The Green Brief #15 (July 01)

Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by NiteOwl, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. DeiBellum Member

    you have to download the images first. not just look at them in the browser.

    sorry for not clearly stating that.


    Downloading the image also shows you what Program it has been altered in (if any)
  2. Kat-IRAN Member


    I've appreciated this brief everytime I've read it. I admire the work you guys are doing here, it's well written, presented clearly and informative. THANK YOU!
  3. God please you & those in Iran
  4. Thank you

    Thanks again Nite Owl - Superb work.
  5. That there were more like you

    Thanks for all this...Is there anything that you know of that we can do to disrupt/discourage Nokia Siemens and their deep packet equipment being used by the regime? It would seem to me that there must be a technical weakness and if there is we should be pressuring Nokia Siemens to reveal it.

  6. lol, it is like 99% of Iranians are Holocaust deniers, you did not need to emphasize that Ahmadinejad is. Ahmadinejad just spells it out loud and clear.
  7. HeartForIran Member

    Dear NiteOwl,

    Thank you for keeping us up-to-date. I rely very much on your Green Briefs. It makes me hopefull, too...
    And yes, let's not have ourselves trapped by hatred. We are figthing to stop evil, let's monitor or own thoughts as well than!
  8. I checked the camera data in Photoshop

    I saved the document in .xmp and I can't copy/ paste it here.
    However, the date of the photo according to the camera data file in PS CS3 is :
    Date Time:2008-04-10T07:35:33+03:30
    Shutter speed :1]200 sec
    exposure Program:Manual

    Apreture Value:f/10
    ISO :400
    tiff:CreateDate:2009-07-01 T12:26:32 +03:30
    Camera:Canon EOS 400D Digital.
    If you do have Adobe Photo shop CS3 you can check the "File info" in the drop down File menu.
    I hope this helped.

    By the way, Thank You for all the efforts that you are putting into these reports.

  9. mrcruzi Member

    Thanks Nite Owl

    thanks night owl,,, keep this information going i will keep passing it on
  10. Thank you for your daily news. Greatly appreciated
  11. angie0972 Member

    night owl

    As always you've done a fantastic job, as for all those that have translated it. As i read what Khatami said, i kind of clapped to myself at his bold words, i think he not only spoke for his own people, but for the whole world, in condemning what the government is doing to their people. Again many thanks. I was wondering if Doctors without borders might be able to assist.(smiles)
  12. MerlinTKD Member

    Thanks again, NiteOwl and all the translators! Posted a quote and linked the Brief on Facebook.
  13. SanguineRose Member

    I have removed all the Israel Holocaust posts.

    To note to everyone:
    Talking about Israel has nothing to do with Iran here. Neither is the Holocaust being real or not. Keep posting stuff that has nothing to do with NiteOwls briefs or news from Iran and you WILL be banned.

    Please click on the triangle on the bottom left to report a post when anyone sees garbage like this.
  14. Thank you soooooooo much Niteowl
  15. Didn't Katami just say a few days ago that the people should be punished harshly? Why does he keep switching sides?
  16. There are two clerics named Khatami. Sayyid Mohammed Khatami is a reformer. Ayatollah Sayyid Ahmad Khatami is a hardliner.
  17. Damn it... and I thought I was so clever differentiating between Khomeni and Khamenei. I'll have to pay closer attention... some articles don't mention the first names. Grr
  18. ScottLucasUK Member

    Many Many Thanks (And Hope for Further Info and Co-operation)

    Just to repeat our gratitude at Enduring America for this great work. The information has been invaluable to us as we have tried to get to heart of events in Iran.

    We have linked to this and set it against our information in an entry this morning. Any further information/comments from you or your readers would be most welcome.

    Thank you for invaluable work at a difficult time,

    Scott Lucas
  19. Nichol Member

    Index of Green Briefs?

    Great work. However: I am finding it problematic to find the earlier green briefs on this site. Is there an index of Green Briefs somewhere?
    I even started making an index myself.

    The best would be a numbered list, with short one-paragraph descriptions of what was the most notable thing(s) of that day, and that pointing back to the original Green Brief.

    Paradoxically, it seems that the only way I found to get an older brief, is to google for it ;)

    .. is there already an index somewhere? Just want to make sure I'm not doing this for nothing now.
  20. You can simply click NiteOwl's name and under statistics find "show all threads."
  21. Nichol Member

    It is relatively easy to modify the EXIF or XMP information in a photo, including the date+time. If you do anything with photoshop, it is even likely to delete and/or modify this information without you knowing. So you cannot take those timestamps as absolutely authoritave, unfortunately.
  22. TsuDhoNimh Member

    Interpol has said WTF? to this claim ... they have no investigation going, and have received no request from Iran for help.

    It's a lie for internal consumption.
  23. Re-tweeting your link

    Thank you for these on-going briefs. You are amazing. I'm in California USA, and am re-tweeting your links. I heard your site went down, but am glad it is back up.
  24. a desert Member

    Can we get something formal from them? I believe you, but I'd like to be able to see what they said.
  25. TsuDhoNimh Member

  26. a desert Member

  27. Thank You

    Thank you for being the voice of people in these days that Islamic regime is taking it away form them. Your work will always be appreciated by generations to come. These priceless efforts will go into the history my friends. Be safe and God bless you.

    The brave men and women of Iran deserve what they are demanding, the basic human rights. They might have made the wrong choice in 1979 but they won't make the same mistake again. I will pray for you with all my heart. Long live freedom.
  28. Nichol, I am archiving all of the briefs on one of my forums...

    It may be easier for you instead of google searching to just go here -
    The Green Briefs

  29. Thank you from Norway

    Thank you for giving us this cricial information.

    The information is widely spread on Twitter, and thus also to the media.
    Norwegians read english and sweedish.
    We love transparency and democracy, and all people that fight for it.
    Dag Kjetil Oyna
  30. Thanks, NiteOwl. Please, keep up the good work. It's important to many around the world.
  31. Never mind, I have taken the archive down and you all have UtahPirate to blame for that.

    - WebUser|4911
  32. Checking photo evidence on authenticity

    Thanks a lot NightOwl, for all your work. And I also want to thank DeiBellum and skollie for pointing out how to judge photos on their merit. I never thought of checking EXIF data, wouldn't have known how to without the help of these two...
    So now I know another graphic picture that is being send around (A protester beaten beyond recognition by gov forces (GRAPHIC! discretion advised) #iranelection - Iran after the Election) was taken with a Nokia on 2008:08:04 02:12:33.

    What are the chances that the settings on the phone have been changed (for security reasons)?
  33. akuma_river Member

    Someone could also be lazy with the date. If you never set it or forget to fix it then it just runs from factory date. I know some people in my family who never bother to set the date because it's not necessary to them.
  34. Ray Murphy Member

    Exif data can be easily removed from photos and graphics-program images with freeware or shareware programs.
  35. Removed or changed?
  36. help with tor

    I have downloaded Tor and have my "disable"/"enable" button. But how do I make sure I am allowing this for Iranians only?? + While Tor is enabled under "sharing," is this enough? Am I not able to browse while it is working as a bridge?

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