The Green Brief #21 (July 07)

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  1. NiteOwl Member

    I'm NiteOwl AKA Josh Shahryar - on twitter - and I've been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several hours. I have tried to be extremely careful in choosing my tweet sources. What I have compiled below is what I can confirm through my reliable twitter sources. Remember, this is all from tweets. (My work is released under Creative Commons (CC). So use it freely and post it wherever you want.)

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Tuesday, July 7 .

    In Danish:

    In Hebrew:

    In French:

    In German:

    In Greek:

    In Polish:

    In Spanish:

    In Swedish:


    1. There have been reports of atrocities committed against villages in Iran. According to partially confirmed reports, a village near Kamyaran in the Kordestan Province was set on fire by security forces because of protests there last week. Several villagers have also been arrested and are currently in custody.

    2. In anticipation of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech on Tuesday night, people across Iran came up with a unique plan to disrupt the transmission of the broadcast. The plan was to turn on as many electronic devices as possible, thus disrupting the flow of electricity across the country. Reports confirm that during his speech parts of Karaj, Ghazvin, Sari, Tabriz, Isfahan, Rodehen, Saghez, Lavasan, Ahvaz, Khoramshahr, Dezful, Jahrom, Khomeini Shahr, Shahin Shahr, Folad Shahr, Kashan and Rasht experienced massive black-outs.

    3. Black-outs were also reported in Eastern Tehran, as well as the areas of Baharestan, Sarcheshme and Amir Kabir in Central Tehran. There were unconfirmed reports of gunshots in Eastern Tehran as well as Basijis attacking people who climbed to their rooftops to chant ‘Allah o Akbar’ and ‘Death to the Dictator’.


    4. Mousavi, Karoubi and Khatami held a joint meeting in Tehran today. The three leaders reaffirmed their commitment to the cause of invalidating the election. They called on the government to recognize the legitimate demands of the protesters. They also appealed the government to immediately release all political prisoners and protesters detained during the post-election unrest. The three leaders appointed Mr. Alireza Beheshti, Mr. Moghadam, Mr. Al-Weri and Mr. Amini to probe into the cases of those arrested. They will also survey families whose properties had been damaged during the protests.

    5. Hashemi Rafsanjani’s Politically Party – Kargozaran - released the following statement yesterday: “We declare that the election result is unacceptable due to the unhealthy voting process, massive electoral fraud, and the bias candidate choice of the Guardian Council.” Rafsanjani himself has so far not supported this statement and where he stands is still unknown at this time.

    6. There are partially-confirmed reports that Mousavi met with one, mourning protester’s family on Monday night. The protester’s father told Mousavi that his son was not very political, yet had taken a great deal of interest in Mr. Mousavi’s message. He also claimed that his son was not violent. Mousavi told the grieving family that the blood of the innocent never goes in vain.


    7. After US Vice President Joe Biden’s statement yesterday, that suggested the US would not interfere if Israel were to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, Saudi Arabia was reported as offering Israel its airspace for any future attacks on Iran. However, Saudi Arabia today denied that it had made such comments. In the meantime, US President Obama has vehemently denied that Biden’s statements implied that the US had given Israel “a green light” to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    8. Canada announced today that it hoped the G8 group of nations would hold a unanimous and firm position in regards to Iran in its upcoming meeting in Italy. Statements by the Prime Minister’s spokesperson indicated that Canada saw Iran’s regime as extremely dangerous, and hoped for a united position by the G8 in this regard.

    9. Ten Nobel Peace Prize winners sent a letter today to Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary General. They asked him to do everything in his power to put a stop to the abuse of human rights in Iran, and to make sure political prisoners in Iran are freed. They went on to request that he send a special envoy to Iran to investigate human rights abuse and government propaganda against Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shirin Ebadi.

    10. Kenneth Roth, Executive Director for Human Rights Watch, called on G8 leaders to denounce the violent repression of protesters in Iran. He asked the G8 to dismiss any claims made by the Iranian government that blames “foreign powers” for the violence THEY have committed against protesters. The group called on G8 leaders to ask for an impartial investigation into abuses and accountability for those responsible. Mr. Roth added, “G8 leaders should make clear that Iran is violating international law.”

    11. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a televised speech tonight, told the Iranian people that the election was the ‘freest’ of any other anywhere in the world. He blamed foreign powers of interfering in Iranian affairs. He claimed that his opponents have not provided any evidence of voter fraud. His speech was briefly cut because of a power outage, but transmission resumed within seconds.

