the highlights of this day: details of Ahmedinejads wonderful speech in Mashad, where he said he would hit his enemies in their face so hard that they would not be able to find the way back home.

    And then he continued in a way to practically designed to prove the necessity for Israel to bomb those nuclear facilities to postpone a bit more the time that such a crazy guy can get his hands on such dangerous weaponry. Extremely weird type of diplomacy. Probably meant for local consumption but still not easy to get the logic behind it. Or is it just part of Iranian folklore, like stoning a poor women once in a while?
  9. FreedomAgent Member

    NiteOwl, I feel for you

    I get the opposite usually everyone thinks I am some Israel supporter

    so just to steer stuff up and show people that I love all the same here is a little video

    contains language that may be offensive to MOST individuals

  10. Nichol Member

    Here the WikiLeak that probably caused Wikileaks to be blocked from Iran, thereby authenticating it ;) The WikiLeaks tweets also had a request for help in translating some farsi. So there is more to come.

    Serious nuclear accident may lay behind Iranian nuke chief's mystery resignation - Wikileaks

    July 16, 2009


    Two weeks ago, a source associated with Iran's nuclear program confidentially told WikiLeaks of a serious, recent, nuclear accident at Natanz. Natanz is the primary location of Iran's nuclear enrichment program.

    WikiLeaks had reason to believe the source was credible however contact with this source was lost.

    WikiLeaks would not normally mention such an incident without additional confirmation, however according to Iranian media and the BBC, today the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, Gholam Reza Aghazadeh, has resigned under mysterious circumstances. According to these reports, the resignation was tendered around 20 days ago.
  11. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (M_Ahmadinejad) on Twitter

  12. Who said I was "a Jew"? I sure didn't. I wasn't criticising you for your views - ok, yeah I called it "Israel-bashing" - my apologies. Really, I was just shocked to see the comment. I thought that bringing another very contentious issue into a forum that is supposed to be about Iran's current struggle, and off topic in many ways in this particular thread wasn't appropriate, and I couldn't understand why you did it in this thread.

    I also think the crap that goes on at checkpoints is totally over the top, demeaning and so on, but one has to wonder why Palestinians want to work in Israel at all. The fact is that they do, and plenty of them live in Israel too. I think Israel is about 20% Arab (but don't quote me).

    But these checkpoints do serve a purpose and they have caught plenty of suicide bombers and others who wanted to do harm in some way, and it has avoided disasters inside Israel. What other way could this be done to achieve the same ends? I'm not sure. Definitely a contentious issue. Apologies if I've made you angry.
  13. JKShalmani Member

    I am quite new to this forum, and please take my apologies in case I am missing the point here. What is this "Israel-bashing" thing about, in the first place?
    As far as I understand, this is a forum promoting the issue of human rights in connection with the current Iran protests. Human rights is nothing to be related to a specific group of people, there is nothing like "Iran leftist protesters' human rights" or "Palestinian refugees' human rights" or "Israeli settlers' human rights" etc.

    I find it very clear from the way NiteOwl has been reporting that his concern for human rights is beyond doubt. Does it not stress his unbiased concern that he is able to feel depressed about injustice done to anyone? I am sure he would not hesitate to stand up for all who have critiziced him here if they became victims of human rights violation.

    Please guys, let's not waste our - and NiteOwl's - time with narrow-minded disputes about who is allowed to feel compassion for whom. Compassion is global, and we all need it, so let's leave behind the restrictions of national, racial, religious, or whatever borders.
  14. watsongs2012 Member

    We all need to stay focused. Yes, there are humans rights violations everywhere. Even in the U.S. the police can and sometimes do act like basijis.
    Nevertheless, the struggle for freedom in Iran is and should be at the top of the list. Focus people!! I am a long time supporter of Israel, and it troubles me deeply to see the inhumanity occurring there, but for now my focus is with the freedom fighters in Iran. Niteowl: march on patriot, we are with you!!

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