The Green Brief #23 (July 09)

Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by NiteOwl, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Swarm Theory Member

    Protest, run, protest, run, protest, run...

    This & the sad fact is that at some point they run out of space/guards. That's why the eyes of the world are important. Easiest way to put down an uprising is just kill all the troublemakers outright. The knowledge that not only the world, but any Iranians with access to the outside world are watching their actions closely has dampened their ability to do that.
  2. akuma_river Member

    Because it's a guaranteed death sentence.

    One of the stories I came across was about a book publisher who listened who was sent to Evin (he later got released), an old man in the prison spoke about how when he was being interrogated (he was blind folded) that they brought in this young boy who had stabbed a Basij. They beat him to death.

    Btw, I've been gathering links and newspaper articles and posting them on a political com on LJ. If anyone wants to read it. ontd_political: July 10th Update on Iran
  3. Srpska Member

    DISCLAIMER: If you are reading this from Iran, please do not let me influence you into doing anything foolish. Make up your own mind whether to fight fire with fire or not.

    Part of me is still thinking that if the Basij are using indiscriminate violence, upping the stakes and fighting back hard is entirely justified, if only out of self-defence. They are known to kill people; therefore, morally, anything up to and including deadly force is, in my eyes, justified in resisting them. I just can't understand why the protesters are clinging so rigidly to a policy of non-violence which, in my view, is harming both them and their cause.

    </Revolutionary propaganda>
  4. Thank you NiteOwl.
  5. akuma_river Member

    My guess is because of Ghandi and MLK. And the fact that if they fought back it would prove the regime right in their harsh crackdown. It's easy to say that people who fight back are part of a rioting group wanting to topple the country. It's harder to say that to people who have no weapons and are only protecting each other and not fighting back against the bad guys.

    Not to mention you gain more sympathies and perhaps more people to join your cause by not fighting back. It's bad pr to beat upon or support those beating upon defenseless people.

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