    Arrests / Releases / Killed

    12. Faizollah Arab-Sorkhi, a reformist member of Mujahideen-e-Enghelab and a close supporter of Mohammad Khatami – was arrested at his home today. His whereabouts are unknown. It has also been confirmed that another reformist, Siyamak Haidarzadeh is currently being held in captivity. There are no news of his whereabouts either.

    13. Although the police in Tehran claim that students arrested from the University of Tehran have all been released, the University’s Chancellor announced that at least two are still in detention.

    14. Mahdi Karoubi’s office has asked those with family members in detention or whose property has been damaged during the protests by security forces to contact them about the incidents. Karoubi’s office has released a phone number through which they can be contacted: 227 131 35

    15. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, demanded that Iran release French citizen Clotilde Reiss immediately. Reiss was arrested a few days ago as she was leaving Iran from Tehran International Airport. She had been living in Isfahan for five months and was teaching French. Reiss has been charged with attempting to harm Iran’s National Security.

    16. Confirmed reports from Evin prison indicate that the torture of prisoners has intensified. A reliable source confirmed that hot water was being poured on prisoners, they weren’t allowed to sleep, and that many had been put in solitary confinement. We now confirmed instances of sexual harassment, and rape of male and female prisoners.

    17. Iran’s Attorney General’s Office has announced that starting next week, prosecution against some 500 detainees – all arrested during the protests the last couple of weeks - will begin. This comes at a time when thousands of people are feared to be in Iranian prisons stemming from arrests made at protests. Many high-profile political prisoners have not been able to contact their families and many are said to be in dire need of medical attention.

    18. In other news, during Ahmadinejad’s speech, a bug continued to fly around his head, forcing him to swat around relentlessly at the bug in front of his face. Reliable sources have now confirmed that the bug has been arrested, moved to Evin Prison, and has confessed to a plot to annoy Ahmadinejad by the Evil UK. His confession will be broadcasted through IRIB soon – so stay tuned.

    (A special thanks to all the translators, editors and compilers who make the job of making the Green Brief easier. THANK YOU!)

    Read this if you want to help or get help!


    A. Anonymous has been faithfully running this forum for the past three weeks besides their regular website. The amount of traffic and the extra content has added to their costs of running their servers. If you want to help monetarily, you can check out their donation page at: General Expense - Why We Protest

    B. You can retweet this link and help others know what is going on in Iran.

    C. The government in Iran is still increasing internet filtering and throttling in an attempt to silence their people. Anonymous info shows that many in Iran are looking for proxy and Tor information in Tehran and all around the country. Please donate your bandwidth to help bring down the Iran Curtain. Here are links on how to help and get help on this:


    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor and the Iranian Election - Bring down the Iran Curtain | Ian's Brain


    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor: آنلاين Tor

    Help us set up more bridges on Tor here:

    Gonzo Times � Torrents List (82 videos)
  2. As Always straight to the point. many tks. We'll keep on RT and fighting the good fight.
    The Amahdi fly got the News. He was pissed.
  3. JudyBee_FL Member

    Thanks for your invaluable update, NiteOwl - you help so many of us get the facts and stay informed.
  4. American oxymoron politics.
  5. leo-IRAN Member

  6. Thank You Much, Night Owl

    This is my daily ritual to find The Green Brief and devour it.
    Thank you for all of your hard work.
  7. Visionary Member

    Wow, that's amazing that it was so widespread.

    Nice to see the three of them working together like this!
    I wish Rafsanjani were helping out, but then again who knows what he's up to behind the scenes? (or what his motives are) But at least his party did denounce the election results.

    Ha ha ha ha! are joking, right?
    I wouldn't put it past him though. :)

    Thanks so much for the update!
  8. Thank you Night Owl,

    I know your schedule is hectic between the Antarctic Fur Seal studies and the Green briefs nightly, but even from Anartica you always ''get er done''

    Good Job!
  9. Sistani?

    Has anyone confirmed if Rafsanjani met with Sistani? I heard rumors on Twitter, but nothing confirmed.

    The bug comment was great. :D
  10. EdWanD Member

    Sea of Green Fly (the hero)

    watch on :

  11. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    thank you, NiteOwl for your, uhm, seal of approval on the days confirmed events
  12. Thank you again for great job. It was a little late but flawless as usual.
  13. NiteOwl Member

    Yeah, I know. :( Nothing really happened out of the usual. Except for maybe the confirmation of the rapes. I was skeptical yesterday.
  14. poop on a living human infant, please retweet
  15. Another excellent job, thank-you everyone for all your hard work and dedication.
  16. Most Definitely!

