The Green Brief #20 (July 06)

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  1. NiteOwl Member

    I'm NiteOwl AKA Josh Shahryar - on twitter - and I've been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several hours. I have tried to be extremely careful in choosing my tweet sources. What I have compiled below is what I can confirm through my reliable twitter sources. Remember, this is all from tweets. (My work is released under Creative Commons (CC). So use it freely. A big apology for not being able to brief yesterday. I was in a different city and the internet connection at the hotel was just...)

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Monday, July 6 in Iran.

    In Danish:

    In Dutch:

    In French:

    In German:

    In Greek:

    In Hebrew:

    In Polish:

    In Spanish:

    In Swedish:

    In Turkish:


    1. As reported yesterday, people did indeed gather in front of Evin Prison with flowers and gifts for prisoners. These individuals were there to celebrate Iranian’s Father’s Day. However, the peaceful gathering resulted in the presence of security forces – which again used force in order to scatter the crowd. It has not been confirmed if anyone was injured in the incident. Videos of people chanting in front of the Evin prison have been released, but dates cannot be confirmed on any of them.

    2. UAE police last night prevented roughly 100 Iranian expatriates from signing a piece of cloth which said, “Ahmadinejad is not our president!” It was supposed to be sent to Paris and used as a petition where it would’ve joined similar petitions from around the world. The UAE police told protesters that they had the right to gather, but did not have the right to sign petitions against the Iranian government.

    3. In an interview on an Iranian website, the spokesperson for Imam’s Way Faction (members of Parliament) accused security forces of attacking people’s homes and abducting Iranian students from universities in Tehran. He also complained that the government was blocking their website, Parlemaan News, from time to time. He demanded the government to stop filtering news from reaching the people.

    4. Protesters are widely being dubbed as “rioters” by the Iranian Media and government officials. It has increasingly replaced the word protesters in government channels. Ayatollah Khamenei called the participants of the post-election protests a ‘depressed’ and ‘distressed’ minority.


    5. There were reports today of a meeting between Rafsanjani and Mousavi, however, it could only be partially confirmed. Rafsanjani is proving to be very elusive for both sides of the conflict - so anything attributed to him needs to be considered with great caution.

    6. Mousavi celebrated Imam Ali’s birthday today with a small group at his house. Mousavi said, “The flaws in the system had become more apparent because of the election.” He called the government illegitimate and stated that he and his followers will continue to work to achieve their goal of nullifying the election. He went on to say, “the real issue has not disappeared simply because the protests have quieted down - on the contrary, we will continue to work to the very end.”

    Government / International / Clerics

    7. Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, congratulated Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on his victory as President today. He was being eyed as a key member of the government who might be swayed to join the pro-reform movement, however, despite earlier indications; he has remained firmly in Ahmadinejad’s side.

    8. It must be noted that except for one statement from pro-reform clerics in Qom supporting the protesters, no pro or anti-protester statement has been released by major clerical organizations from Qom. Reports indicate that the majority of clerics in Qom are against crackdowns on protesters and meetings are daily held between various factions to determine their course of action.

    9. Hossein Subhani-Nya, a key member of the Iranian parliament’s foreign relations committee, told Iran’s Al-Alam TV today that they had indications that 6 member nations of the G8 group had already decided to call back their ambassadors from Iran after being urged to do so by Britain. He did not divulge the names of the members. He added that Iran would never bend to Western pressure and that it will take action against countries who call back their ambassadors on a case by case basis.

    10. After Joe Biden’s statements yesterday, Alaeddin Broujerdi, the head of Iran's parliamentary committee on national security and foreign policy, said today that Iran was going to take ‘real and decisive’ action if attacked by Israel. He defended the government’s crackdown on protests and called the situation in Iran calm and peaceful. Today, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that the Iranian people deserved a better government.

    11. Ayatollah Khamenei warned the West to not interfere in Iran’s internal affairs. He urged Western countries to not meddle in Iran and warned them of a reaction by the Iranian nation if they didn’t pay heed to his warnings. News of Khamenei being abandoned by senior officials is intensifying. It was reported today that the spokesperson for the Guardian Council – Mr. Kadkhodaie – will be resigning soon to focus on teaching. Reports indicate it is a move by Kadkhodaie to distance himself from the government.

