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    I'm NiteOwl AKA Josh Shahryar - on twitter - and I've been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several hours. I have tried to be extremely careful in choosing my tweet sources. What I have compiled below is what I can confirm through my reliable twitter sources. Remember, this is all from tweets. (My work is released under Creative Commons (CC). So use it freely)

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Friday, July 03 in Iran.

    In Dutch: Green Brief #16 (2 juli) (Nederlands) - Why We Protest - IRAN

    In French: Dossier Vert #17 – Vendredi 3 Juillet, 2009 � Le dossier vert – The green brief in French

    In Greek: Green Brief #17 (july 3) [In Greek] - Why We Protest - IRAN

    In Hebrew:

    In Indonesian: The Green Brief #17 (Indonesian) - Why We Protest - IRAN

    In German: Nachrichten zur Situation im Iran

    In Norwegian:

    In Portuguese: O Taborita: Resenha Verde #17 (3 de julho)

    In Russian: Green Brief # 17 (July 03) [in Russian] - Why We Protest - IRAN

    In Spanish: Green Brief #17 en Español � Pocket Diplomat

    In Swedish: Green Brief på Svenska

    In Turkish:


    1. Family of detained protesters continued to swarm in front of Evin Prison for the third day in a row. In yesterday’s mourning at Beheshte Zahra Cemetery, mourners were reportedly attacked by Basijis. It was reported that a large portion of Tehran’s shops were closed yesterday – to commemorate the 20th day of the “Sea of Green” movement.

    2. There were demonstrations at Mashhad today, although our sources could not confirm information beyond that. Sources also indicated that so far, at least 5 people have been killed and more than 200 have been detained during protests from Mashhad. High-profile detainees include Hashem Khastar, Reza Arab and Rohullah Shahsavar.

    3. The main University of Sistan o Baluchistan has been shut-down by the government, according to unconfirmed reports. Furthermore, students from the university were dragged out of their dorms and sent home. Daryoosh Shikoof, a prominent Iranian filmmaker who lives in Germany, has started a hunger strike in front of the Russian Embassy in Berlin to protest Russia’s continued support for Ahmadinejad’s regime.

    Arrested and Killed

    4. Ayatollah Jannati – Head of The Guardian Council - announced that the remaining British Embassy staff has been found to have had a hand in the unrest. Speaking at Friday Prayer’s in Tehran, he added they will be “prosecuted for the crimes they have committed – and already confessed to.” He went on to say that, “confessions from other instigators of violence will also be shown on national TV.” Sources indicate that the government is planning on hanging the remaining staffers after mock trials. So far, two British Embassy staffers remain in Iranian custody.

    5. Sara Sabaghian, a lawyer and prominent women’s rights activist, was freed today from Evin Prison. Another detainee at Evin, Mojtaba Tehrani, who maintained the website for Etemade Melli newspaper, has called his family after a week in detention and asked them for their prayers. Reports have also surfaced that an Iran Telecom employee who has sent text messages to the BBC has been fired from his job.


    6. Grand Ayatollah Yosuf Sanei today stated that, “confessions of detained protesters didn’t hold any merit, neither legally or rationally.” He added that, “detentions, killings, beatings, lies and tricks should not stop people from trying to retain their right to determine their future.” He called into question the legitimacy of the election again by stating that none of the candidates – except for the winner – had given up their claims against its impartiality. He also cautioned security forces against the use of force against civilians and called it an “unforgivable sin” and stated that no order by any authority could justify acts of violence against the populace. His statements come at a time when more Ayatollahs are siding with protesters and denouncing the government’s actions in the aftermath of the elections.

    7. No reliable statements from Mousavi have surfaced today. His wife, Zahra Rahnavard, however, did state today that Mousavi will continue to fight for women’s rights. Reports have indicated that at least she is under house arrest and unconfirmed reports indicate that both of them are currently being overseen by security forces and their movement is severely restricted.

    8. The Association of Iranian University Graduates has released a statement claiming that, “the government was out to suppress opposition by any means possible escalating from the rigged elections.” Dozens of Iranian university professors have a signed a letter expressing deep anger for the attacks made by security forces on Iranian universities and students.