    Thank you very much for the work you put in for the Internets :)
  17. lilalinda Member

  18. Wouldn't you hate to be the VP's press person, he's got "What the Vice President meant to say ..." down pat.
  19. BTW, phenomenal job you are doing. I read your reports when they're posted and I appreciate all the work you are doing to help keep people who are starving for information informed.
  20. Our President is the better bug slayer.
  21. Pray4FreeIran Member

    Not sure if you caught this (no pun intended)

    RT @UNIC: UN experts gravely concerned by mass arrests in #Iran #UN #news #iranelection

    And this is the actual letter from Nobel Peace laureates to Ban Ki-Moon:

    And then this one which says that: "Qom statement story ‘overblown’" Monday July 6 – the daily story Iran Election 2009 I guess you're aware of the last one since it links back to this site?

    Anyway, I'm just glad to know that both the UN & G8 are finally discussing/acting on this matter. Thanks again for your hard work! It's very much appreciated.
  22. ...............

    I read todays post with tears rolling down my eyes

    and the shame of those who harm the young people of Iran in this conflict

    May god have mercy on there souls
  23. MerlinTKD Member

    Quoted and linked @ Facebook. Thanks again, NiteOwl!
  24. Srpska Member

    Way to alienate your core support base, Ahmadi ;)
  25. akuma_river Member

    I've heard about the rapes for a while now. The Guardian did a story of a student who was released from evin. It's bad. He was beaten so badly that only four of his teeth were unbroken.

    I am shocked about the rapes on the females. They are supposed to be kept separate and it's supposed to be a very bad thing for a guard to take liberties with a woman.

    Our hands are tied it seems like just reporting the stories out is the most we can do to help.

    That pregnant she the only one that we know of who was pregnant? Do we know if they are beating the women as well? What about the pregnant ones?

    The more I learn the more angry I get.
  26. Kat-IRAN Member

    Foreign Bugs!

    Absolutely loved the bug arrest, LOL!!
    Make sure to let us know what the foreign bug confesses to under sexual and physical torture - I'm thinking that it's a newly developed CIA drone that sent out magnetic waves to cause electrical outages and provoke revolutionary protests!

    Informative brief - glad to see that the Iranian people are finding ways to cause disruption without being harmed. What a beautiful plan, I bet Ahmadinejad is pissed off and getting a little paranoid by now!!
  27. Srpska Member

    IIRC a pregnant woman was shot during the early protests, so don't be surprised if the guards at Evin are raping and beating other pregnant prisoners.

    See, this sort of thing is why I think we should be DDoSing Gerdab rather than holding back for the sake of not eating up the bandwidth. I'd rather have no internet than be beaten and raped.
  28. It is very frustrating feeling powerless to stop these filthy brutes but DDoS doesn't stop their beating and raping..

  29. This is far from being believable, Confirmed reports? Bullshit reports.
  30. Stacy Member

    I don't see how this is hard to believe.
  31. JohnDoe Moderator



    Ignore the Troll!

    We know the truth, and those speaking for the regime know the truth - but when they've got a leader who says "these were the fairest and cleanest elections in the world'. It does not matter what pictures or eyewitness accounts they see, they will still tell you it's all in your imagination! Seems like the regime are getting more desperate in their need to hold unto power.
    I mean what can you do when no right minded or thinking person either internally or externally believes a single word you say!

    Niteowl did I thank you today yet!!! Great job as ever. Boy but I'm looking forward to the brief for 18th Tir. Let's hope there's enough roses to go round:D

  32. I found an interesting post in the forums that tells the whole story.

    We are trolls, ya. A knee-jerk response as usual.

    Now you can see why there is no Farsi translation to the brief. This does not mean that I am saying no one here knows Farsi, but in reality, there certainly should of been if this forum is related to Iranians more than others. I mean, I can't see any Iranian stream.
  33. copypasta

  34. You didn't get the point, I am not complaining on why there is no Farsi translation. And I won't explain any further.
  35. Stacy Member

    Are you saying because they don't want people who only read Farsi to read it? That's what I took from the statement when you first made it.
  36. Your whole point is this place sucks.