    12. Grand Ayatollah Bayat-Zanjani – a supporter of Mousavi – said today that every healthy mind doubted the impartiality of the election. He said that the large scale arrests of post-election protesters was regrettable and slammed the government for killing protesters and then branding them as rioters.

    13. Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, the commander of the IRG, said today that the IRG had taken a large role in quelling the protests. He said that the opportunity had presented itself and the Guard had to take action in order to restore calm in the country which it did almost flawlessly.

    Arrests / Releases / Killed

    14. Ahmadi-Mogham, a high-ranking police official in Tehran, today said that the police had not fired a single shot at protesters. He also denied any relationship between plainclothesmen and the police and the Basijis. This comes at a time as more and more sources report that at least 100 people were killed in Tehran during the protests – many of them by Tehran’s police.

    15. Reports indicate of the arrest of at least one female French citizen in Iran. It cannot be positively confirm when she was arrested and where she is kept at this point. It has been reported by the BBC that she’s an academic who had spent 5 months in Isfahan and was arrested on her way out of Tehran at the city’s main airport.

    16. Farnaz Moyerian, a student activist and reporter, was released today from Evin Prison. It has been reported that Mousavi will be meeting with the families of detained protesters sometime in the next few days to discuss their release.


    17. SMS services have been disconnected in Tehran again. Iran’s national broadcasting agency has been removed again.


    18. Tehran's Air Pollution Monitor Center warned citizens not to go out on Tuesday as air pollution was above Crisis Level because of recent dust storms. Due to air pollution, all government offices and educational institutions in Tehran will be closed tomorrow. The chants of Allaho Akbar echoed across Iran again at night, even as the roofs could be hardly seen because of low visibility.

    Read this if you want to help or get help!


    A. Anonymous has been faithfully running this forum for the past three weeks besides their regular website. The amount of traffic and the extra content has added to their costs of running their servers. If you want to help monetarily, you can check out their donation page at: General Expense - Why We Protest

    B. You can retweet this link and help others know what is going on in Iran.

    C: If you would like to help out with compiling all the news stories from Iran in a geo-spatial context, please request for sub-editorship at #iran.aic - WebIRC - AnonNet - Check out the website for the project at: Iran Map | Iran Map or email me at

    D. The government in Iran is still increasing internet filtering and throttling in an attempt to silence their people. Anonymous info shows that many in Iran are looking for proxy and Tor information in Tehran and all around the country. Please donate your bandwidth to help bring down the Iran Curtain. Here are links on how to help and get help on this:


    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor and the Iranian Election - Bring down the Iran Curtain | Ian's Brain


    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor: آنلاين Tor

    Help us set up more bridges on Tor here:

    Gonzo Times � Torrents List (82 videos)
  2. Many thanks for the update...
  3. FreedomAgent Member

    As always right on ... great report

    Any word from the week long protest by closing shops and not going to work?
  4. tim new Member

    Maybe its the lawyer in me -

    Technically so long as you fired either zero shots OR more than 1 shot this would be true. SO by firing many bullets (shots), Ahmadi-Mogham could still sleep at night knowing he had told the truth, no matter how many people were killed or injured by those shots.
  5. Visionary Member

    Thanks for the update!

    I thought that was particularly interesting.
    I wonder if this is true.
    Also I find it kind of amusing to see Iran making threats against these countries. Likely anything substantial they could do in response would only make them look worse.
  6. U along with iranbaan and others serious twitters are making the sleepiness nights worth awhile. many tks keep fighting the good fight.
  7. As always.... outstanding write-up....

    ...but I find this particular item almost impossible to believe. Wasn't Larijani recently "fired" by Ahmadinejad as Iran's chief nuclear negotiator after denouncing the crackdown on multiple occasions? This item seems way too far fetched. Ahmadinejad has been steadily losing appeal within the government with every crackdown. There must be some sort of back door deal going down involving Larijani. I don't buy this for a second.
  8. appreciate it..

    everyone please donate if you are able, i myself cannot really think of a better cause..
  9. ?conflict of interest


    Dear nightowl,

    appreciate the updates but do you not think that you writing from israel creates a confilict of interest with this issue?