    Government / International

    9. Reports indicate that Ahmadinejad’s trip to Mashhad has been canceled due to the government’s fear of possible violent reaction from the residents there. Reports have also surfaced that clerics in Mashhad are conducting closed-door meetings to evaluate the situation and many have given their blessings to protesters. Mashhad, Iran’s second-largest city is considered a holy city because of the numerous shrines for martyrs, as well as for Prophet Mohammed’s family members. It boasts a large and active population of clerics.

    10. All 27 EU member nations have summoned the Iranian ambassadors in their countries to question them about the current situation in Iran. They asked about the fate of the remaining British Embassy staff detained in Tehran, and demanded their immediate released. Pressure is being mounted on Iran as EU nations are searching for ‘other ways’ to resolve the situation. It is being reported that the EU is considering whether it should stop issuing visas to Iranian government officials.

    11. The Dutch government today suggested that it might push for EU legislation banning the sale of all technology that could be used to filter or censor information to Iran. The Dutch Parliament told the government it should take the initiative to convince the European Union to ban such sales. It was reported that China lent expertise to the Iranian government to censor websites and track down net-dissidents. Today, it was also reported that the Sultan of Oman – one of very few countries who congratulated Ahmadinejad on his re-election – has canceled his trip to Iran.

    12. Etemaade Melli’s Newspaper was once again censored by the government. According to reports, it was forced to publish a repeat of yesterday’s articles. The government has claimed that the videos of Neda’s death are all fake. Mr. Zarghami, head of the government’s official media organization, IRIB, has accused Twitter, Facebook and YouTube of grossly misrepresenting what is going on in Iran and said that they were being directed by foreign forces.

    Read this if you want to help or get help!


    A. We currently are trying to get the Brief out in as many languages as possible. If you can translate the brief for us in a language other than English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch or Greek, please let us know. It comes out every day so it'll be an every day thing so it's for the long haul. But if you can even do a summary, it will be great! Email me on if you're interested.

    B. You could retweet this link and let more people know about what’s going in Iran.

    C: If you would like to help out with compiling all the news stories from Iran in a geo-spatial context, please request for sub-editorship at #iran.aic - WebIRC - AnonNet - Check out the website for the project at: Iran Map | Iran Map or email me at

    D. The government in Iran is still increasing internet filtering and throttling in an attempt to silence their people. Anonymous info shows that many in Iran are looking for proxy and Tor information in Tehran and all around the country. Please donate your bandwidth to help bring down the Iran Curtain. Here are links on how to help and get help on this:


    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor and the Iranian Election - Bring down the Iran Curtain | Ian's Brain


    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor: ?????? Tor

    Help us set up more bridges on Tor here: Gonzo Times � Torrents List (78 videos)
  2. Thank you for all your hard work gathering and posting these important news items.

    I am trying to help by collectiong and posting links to news items, You Tube, pictures, iReports, Blogs and political cartoons @ Iran News . So far there are 1056 links posted.

    Keep fighting the good fight!!

  3. Keep on writing, we'll keep on reading it and RT RT RT Tks much.
  4. we appreciate the update!
  5. Many thanks

    Thanks again for all of your work in composing the briefs. Keep the info coming! It is much appreciated.
  6. Mainstream media are totally dropping the ball on this. NiteOwl is dominating hardcore, and I couldn't be happier

    Keep the info coming
  7. Very helpful and informativ summary. Thanks for that !
  8. Was your briefing shorter than usual because their is less visable activity today or because the information is getting harder to obtain?
  9. So, they have to wrongfully punish foreign dignitaries and force themselves into an early checkmate, or release them and admit that claims of British intervention (and a bunch of other lies) were all fabricated by the government?

    Of course I'm praying for the staffers' safety, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious to see what kind of wrath the EU can unleash.
  10. Stacy Member

    I don't think there will be much wrath from the EU. These were Iranian citizen staffers, not Brits. If it had been EU citizens, that would have been a HUGE difference.....Union Jack would be flying over Iran right now.
  11. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    as always, your efforts are appreciated, NiteOwl
  12. Here's another bit of information

    "Mohsen Azhe’i, Minister of Intelligence, on Rigging the Election * In a rare and interesting interview yesterday, Mr. Azhe’i admitted that unfolded ballots counted in front of TV cameras confirm the suspicion of rigging"

    Source: Windows on Iran 74 (Election Special 21) � Windows on Iran
  13. Iran Body Count

    This is a site that list the names of those who have been killed in Iran - LINK
  14. More info ...