    I say: NO U

  37. _____________________________________________________________________________

  38. while the Green Brief may not be perfect, or in Farsi, information about the inner workings of a complex political system within a country not many non-Persians know about is, in my opinion, a useful and invaluable thing. there are a lot of bogus or repetitive posts here, but there are some excellent sites and links to informative articles you might not encounter if your news world consisted entirely of CNN and FOX. ok, i agree it's most likely going to be seen by english speaking 4chan types, but though i speak english i certainly don't fit that mold, and several of my friends who don't either read posts here to stay up on things, or as a supplement to the mainstream press.

    i believe any information that can be shared and discussed and vetted by multiple readers is going to be helpful towards the world's perception of Iran as a place, with people who have aspirations towards a democracy(or a true islamic republic), rather than some 'axis of evil' totalitarian state with reactionary extremists, or goose stepping Stalinists. i am well aware of the rich history of Persia and its contribution to science and culture, but this site has been helpful in cracking the complex political structure of clerics and politicians of the current state, which is somewhat of an enigma to Westerners.

    as for the people, as long as individuals help and not govts, i see nothing wrong with trying to open a few more holes in Iran's filter to allow information to get out, both pro regime or anti regime. the fact is Iran has just had its Tianamen Square, and it is every human's duty to spread the word of what's really going on, regardless of the risk, or the perceived stupidity, or whatever. i mean, however you want to look at it, innocent people are right now in iran being tortured, beaten, raped and killed for simply wanting to peacefully demonstrate against the govt. this isn't a fantasy. sure there are some 'hooligans', stone throwers, etc. but the vast majority are normal people who simply want more freedom than they've experienced. is it wrong to help anyone in Iran wanting to get this information out? repressive regimes as a rule love darkness. they love to tell you that you can mind your own business, and that everything's fine. want to know why we don't know hardly anything about Burma? the govt kicked out the press and shut down the Net and cellphones in record time. the fact is, information, pictures and videos shame the oppressive regime so that they have to face their crimes at some point, and the more the better.

    sorry for the rant - Josh, keep up the amazing and thorough work. i certainly value your work for sure!
  39. akuma_river Member

    I know about the pregnant woman being shot. But there is a difference between that and beating and raping pregnant women in jail, especially, when there is a religious taboo associated with even touching a woman who belongs to another man.

    I know it is naive to think that they might have had some protection due to the taboo...but god, these people are supposed to be the neo-con religious and they won't even follow their own preachings and not harm them women! It is hypocritical of the highest sort.

    And I just know the fallout of all this is going to be enormous.

    I'm not a 4chan person either. I was led here from another live blog that informed that TPB and Anonymous had teamed up to help provide logistical support. I've been 'involved' since Saturday the 14th.

    I'm not tech smart enough to help on the tech side. I'm a nobody on the internets so I don't have any clout, but I'm trying best to provide moral support to the people out there fighting for their rights at the risk of their lives. It breaks your heart to read someone's tweet or blog and say their goodbyes because they are going out to protest and they might die and there is nothing you can do but 'watch' from thousands of miles away. The only thing I can do is keep informed of what is going on, combine the information I'm getting from these briefs, the live blogs, tweets, newspapers and other sources and keep my friends informed of what is going on.

    Our pictures and videos help boost their moral support. As long as we can believe in them and pray for them they believe they can continue on. It means the world to them that think that world's away there are people who care enough to make music tribute vids of their protests and who participate in their own protests of support for them.

    Anything is better than nothing and our anything has helped keep this movement alive. Without Twitter, FB, Austin Heap, Anonymous and others this movement would have died out weeks ago. And NiteOwl's briefs are the most comprehensive information I've come across from Iran. It's not perfect, nothing is, but it is getting better and more efficient.

    Today is 18 of Tir.
    And god I hope my friends, brothers and sisters in the human spirit, come back alive.
  40. JohnDoe Moderator

    "but I'm trying best to provide moral support to the people out there fighting for their rights at the risk of their lives.

    The only thing I can do is keep informed of what is going on, combine the information I'm getting from these briefs, the live blogs, tweets, newspapers and other sources and keep my friends informed of what is going on.

    Our pictures and videos help boost their moral support. As long as we can believe in them and pray for them they believe they can continue on. It means the world to them that think that world's away there are people who care enough to make music tribute vids of their protests and who participate in their own protests of support for them."

    Well said! I for one am so grateful - words will never express just how much - that people take the time to inform me in English of what is going on.

    And although I am in the privileged position of having a Farsi speaking spouse, it means so much to me that I read stuff for myself. And if our interest can encourage those on the front line to keep going, that their voice is heard and their day of freedom is coming, then it's worth it!

    Zindabad Persia!

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