  10. FreedomAgent Member

    The truth is always controversial ha?
  11. don't be ridiculous. i heard he's hiding in a submarine somewhere in the persian gulf.
  12. NiteOwl Member

    Who said I'm from Israel?
  13. The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qum, you know the real organization that actually has some clout and power, has issued statements congratulating Ahmedinejad.

    پایگاه اطلاع رسانی جامعه مدرسین حوزه علمیه قم - پیام تبریک به جناب آقای دکتر احمدی نژاد

    You dont buy it because you dont know jackshit about Iran. Larijani had resigned from his position and now is the speaker of the Majlis. Larijani belongs to the same faction of Principalists as Ahmedinejad, though disagrees with many of his policies and tactics, and has been vocally critical before and after the election.

    Iran is not a black and white political system with people evenly divided on two sides of "oppressive" and "freedom loving".

    Fucking idiots.
  14. NiteOwl Member

    I stand corrected on the Qom statement. I have removed the line where it says that no one from Qom has congratulated Ahmadinejad. Thank you for pointing that out. I totally blacked out on that one because overwork the past few days.
  15. tim new Member

    Maybe I'm not recalling correctly but wasn't that letter only signed by 1 person? Not exactly the entire body although I know it was reported in such a way as to make people think it was all of the council
  16. Oh, the slur was not intended for you. I don't agree with the protest movement, but you are doing valuable and honorable work.
  17. The letter is signed by the head of the Jameeh.

    On the news headline link, there is a general statement from the Jameeh as a whole.
    پایگاه اطلاع رسانی جامعه مدرسین حوزه علمیه قم - خبرروز 14/04/1388

    The letter by the alleged pro-reform group which got eveyone excited was not signed by anyone, and still has no names to verify it.
  18. Stacy Member

    Well I thought you were going to prove the "all Israel hates Iran" stuff was crap, but if you aren't from Israel, we can't use you as an example now. :)
  19. That is just an anonymous troll... Ignore it.

    Keep up the excellent work which you are doing NiteOwl. :)
  20. tim new Member

  21. JudyBee_FL Member

    Many thanks, NiteOwl, for another great update.

  22. It is no big secret around here that Night Owl is in Anartica on a rotation studying reproductive habits of the Antarctic Fur Seal... he posted this picture recently..[/IMG]"] antarctica_map2.gif

    Writing from Israel, that's a good one!

    You can't read that he's Afghani in the first few briefs?
  24. Thanks again Nite Owl,
    All I know is that people in prison are torturing and dying harshly. As long as you write about what's happening there and what's going on in prisons there would be hope to be heard and get help. Continue your job and expand it. You don't know how your job would affect people's life in Iran.
  25. NiteOwl Member

    Who said I was NOT from Israel? ;)
  26. NiteOwl Member

  27. Stacy Member

    Well this is for you.

    Attached Files:

  28. Many Thanks, Keep fighting!!!
  29. I want to do the Tor thing, and donate my bandwidth...

    ... but I'm nervous about it. It seems like opening up my computer to lots of unknown risks. I've read the documentation and FAQ's, but can someone tell me exactly how the Iranian people are using this, or if they even are?


  30. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    thank you, NiteOwl. please forgive the long post.

    if i may: regarding the Seminary of Qom ('real' Qom Jurists & Teachers), it is my understanding that all 12 members were expected to sign the congratulatory note. this note exists as a sort of 'seal of approval' from Iran's holiest & most influential non-governmental body. only one Imam signed. this is of profound significance. of further significance are the regime's efforts to make said note appear to have more validity. By restating 'the Qom Seminary leader has signed', and advertising the possession of the note, while simultaneously attempting to conceal the lack of other signatures, the regime is admitting to a powerful blow.

    It is admitting it does not have the support of the legitimate clericy. All in Iran are aware that Khamenei lacks the scholarly credentials to hold the office of Grand Ayatollah/Supreme Leader. so called 'fake' Jurists & Teachers of Qom released a completely unsigned (or is it?) note condemning recent political proceedings and perpetrators. this caused a stir, a reaction felt at all levels. another broadside against the despots. the irony is that Mesbah & Khamenei are the 'fake' Ayatollahs actually holding power (both lack credentials), the apparent lack of signatures on fake note implying where the 'genuine fakes' are or are not.