    Here is a statement by the doctor who witnessed Neda's death: LINK
  15. tim new Member

    I think Britain and the EU will prove you wrong. The nationality of the employee is irrelevant. He was detained and all he was doing was his job - nothing illegal. The UK and EU can't afford to let it slide.

    Amadinejad has already painted Britain black; so no need for them to soft toe to keep him happy. I think Amadinejad and Khamenei miscalculated on all of this.

  16. Don't be so sure. Don't underestimate Iran's soft power that would make the EU citizens a secondary concern to the EU.
  17. EU's response

    The EU's response will be a measure of its indignity. I trust that the UK and the rest of Europe will demonstrate its outrage at Embassy staff being arrested. The response should be as big as if a UK parliamentarian was arrested. It is worthy of sending ships to the Iranian coast to indicate how serious they consider the matter.
  18. tim new Member

    "The video has been removed by user" so no way to confirm it was real or not
  19. Thank you again for your dedication, Josh! Means more than you can know. =)
  20. i would imagine they are already there, I know we (USA) have a carrier group currently there because they were talking about it being in the area during those Iranian air force maneuvers last week..
  21. They claimed to have released a video of one of the opponent members confessing, if so I wonder how much torture they did before they instructed him on what to confess too.
  22. Thanks - you're the greatest!

    Hi there -

    Just a quick word to say thanks! You're doing the best job on the net, and I eagerly/anxiously await each day's new post. You're getting news out that I can't find anywhere else, and I thank you for it!
  23. leo-IRAN Member

  24. "Quote: 11. The Dutch government today passed legislation banning the sale of all technology that could be used to filter or censor information in Iran."

    Am afraid you paint a too rosy picture of us, Dutch. Parliament told the government it should take the initiative to convince the European Union to ban the sale of this technology. No legislation in the Netherlands... just a small step (in the good direction) to get Europe to act. Sorry!
  25. Swarm Theory Member

    There is more we can do....

    Give me a few days to figure out what as I've been enmeshed in my own life shamefully.

    Just a few days because I really now want to spend some time in Tehran and meet these amazing people. Dance and sing with them.

    There's more that can be done. Rack your brains everyone. This is very important!!! This, in some cases, is their very lives!!!
  26. JohnDoe Moderator

  27. Green Brief in Farsi or Arabic

    Is there an equivalent on Green Brief in Farsi?

  28. lol, I wonder why NiteOwl doesn't put a Farsi translation. Probably the Hebrew one is more important :D
  29. donjoe Member

    I suppose there are translations only in as many languages as those for which there are volunteer translators available.
  30. rupert-IRAN Member

    If possible right click and do rough translate with "google translate"
  31. NiteOwl Member

    There are two reasons as to why there is no Farsi translation, but a Hebrew one.

    1. No one really offered to do a Farsi translation. I am hoping someone would soon. I can do Farsi myself, but my computer keeps messing up the typing so I'm left in agony. I'm installing a new version in a few days - just as soon as I'm back home - and start doing those myself.

    2. There is someone who does the Hebrew translation. As for why it's important, well.. there are about 6 million people who understand Hebrew. One of them wants to help inform the others and I believe that knowledge is free and should get to everyone.

    3. If this is going to turn into anti-Semitic jargon, then please go back and do something more useful - you don't belong here!

    P.S. THANK YOU for doing the Hebrew translation Mayaan.
  32. very important work, thanks. Have you seen spreadpersepolis (i don't know how to link!) and Nature has an article 'we are all iranians now' recommend you have a look to show the talents of iranians.
  33. STFU about israel/zionism and stay on target.
  34. I second that!
  35. Good job on the green brief nite owl & everyone else involved, keep it coming!
  36. Google Translate

    can anyone who speaks the language do some appropriate tweakings?
  37. Nichol Member

    well so what now? Break into Evin with your aircraft carrier and shove a large-calibre cannon up Khamenei's nose? Sounds very gung-ho, but not very effective. Don't even know where these guys are kept.
  38. Nichol Member

    Rafsanjani friday imam?

    Could any one of you explain what it means if Rafsanjani doesn't make use of his friday imam platform a few times in a row and allows really agressive people do the talking? Is he chickening out, or is this some kind of weak protest?
  39. Thanks Niteowl. No shops are open in Tehran on a Friday its the equivalent of Sunday. It was quiet there yesterday.

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