    The regime has responded with Jafari who says, in effect, Khamenei/Ahmadi will rule by force of arms (not to mention control of the economy). The regime has little option at this point. They are now in a position of reaction only, of responding, of being directed. The regime lost control of an election, the spiritual center, the ordinary people and is not in control any longer of even its own choices. That this stance had been forseen by anti-establishment forces is evidenced by somewhat bellicose and (as yet) unconfirmed rumors, which pre-emptively mention force of arms, turning terror upon those who deserve it, attacking armed foreign elements, and...the arrest of 30 IRG officers. Unconfirmed statements have been accompanied with others which, by their being confirmed later, have lent a definite aura of credibility and realism to the words '30 IRG officers arrested.'
    sadly, the verb is incomplete and we are left wondering: when?

    with regard to Larijani: if you had a dog, and you had to continually remind that dog to listen and obey, would you really think this dog was truely by your side? there is much conflicting information regarding Larijani and his genuine disposition. but if you watch a dog walking, you will discover who he thinks is his master.

    and to the person who answered these good people's hard work and effort with insults and words of derision: you have betrayed yourself. you have shown yourself to be a lesser bird among the hawks. you should quickly return to your treacherous masters, for your time is short. the bird of time has but a little way to fly and that bird is on the wing.

    this bird must also fly. thank you, i hope i have provided some clarity and not been redundant, as you NiteOwl have provided so much clarity throughout these past weeks.
  31. Stacy Member

    Oh I was hoping you or someone else if you aren't going to be around could answer a few questions.

    1. If this is not signed by all, how important is it to the people?
    Is there something similiar in the US that could help some of us understand how important this is?

    2. Is this something important enough for the office that it has any bearing on him taking office?
  32. faurty nco

    A note about #15: Le Figaro gives the following information:

    The arrested woman is a 23 year old lecturer of French at the university of Isfahan, named Clotilde Reiss. She was arrested last wednesday (july 1st) while at the airport about to leave the country (going back to France through Beirut).

    The French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner states that she is innocent, that the charges are related to cell phone pictures and are ludicrous. He asks that she be released and said that the ambassador of Iran to France has been summoned to explain the situation.

    She is a grad student in political sciences at the university of Lille, France She got a scholarship from the french institute for research in iran to go to Iran and had been spending 5 months there teaching french.

    The article says that apparently she had gone and demonstrated or witnessed a demonstration in Isfahan and had taken cell phone pictures, which she then sent by private email to a friend in Tehran.

    Le Figaro - International : Paris exige la libération de la Française détenue en Iran *
  33. Forgot to say: they also state that she's in Evin... :(
  34. Who let the terrorist in?
  35. thanks for updates; more power to u

    thank you for the reports and updates
  36. Mesbah Yazdi is behind all this

    Hi, I've read somewhere (can't remember with all the articles and information coming) that Larijani received orders by the big shot (Mohammad-Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Mesbah- Yazdi to "obey". After that I read about Larijani changing sides. Apparently, the big shot is the spiritual father of Ahmadinejad and an ultra conservative who wants to see an Islamic Gov. of Iran, and not an Islamic Rep. of Iran. I felt so disgusted after reading about Larijani changing sides so quickly. It's all planned by this Mesbah Yazdi in advance of the election.
  37. Visionary Member

    There was talk of impeaching him or something I believe, but I can't remember who was behind that. So it could be that he got a bit scared.
  38. JohnDoe Moderator

    What a relief to get up this morning and see that normal service had been resumed - Niteowl's brief was there waiting for me:)

    Thanks again both to you and to sp4rrowh4wk for the clarification of stuff.

    I've thought for some time that the system in Iran was like entering into a hall of mirrors, you were never quite sure that what you were seeing was what you were really seeing - or was it just a 'reflection'!?! I think sp4rrowh4wk's clarification helped separate the appearance from the reality.

    Can anyone confirm was Larinjani's 'congratulations' on any major news channels?
  39. Thanks again Niteowl. I agree, he was definately uncomfortable in Friday prayers. Watch the space that Rafsanjani has currently left "vacated" he'll "engage" soon but only when his feet are on firm ground. Remember hes a businessman as well as a politician and Ahmadinejad disrespected him AND his family 'bi-ehterami' is a grave insult, one step too far! In the words of Arnie 'He'll be back!!'
  40. Kudos

    Many thanks for your hard work. The Iran Brief is much appreciated!

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